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Since the pandemic hit Nigeria in 2020, more people have engaged in buying and selling products in Nigeria as a side income. Running a successful small business under the buying and selling motto requires selling fast-moving and hot products.

In 2020 one of the hottest selling products in Nigeria was face mask, hand sanitizer, and temperature equipment. Time has changed, people are looking to move away from the pandemic, and that creates a chance to sell and market hot products.

Chances are if you are reading this article, you are looking for products to investing in and resell. Buying products from China and reselling in Nigeria is usually the best option as Chinese suppliers provide cheap prices. So here are the hot selling products in Nigeria for 2021:

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drive has always been a hot product in Nigeria. It’s a necessity for students, workers, and everyone looking to save a document. USB flash drives can be sold as retail for small businesses.

It’s a product that can be sold by students to make money. The best source to getting an original flash drive that cheap is on Alibaba or Aliexpress.

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External Hard Drive

The external hard drive is a hot selling product in today’s Nigeria. There are lots of UI/UX designers, graphic designers, animators, and movie watches who need lots of digital space to store files. Also, external hard disks are quite expensive so to make it a profitable item, it’s necessary to get it cheap.

Finding a trusted supplier via Alibaba is important into to turn an external hard drive into a business.


Original human hair and wigs are some of the hottest selling products in Nigeria right now. Just with every other product on this list, human hairs and wigs are imported from either China or Malaysia. But getting into hair business in Nigeria requires having the proper knowledge to be able to identify original from fake. It’s important to go into the market and learn about the human hair trade before venturing into the business to avoid unwarranted losses.

An alternative version of Airpod (A cheaper brand than Apple)

Technology has advanced with style, back in the day the Bluetooth headset was Samsung Level-U, Beats by Dre stereo headphone. Ever since Apple launched the Airpods in 2016, it has changed the way Bluetooth headphones are made and designed. In Nigeria due to the expensive price of Apple AirPods, more people are looking for a similar device that provides similar futures.

There are multiple alternative version to Airpod that can be gotten from China that provides similar features to Airpod and with durability,

Kids Clothing & Shoes

Kids’ clothing and shoes are always in demand in Nigeria for obvious reasons. It’s an untapped business idea in Nigeria. It’s all about getting the trending designs with cartoon features on the items of clothing and shoes.

Marking for kids wears and shoes can be done via Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. It would take some time to build a customer base but once built, it turns into mone!

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are hot selling products, especially among students. Since universities are back to being open, phone chargers, USB cables, earpieces, charger heads, and other accessories are needed now than ever.

Female Fashion Accessories

It’s no secret that the biggest gender that spends money on fashion in Nigeria is women. Hence, it’s important to patronize selling female fashion accessories due to the profit and the demand. Female fashion accessories range from sandals, shoes, bangles, bags, anklets, earrings, nose rings, and more.

In conclusion, find a product that you can sell with ease and invest in it. It’s important to note that the best business practice in Nigeria when it comes to reselling is to buy cheap and selling high. The best place to buy from is China because of the prices.

The fact, that you have 200k is not a guarantee of what will make your business successful even if is a lucrative business, however, there are certain factors that you need to consider before investing in any business opportunities such as:

• Your passion

• Your environment

• Strategic plan or Focus on long term plan

• Marketing skills whether for products or services

• Risk taker

1. Exercise book production and printing

Oh! During my visit to Abuja in 2020 last quarter, I visited Area 2 where I studied the printing and publishing business; I met a printer that is now my friend with 10 youths that he was training on exercise book production and 5 more on printing job (tempted to call name).

It was then he mentioned to me that he started the business with nothing while emphasising that any youth can start this business with less than 200k.

He gave me reasons why is a good investment opportunities because people print on a daily basis.

For example, schools, bookshops, host of different occasions like birthdays and burials produce exercise books.

If I’m to start this business, I will train with him due to his patience in training the youth while revealing all the tips/tricks in the business for them to be successful.

2. Barbing salon.

You need a business plan with this one for Abuja resident, I was in Abuja so had the need to cut my noodle’s hair while I casually ran into one barbing salon thinking it will be around the neighbourhood of N500 only for me to be charged freaking N2,000.

Following this, I decided to study the barbing salon business and interview some of the barbers in Abuja.

It will interest you to know what I found out, please fasten your seat belt for this ride:

• There was no degree qualification skills needed but spent 3 Months to learn,

• All class of people visit the salon for nothing but haircut to enhance their looks (the cute nippers, the big men and the mighty women) due to the location,

• They all have the same equipments like sterilisers, clippers while some people still visit with their own clippers and hey, they sell clippers

• Other things like hair treatments and dyes as well.

As you may have noticed barbing salon isn’t only for male folks whereas women folks even children do visit barber’s shop.

• They charge different prices depending on your location and shop setting

Barbing salon is a lucrative business to start with 200k in Abuja and that of successful businesses in Nigeria.

3. Football viewing center

Sometimes we wonder especially non-football lovers; why people gather in a match viewing centre to watch football when they have televisions at home.

It is clearly because they enjoy it on a larger screen, argue with follow fans, drinks and eat. That is why match viewing centre is a business to start in Abuja.

You can start with any amount 200k, 300k, 500k even 1million Naira but the key is that you must position your centre in a strategic location, attach other related business to the match viewing centre or outsource it for it to be profitable and yield high revenue.

There are so many lucrative businesses to start with 200k that can be incorporated such as selling drinks, African cuisine kitchen and mini bar

4. Mobile phone and mobile phone accessory business

Similar to that of phone repair, mobile phone and phone accessories are lucrative businesses to start with 200k in Abuja. These business ideas is a lucrative and successful business one can start in Nigeria given that many Nigerian love phones and move with more than one phone.

As there are a lot of phones in circulation same is applicable to the demand for phone accessory business.

You don’t need any college qualification to start this business but you can acquire the skill from successful established mobile phone and mobile phone accessory business person.

There are mobile phone accessories that you can start with such as ear piece, charger, pouch and screen guard maybe in the long run; you can stock up some expensive mobile phone accessories like screens and power bank.

One other thing, if you are to start mobile phone and mobile phone accessories business, you will need a very business location and consider sourcing for your products from China as other business people do.

Additionally, you can attach some related phone business like phone repairs and that will be a good combination while you continue with your phone accessories business.

5. Restaurant

In fact, Food or mini restaurant business is profitable business to start in Abuja but in Mini form due to capital of 200k.

Many people cannot afford to have their meals in a standard restaurant in Abuja due to their prices, so you will be willing to serve this class of people or market, if you set up this business with your little capital.

You need a good location while serving profitable food to your customers. Location can be a very busy area; the structure can be open space or kiosk.

By the way, mini restaurant is a lucrative business with small capital of 200k. Some mini restaurants serve their foods with complementary pure water or bottled water but creatively build the cost in the food.

Meanwhile, in the long run when is very profitable you can move to a higher structure then have the habit of saving and reinvesting your profits.

6. Laundry and dry cleaning

Again, is a business that is gaining attention right now because people don’t have time to wash their clothes anymore as well as cleaning their homes.

As a matter of fact, I always tell people who wants to venture into this lucrative business to make their own detergent as detergent forms heavy overhead cost.

As you can see is a lucrative idea to start in Abuja for less than 200 thousand Naira. You can start dry cleaning business at a busy residential area with open space that you can spread clothes.

That is to say if you reduce cost your revenue will go up but don’t forget to maintain your quality.

7. Car wash

Surely, you will agree with me that most people don’t have time to cook or clean their homes then how do you think they will have time to wash in and out of their vehicle. People who can’t do the basic can’t wash their cars either. There are lot of cars on the roads on a daily basis.

As you can see, it’s obvious that car wash business is one of the lucrative business ideas that you can start in Nigeria with 200k.

Similar to that of dry cleaning service requirements, you will need a good location with water supply, then add up some small business as side attraction like that of football viewing centre but in this case lot of people will relax there while waiting for their car to be washed.

In short, in the future you can expand to selling car accessories even other moveable engines and is a profitable business to start in Nigeria with little capital.

8. Home-based business

You need to identify small business idea from the list below, you need to incorporate the company with appropriate bodies like CAC, NAFDAC and so on then create business bank account, market the business offline and online.

One of the easy side or hobby or hustle small businesses one can start at home for 200k. There are a lot of home based business ideas you can start today, it can be product or service based.

Moreover, check out home based businesses you can start with very little capital 200k in Abuja such small businesses are:

• Teach online classes

• Online services

• Dropshipping store

• Sell homemade products

• Buy bulk products at cheaper rate and sell online

You need to combine your skills and talents to be successful in starting a home based business as well as having a business plan.

9. Importation of second hand or Fairly used products

Needless to say, that Nigerian economy is hard and unfavourable to some people given the GDP.

The population of the people below average poverty is above 50% so those are the people that practically patronise fairly used goods so you can target that number and the population keep growing rapidly.

Subsequently, if you are looking for small business ideas with low capital of 200k but high profits to start them invest in this thriving business idea, because you buy very cheap and sell at your chosen price due to no controlled or regulatory price.

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10. Farming

As a matter of fact, farming business is a very profitable business in Nigeria now due to the prices of produce. There are so many farming business ideas for young entrepreneurs to start such as, livestock farming, poultry farming, plantain farming, snail farming, cassava farming, rice farming, vegetable farming, pepper farming, tomato farming, fish farming and so on.

For example, if you want go into livestock farming, you need to identify which livestock farming that you have the knowledge and interested, as well as identifying its problems in Abuja before venturing into any of livestock farming business.

If I remember rightly, there are some small funding options and business grants for business people in this sector from the government which you can access.

I dare to say that Abuja residents consume a lots of meat or meaty treats such as Asun, Nkwobi, ponmo, suya, shawarma, fried beef and chicken then milk and eggs are not left out on a daily basis.

Therefore, starting livestock farming or farm animals for the purpose of obtaining the meats and its produce as well as selling the breed to breeders will be a successful business.

11. Fumigation Business

Another profitable businesses that requires minimum starting capital of few thousand Naira.

You need to acquire the basic knowledge and determine the type of fumigation business service that you will render. Starting this business in Abuja even Lagos will be a thriving business idea given its population and environment.

This business is booming as many startup are coming up as companies, factories, farmers while some homes need fumigation services; most factories or production businesses need the certificate to document for environmental and health agencies

12. Social media manager

Sure, you can become a social media manager if you have the skill otherwise you can acquire the skills. Is no longer News that companies concentrate on marketing their products and services online through social media.

The problem with companies managing their social media is that it waste time while they concentrate on it against focusing on their core strength.

Now, companies decides to outsource it to as a social media manager to manage for them by offering social media strategy from creating amazing contents to engaging their audience and converting the engagement to sales.

You have to be familiar with popular social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest and so on for digital marketing.

Another way to these business ideas with small capital is it requires your time and patience by posting contents on your personal page that can engage people

13. Catering services

In fact, if you have any cooking skill then catering services are lucrative businesses to start in Abuja even in other cities in Nigeria.

There are ways of running catering services either you listing the ingredients needed for your client and charging your labour fees or charge everything to provide the food following the guest numbers per plate.

And also, you choose location where to prepare the meal maybe your location then delivered to the customer or prepared at customers location.

14. Daycare center or crèche

There is no doubt that you won’t make decent money from day care.

For example, my sister was surfing for the day care where she will register her 5 months old baby to my greatest surprise she was handed over a sheet of paper with the fees, daycare 300k and 5k for registration, behold someone came to pay for her two kids.

For this reason, if you like children you can start this business from your home with 200k in Abuja. Business people and corporate workers will patronise you.

15. Rental service

No doubt that rental services will make the list of those businesses that you can start in Nigeria with 200k.

Most people that attend whether invited or uninvited guests are looking for a way to shed off stress by meeting new or old friends, eating, laughing and dancing.

Generally speaking, Nigerians like parties (indoor and outdoor parties) and entertainments.

On the whole, if the business is thriving and sustained then include cooling van and other things.

You can start with 200k and invest in things that you need presently for rental services such as ice block container or supplying of ice block, tables, canopies, cooking utensils, serving plates, decoration accessories, chairs, plates, cartoon characters and cutleries.

For this reason, you can network your business to through social media. Is a business you can do as part-time or full-time.

16. Cleaning business

There are many other lucrative businesses to start under cleaning business in Abuja. Many people are working class and are tired of the nanny or house help arrangement so they decided to outsource their home cleaning and corporate cleaning to agency.

If you don’t have the skill you can acquire it and market it to your network.

One of those businesses in Nigeria that you can start with less than 200k so you can acquire home and office cleaning equipments such as cleaning detergent that forms the major cost

In the long run, you can employ staff but make sure you carry out security check on them to avoid losing your goodwill because of stealing. You can extend your corporate cleaning business to event centres, schools and hotels.

17. Web design services

We are in the era of having beautiful and functional website. This includes WordPress website and ecommerce solution.

Therefore, it becomes very vital for modern web design which is more involved that creating attractive website.

There are modest design tools for website design and development that you can use to make your work look like a professional website

If you are starting this business in Abuja, you need to consider user experience and search engine optimization.

By the way, if you need a website, I can make one for you

18. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you use your affiliate links to promote companies or individual products through social media or website; it is lucrative small business that you can start in Abuja with 200k.

As an affiliate marketer you need bear in mind not to market products that you are not sure because you want to earn income within that period and dent your reputation in the long run.

Abuja has lots of small businesses that you can promote their products online through online affiliate marketing.

19. Clothing business

Clothing production business is booming right now in Nigeria with aseobis and owambes. There is always one function to the other as usual or one activity to another, you name it.

If you know how to sew professionally, lucky you but you can still acquire the skill if you are interested and passionate about making clothes as a fashion designer.

You can start clothing business in Abuja with less than 200k capital because people must cloth themselves and equally be trendy.

If you decide to start this profitable business consider niche market unless you have little money then look into reselling other brands while looking out for small funding options or available business grants to apply for as well as saving and reinvesting your profits from the resell until you launch your own brand.

20. Importation business

Oh yes, you don’t need to have all the monies in the world to fill up a container or start importation in Abuja, just start with 200k that’s why I can call it mini importation.

God bless you if you have followers engagement on social media before you start this business, so is easy for you to use for advertising and disposing your products.

Importation of wears is a very lucrative business but you need to consider importing trending clothes, exchange rate and clearing fees to know your landing or selling price.

For instance, I send goods to Nigeria from China on a daily basis, lot of people including young businesspersons like you start importation business with practical nothing and make millions within a short while.

Abuja people like buying and placing orders as quickly as possible same with Lagos residence that means they are selling due to high demand.

In addition, you need to import products that people need; you can check trending products online so you can be guided as well as their prices and related products.

Believe it or not, people start this business with less than 100k, 200k, 300k, 400k and some even start with 500k then make huge profits given the inflation in Nigeria is not limiting them.   

21. Natural Honey

Natural honey is one of the businesses in Nigeria that one can retail or export or wholesale. Similar to that of palm oil

Starting this business with two hundred thousand Naira is enough unless the raw honey business idea is the one where you want more money by adding value.

Additionally, you need to source your original honey from bee keepers to avoid selling adulterated honey. The demand of honey for various needs made it easy for you to make money  

22. Cosmetics production and sales

Cosmetic production and sales are lucrative businesses to start in Abuja. Many people are using cosmetics to enhance their beauty including the men.

You can start formulating organic cosmetic as its trending right now but you need to have the skill and it’s a good profitable investment as people must always use cosmetics or retail some good cosmetics from other brands.

Not to mention this, people believe that if you are not fair then you are not beautiful, so many people are bleaching their skins to be fair. You see this belief even in Lagos.

Starting this business with 200k in Abuja will be very profitable as you will recoup your money in a short while.

23. Event planning

Abuja is another activity filled place likewise Lagos and Port Harcourt in Nigeria.

Looking to start one of the best businesses in Nigeria with low capital, then check event planning especially in major cities for 200k.

You need organisational and good planning skill to sustain this business as well as other vendors contact to outsource such aspect of the event like DJ, caterer, Baker, fashion designer, retailers for drinks, pure water and bottle water supply and not limited to other request by the host.

You will involve in event planner services like ranging from fundraising, house warming, child dedications, naming ceremony, birthday, burials, weddings and other parties.

When it comes to planning an event in Abuja, You charge any amount and make lots of money as Abuja people don’t mind provided you can deliver an outstanding event same with Lagos.

24. Retailing business

First of all, I need to remind you that Nigerians depend on retail business rather than manufacturing business.

Also, since the arrival of E-commerce in Nigeria. Many people have continued to patronise retailing business ever than before so you can start your own retailing business.

It can be online or offline by supplying any product that you can obtain from the manufactures or suppliers and adding value to it by packaging.

You can retail any products; it can be edible or non-edible but not limited to food stuffs like rice, indomie noodles and grocery

25. Graphics design

Just like that of web design service, it follows the same pattern of web design where you as a professional create visual content to communicate the ideas through imagery.

There is huge market for you in Abuja as many companies and SMEs need graphic design.

26. Fashion design

Another creative business that you can start with low investment. Fashion in Nigeria is growing on a daily basis and Abuja is a fashion hub.

However, fashion design has different aspect that you can go into such as ready to wear, kids clothing and female clothing.

Fashion design is a business you can invest in within Abuja but you need to be creative that will allow you charge any kind of fee because you are the creator so creativity is the watchword.

27. Perfume business

You can’t sell fragrance everywhere so you need a planned location where the targeted people that like to smell good are.

Perfume business is a business opportunities that you can start with 200k in Abuja.

Meanwhile, you can decide to make your own fragrance business and brand it but you need to acquire the skill from a successful person in the business.

With this in mind, if you have to produce your own fragrance even oil, you need a catchy attractive packaging and create a business plan.

Here are some interesting lucrative profitable businesses in Nigeria that you can start with 200k and be successful within a short while:

28. Luxury hair extension and wig

29. Business centre

30. Corporate gift items

31. Keke Napep

32. Makeup Studio

33. Book shop

34. POS services (Mobile agent)

35. Blogging


In conclusion, if you are to start any of the business ideas with 200k in Abuja Nigeria featured in this post.

First of all, check out our previous article on 60 Lucrative Successful Business to start with 100k in Nigeria 2021, so that you can be guided properly.  

Have any business ideas of your own? Share them with us in the comment section below.

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Hey! I’ve got four things for you today; freaky reasons, a top model outburst, an insane business to start with 100k in Nigeria for 2021, and a quick billionaire request.

For you to get to this page that means you are thinking of that lucrative business to start with 100K in Nigeria or less capital.

From our research and survey on money-spinning low-risk productive business in Nigeria to start in 2021, you need to consider business ideas around your passion and your environment so as to keep the initial investment capital low yet sustainable.

It will interest you to know that, there are some unpopular easy profitable business ideas you can start with less than 100k capital and you won’t need a loan of any nature to execute such business. We outlined those businesses from our experienced solution for you to try out in 2021.

Here are 60 good businesses to start with 100k in Nigeria:

1. Cooking & delivery business

Currently, many people no longer have just the time to make any meal for themselves or even for the family due to their busy schedules while some people like tasty delicious meals but don’t know how to cook them.

If you have skill or passion in cooking or you have been thinking on what type of business can I start with 100k in Nigeria 2021.

In the meantime let us describe some of the cooking businesses that are under 100k for you:

• First of all, you can take a contract of going to peoples home and cooking different dishes that they can store while you charge for your service.

• You can do corporate service: where you take peoples orders, cook in your house and deliver to their offices, events or home while branding or customising your package

• You can do catering services.

• You can have a fast food restaurant shop at a busy location or bus stop

• Your cooking can target healthy or weight watchers niche market by using organic and natural ingredients.

Make sure you cook and deliver what people want at the right time.

2. Content writer

If you have passion about writing on any particular niche then this will be a business to start for you.  You will have to be a professional writer in making, who can produce content for online use.

Those content have to be in the form of articles, blog posts or video contents and any other form of writing for web. You don’t need much to start this business, this is one of those businesses you can start with low capital and high return, however, you will need internet connection, smart phone or laptop.

Many businesses are looking for people like you to manage their website with contents that can pitch sales for them or you can be a freelancer on platforms like fiverr for as low as $5.

3. Car wash business

It is important to note that car wash business can milk money for you depending on your plan and business ideas so you need to get focused with this one even though you started with a budget as low as 100k. It is a business you run anywhere in the country not necessarily in Lagos city but you need a nice location with water supply.

By the way, we mentioned that the business can milk money for you depending on your business idea and plan.

Let us run a few scenarios for you here; when people bring their car for in and out washing which last for an hour or so depending on the size of the car, they need somewhere to wait, rest while waiting for their car, imagine having a corner for relaxation with cool music background that can serve chilled drinks and chops or snacks or foods that can go with it.

Your next question will be. How can I set it up when you said is a business to start with 100k in Nigeria 2021?

Here is the deal; you can outsource those services to other small entrepreneur with quality services while you collect rent which adds up to your monthly revenue. Make sure you have terms of service that you can renew from time to time.

Another scenario, in the long run; you can provide the services yourself by employing people to do them like running a bar.

Final scenario, you can include indoor sports like snooker, table tennis.

4. Daycare services

Generally speaking, is no longer the era that mothers are full time house wives, majority of mothers are working full time if not more to support their families, so that brings us to the subject matter where will they keep their babies to be able to go to work.

Following this, mothers have to patronise day cares while some are far away or not reliable, so you can see the problem and you are still asking what kind of business can I start with 100k in Nigeria. As you can see, you can provide day-care services solution with 100k in Nigeria for 2021.

You need a place or if your place is spacious; start with it and network with relations, friends and your community children as your first off takers or clients.

5. Fairly used goods or second hand items

In any case, you must have heard of people buying and using second hand stuffs or that you are part of the existing web.

The Nigerian economy is so bad that minimum wage is not enough to buy new items for people so they rest their shoulders on fairly used items such as gadgets, clothes, shoes, cars, household items and every other thing useable that you can think of.

How about the popular Okirika clothes? We are not just talking about or concentrating on foreign used items but home used items as well.

Is so obvious that you can start this profitable business with less than 100k investment.

6. Laundry business

Again, is a business that is gaining attention right now because people don’t have time to wash their clothes anymore even clean their homes.

You can equally save cost from washing detergents by making yours because the washing detergent is the highest portion of your monthly overhead cost so try to minimise it and still keep quality high. You can learn to make the detergent if you don’t have the skill already.

Now that you are ready, you can get a good location within residential area with clean water and in the long run you can incorporate cleaning offices, event centre and make sure you are protecting your integrity if you employing people to avoid stealing client’s things while you do safety and security documentation as well as checks before employing.

7. Mini importation business

Admittedly, mini importation business is one other business ideas in Nigeria that you can start in 2021.  Basically buying from companies overseas and selling in Nigeria.

You can start with little capital to import goods within your capacity from China to Nigeria or any other manufacturing country.

The requirement for starting a profitable mini importation business is internet connection, computer and social media presence.

Mini importation business is an online business to start with 100k in Nigeria and within few months you are smiling to the bank even make as much as 200% profit.

8. Production and sales of hand sanitizers

In fact, hand sanitizer has been in existence but the recent outbreak of coronavirus with a rising rate of other diseases has increased the growing demand for wellness and the use of hand sanitizer.

The demand for hand hygiene products such as hand sanitizer has exceeded the supply of hand sanitizers.

Therefore, this shows that the market size of hand sanitizer is huge which is an indication of good business to start with 100k. The demand will continue to increase as people have come to understand the benefits and the need for using hand sanitizer

9. Dropshipping business

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment model where the store doesn’t keep its products in stock rather purchases the goods from the seller or manufacturer while the seller send the goods to the customer with any personalised message from the dropshipper.

For you to start and reach a wide audience as well as having an online store where you can sell products to consumers; you must have social media accounts and/or website to make huge revenues.

You can start with 100k for this type of business even as little as 20k. All it takes is just few steps to get your supply economics done.

Indeed, dropshipping is an Ecommerce business and yet one of the easiest way to make money online.

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10. Pure honey business

Surely you would agree that pure honey is one of the businesses in Nigeria that one can export or wholesaling.

Raw honey business idea is one of those that you can make money by adding value, imagine sourcing from bee keepers and branding it in a nice package not only- but also test that it is raw or pure or original not adulterated honey.

Honey is a very simple business that one can start with 100k in Nigeria and very profitable business owing to its consumption level.

11. Data and recharge card business

Are you still asking what business to start with 100k in Nigeria. Ask no more, just start data bundle, VTU business and printing recharge card in wholesale by using your smart phone or laptop.

Nigerians consumption on data and recharge card are so huge because we need credit or data or both that is why banks are equally selling them in order to have a cut of the market share.

If you want to start a business with little capital in Nigeria then recharge card is one of those you can start with high return on capital especially if you are selling in volumes on a daily basis because the profit margin on each is very small.

Thus, quantity is the key in making good profit.

12. Digital marketing business

Generally speaking, digital marketing is any online marketing efforts or assets such as email marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising and blogging; they help introduce people to the company and pitch them to buy goods or services.

Nowadays, a lot of businesses are interested in hiring people who can do any or all of the above for them.

And also, email marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing and still growing stronger due its cost effectiveness. Do you know that many people started this niche business to start with 100k in Nigeria 2020.

It is clear that digital marketing agency niche business is a business to start with 100k in Nigeria for 2021 or become a digital marketing expert freelancer if you have the skills or ready to acquire them.

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13. Fitness and weight loss consultant

In this present situation, most people are weight and health conscious.

For instance, if you are previously a plus size person but now a slim fit person as a result of you following some health procedures and can transfer the steps or the routines that you used in getting your body back on track to other people.

This clearly shows that, you can support, motivate and educate people on healthy eating lifestyle while maintaining healthy lifestyle and fitness regime habits.

For this reason, this indicates that you can solve problems and if you can solve problem, you can equally charge for solving problems that becomes a business, hence this business is one that you can start with 100k in Nigeria.

Again, for this purpose you can start a fitness and weight loss consultancy.

Unquestionably one of the businesses you can start with 100k in Nigeria and it can be done online through social media platforms.

14. Cooking gas business

Presently in Nigeria, cooking gas is cheaper than any other means of cooking and people are keying into using gas. You can start gas business on small or high level depending on your capital or budget.

With this mind, we are concentrating on the low level not having a gas station so is one of the business to start with 100k in Nigeria. You can start this business in a residential area where a lot people use gas in cooking as your targeted customers provided there is no or low gas sale competition there, so then in the long run you can sell accessories like clips, pipes, regulators and etc.

You can start this business with as low as 100,000 Naira and in one month you can recoup as high as 50,000 Naira, just invest in location, networking and gas cylinder.

15. Palm oil business

As a matter of fact, if you are still asking yourself business I can start with 100k in Nigeria 2021 then palm oil business is one of the profitable businesses any one can dive into and make huge return on investment due to its diverse usefulness and huge income.

In short, business opportunities in palm oil business in Nigeria are quite many. From its kernel to refined oil, the palm oil produce industry has empowered many small medium enterprises in Nigeria. The key here is making sure you source from a genuine supplier likewise that of pure honey then you can brand it.

16. POS business (Agent mobile banking)

At a glance, point of sale business offers services like funds transfer and withdrawal, sales of airtime, bill payments like DSTV OR GOTV even WAEC.

POS is point of sale or service involves much liquidity which means available cash to give out as withdrawal.

Accessing ATM from any location in Nigeria is a big task so people like to patronise agents for commission rather than travelling to banks or ATM. Is that commission that is the key to this business.

As a matter of fact, POS business is a cash minting business which has silently been in existence, this is a small business to start with 100k in Nigeria and make huge revenue.

17. SEO specialist

An SEO expert is someone that can optimizes websites in order to achieve higher search engine rankings.

For instance, to find products information on search engines like Google and Bing that’s the challenge most businesses are facing not having a website that cannot pitch a deal.

Many businesses in Nigeria are in need of specialists that can analyses, reviews and implements changes to their websites so they are optimized for search results but you need to have the skill.

Nowadays, GOTV and DSTV are always in need of agents that can participant in their agents program for expansion.

Here is the deal, you can start POS agent and incorporate TV subscription even with recharge cards sells in Nigeria for 2021.

18. Sewing & sales of bed sheets & pillowcase

Sewing is another business ideas to start with 100k in Nigeria 2021, if you know how to sew, this then becomes a plus for you as you can employ one or two persons to support you on producing the bed sheets and pillowcase.

On the other hand, you can outsource the production but using good material is very important especially choosing materials that won’t run colours but are cotton materials. You can make bed sheets for hotels even hospitals as a contract service.

19. Perfume business

Meanwhile, perfume is business start with 100k in Nigeria 2021. Everybody wants to follow the trend and not to be left out.

There are perfume business ideas to start with less than 100K in Nigeria. If you have the skill to make perfumes or perfume oils why not venture into this business as a full timer.

Yes, you need industrial chemistry knowledge to start this business but the good news is that you can learn from successful people in the sector or industry, then prepare for your unique packaging and marketing of your perfume to the right audience like people who like to smell really nice.

All you need to get started is create a business plan for the perfume business, create new scents, purchase your choice of bottles then create your brand and start selling as well as giving out testers to hook customers.

20. Production and sales of household detergents

The thing is that detergents are needed in our various homes on a daily basis but the important thing here is making one and selling it to many homes and offices as well as possible.

Yes, we are talking about businesses that you can do with 100k in any case you can start this business with less than 100k investment.

Believe it or not, these big companies are making money while selling at high prices so if you have the skill to produce quality cleaning agents then people can buy from you and carry out free ads for you. You will need to widen your network to increase your customer base.

21. Production & sales of organic skincare

It comes as no surprise that Nigerian are beginning to get entangle with the organic trend.

It will interest you to know that, the global organic skincare products market is projected to triple in the near future.

Organic skincare products are profitable business to start with 100k in Nigeria with little investment for high profits.

The rising demand for organic body lotion to face creams is expected to drive the growth, so why not tap into this market segment if you have the skill or interested in learning to become a formulator.

22. Frozen food business

Anything that has to deal with food is a juicy business. The frozen food business is lucrative but you need a good location to attract more sales.

Similarly, is like food stuff business just that is a business you trade in the freezer or storage apart from that you need a steady power supply to avoid spoilage.

The steady power supply is a problem in Nigeria so you can get a place with a marginal power supply or get an alternative to a central power supply like a generator or solar supply.

You may decide to market online then get ready to deliver to homes, stores and businesses

23. Production & sales of organic fruits drink

Again, people are becoming interested in what will keep them healthy and looking younger even the elderly. And this can be achieved by a healthy lifestyle such as eating healthy foods and drinks.

Now, you can see there is a huge market opportunity for you to start making money by making fresh organic drinks.

You need little capital to start this cool business while you can incorporate packaging palm wine in bottle-beer container like going forward since healthy option people tend to move in the absence of organic fruit drinks to palm wine rather than beer.

24. Food stuff business

Food stuff business can be done with any amount of money not necessarily 100k Naira and at any location as long as there are human being living in that place.

It is a daily income business in Nigeria and you will make money on a daily basis.

How to start a foodstuff business in Nigeria is very easy, the things you need to start foodstuff business is capital of any amount, where to buy raw foodstuff from suppliers or producers, a shop and online store.

Pursuing this further, before starting this business you must know the type of raw food stuffs that you want to sell because there are so many food stuffs, after that you connect to local farmers for supplies at lower rate then you sell with a margin or market price depending on your location.

Foodstuff businesses is a continuous business without lockdown, imagine government all over the world labelled them as essential commodity during corona virus pandemic and gave them access to sell to the public.

You can see why you must start this business; people must eat food irrespective of your class in the society.

25. Computer repair business

Meanwhile, people are asking is computer repair business profitable or is computer repair a good career when virtually everybody on the street got one or more computer. Okay, it’s a viable and profitable venture and a career that will provide good employment opportunities in the near future.

Also, if you have a technical knowledge or background understanding of computers then starting a small computer repair business could be a great idea for you with 100k in Nigeria 2021.

More so, you can learn the skill if you are passionate about the business or looking for business to start with 100k in Nigeria for 2021.

26. Jewelry making and accessories

Whether you are interested in making your own pieces or producing your designs with manufacturer or merchandising.

Recently, Jewelry is a must for the female folks even the males have joined the trend. You can start your own unique handmade jewelry and showcase it on social media links so people will start asking you to make for them even personalise for them.

27. Phone repairs business

Similarly, Phone repairs business is a lucrative and profitable venture in today’s world. There are a lot of phones out there, these days people carry more than one mobile phones.

Do you know that most people have phones but they don’t know their functionalities and operational aspect of the phones the engineers are not exempted, so they are always at the mercy of phone technician so you can charge anything to fix the phone.

As there are a lot of phones in circulation whereas there are a lot of phone problem that needs phone technicians. If have the knowledge or willing to learn the skill, it is an absolute business to start with 100k in Nigeria in 2021.

To add to it, in the long run you can add accessories to the business but you need a very busy location.

28. Farming business

Presently, farming business is a very profitable business in Nigeria. There are a lot of agricultural business ideas for aspiring entrepreneurs to go into such as, poultry farming, snail farming, rice farming, vegetable farming, tomato farming, fish farming, goat farming and many more. Anybody having basic knowledge of farming and manufacturing operation with proper strategic planning can start with 100k.

Furthermore, you need to identify local produce and farming problems in Nigeria before venturing into any farming business.

For instance, Nigerian consume a lots of meat, vegetables  and eggs on a daily basis while the demand is higher than supply; so imagine starting a poultry farming or vegetable farming for all season.

29. Fresh Fruits and vegetables business

Another lucrative business to start with 100k in Nigeria 2021 as people are becoming health conscious about what they eat and many are placed on healthy diet that are filled with vegetables and fresh fruits.

The market size is huge that you can be part of the market share as a result, you need a nice clean location where people that are in need of fresh fruits and vegetables can patronise you.

You can niche down on this one, you have to think whether you want to be known for organic fruits and vegetables or green-house grown tropical fruits and vegetables or other fruits and vegetables.  If you have the strength you can grow it yourself bear in mind is for commercial use not for your household consumption.

30. Egg distribution business

Again, the egg consumption in Nigeria is very huge and profitable likewise real estate because people need shelter; the demand is greater than supply.

Equally, egg supply business is the fastest way of getting rich in poultry business not poultry farming, you can be poultry business but not the farming.

Egg supply does not require advanced tools but mobility, easy to set up and operate as low-cost business idea. You can source for eggs and supply to commercial or individuals which give you high yield as you make it mobile by taking the eggs to the consumers rather than having a sales point.

Egg distribution business is obviously a good business to start with 100k in Nigeria for 2021 if you have a car already or can be hiring a car for the meantime.

31. Web design business

Designing website is easier than you might imagine but you need web and visual design skills. If you are interested but you don’t have the skill then go learn the basics of web design and progress while on the job as a professional.

Now that you are ready, set up your work environment, form your support team then set your business plan and decide on the products and services you are to offer as well as market your business.

To begin with, you can see that this business is one of those that should be classified under businesses in Nigeria to start with 100k.

32. Home tutoring business

Is one of the education business ideas that you can begin today with less than 100k capital in Nigeria. If you are knowledgeable in any key subject areas like English, maths and science subjects then you are on your way to hitting jackpot.

You can start an online home-based tutoring business or rent a place for evening or weekend lessons while you advertise for it then your pioneer client success will do the rest advert for you. And also, you can employ other good tutors to fill up other subjects that are their core strength.

You will need to create a plan for successful and profitable home tutoring while you earn a steady income by teaching subjects that you are expert and love.

33. Social media manager

Another high sorted after business right now, that you can start with less than 100k in Nigeria 2021. All you need is you smart phone or laptop if any, internet connection and the skill. You certainly don’t need a degree or high level of expertise in any field to become a social media manager but social media skills. You can remotely do this job even as a full timer or part timer.

Social media is all about communication so a social media manager, you should be ready for marketing, copywriter, designer besides creating, maintaining brand promotions as well as company information for the company across all social media networks.

34. Clothing business

Clothing production business is booming right now in Nigeria with aseobis and owambes. There is always one function to the other or one activity to another, you name it.

If you know how to sew professionally kudos for you but you can still acquire the skill if you are interested and passionate about making clothes as a fashion designer.

Although there are too many tailors out there but the demands are high and untapped niches as well. Clothing business is just the right business to start with 100k in Nigeria.

Additionally, you will decide your niche market, get a creative space or sew in your home for the meantime, set your business plan, create your designs plus brand it; then after that you can produce and test your products.

35. Soap making business

Another best business idea to start with 100k or less than 100k capital in Nigeria for 2021. You need to acquire the skill to make soaps and bath bombs unless you already have the knowledge. You need a business plan or budget for the 100k then you buy your tools such as digital scale and materials.

Soap making business has different niches so you can choose your niche whether you are to make organic or ordinary soaps rather identify your ideal target customers.

If you want to succeed in the soap making business, you have to be ready to market your soaps online and also, promoting your products on social media.

36. Web graphic design

As with web design and is even part of the areas of web design likewise authoring and user interface design. You need to follow the same pattern of web design unless is normal graphic design that you are interested.

Above all, there are some money-spinning businesses that are doable with more than 100k in Nigeria but can still be done under 100k what matters here is your entry investment level.

Here are list of business to start with 100k in Nigeria 2021 and yet still doable with more than 100k:

37. Interior design business.

38. Liquid hand wash business.

39. Furniture retail business.

40. Diesel fuel-fuel.

41. Makeup and manicure specialists.

42. Cement sales and distribution.

43. Uniform clothing business.

44. Real estate agent.

45. Shirt making business.

46. Amazon EBook publishing.

47. Sales of gift items and household equipment.

48. Sales of fashion accessories.

49. Photography and video editing.

50. Hairdresser business.

51. Barbeque business.

52. Affiliate marketing.

53. Barbing salon.

54. Pharmaceutical business.

55. Sales of baby items.

56. Internet services.

57. Car accessories.

58. Spices.

59. Shawarma.

60. Pure water.


In conclusion, for you to be financial sustained you need to check out our business to start with 100k in Nigeria for 2021 which  is a question that needs deep thought seasoned solution given the economic situation of the country and the world at large.

Surely you will agree that One hundred thousand naira is a small cash but it is not easy to behold such amount of money so care should be taken in deciding where to invest it as well as reducing the risk; that’s the reason why we have taken time to give you a collection of best business to start with 100k in Nigeria that is profitable business with possible expansion in the long run, however, every business has its own inherent risk.

Nevertheless, you need to consider business ideas around your passion and your location or environment.

Have any practical or doable money-spinning business to start with 100k in Nigeria 2021 or your own? Share them with us in the comment section below.

It’s no secret that in Nigeria one should have more than one source of income in order to survive the hardship and bad governance in the country. Irrespective of where you reside in be it Lagos or Abuja, there are multiple business ideas that could be established with low capital.

Establishing a small scale business in Nigeria is what the youths are using to combat the difficulties caused by leaders lavishing the country’s resources. This article contains a curated list of small scale business ideas that could be established in states such as Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Oyo, Kano, and so on with low capital.

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11 Business ideas to start in Nigeria with low capital

1. Snail business

Snail business has always been in the know in Nigeria. Mostly in the southern region due to the high consumption of snail in that portion of Nigeria. Snails are sold at high prices whether alive or served as food.

Starting a snail business from the scratch is a relatively high cost but that’s going to be only spent in establishing the business. Once the business and resources required to operate the snail farm have been setup. The snail farm becomes a constant source of income while increasing in size and revenue respectively.

2. Fish farming business

Fish farming business has some similarities with the snail farming business. What separates the two is that fish are consumed in every region in Nigeria hence making fish farming the perfect business ides for those interested in using the agricultural sector to generate income in Nigeria.

Unlike the snail farming business, the fish farming business requires dedication and high capital for the startup. It’s equally important to establish fish farming in an area with access to water constantly.

3. Catering

Nigeria is a country with lots of diversity in terms of tribes, foods, and culture. Most Nigerian youth who have adequate skills to cook eye-watering dishes should look into catering. Catering doesn’t just mean cooking a large portion of food for weddings, traditional marriage or a ceremony.

In today’s world, catering is more digital. Cooking is done at home and marketed online via Twitter or Instagram. The food sold can vary from snacks, local dishes, and also foreign dishes. The more consumers that are derived the more orders coming in. Note that for a catering business to be successful, good customer service is essential.

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4. Wig business

The selling of human hair, wigs, and attachment has always grown exponentially as fashion takes a center stage in Nigeria. When looking into the selling of wigs, attachment, and human hair in Nigeria, it’s important to consider the basic factors necessary to establish a Wig business. Factors such as contact of suppliers, contact of customers, and the knowledge of differentiating quality of wigs, attachment, and human hair.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the most popularized business idea in the current Nigeria. Largely due to the low capital required in setting up a dropshipping business. For the purpose of clarity, dropshipping is the selling of products directly from manufacturers/suppliers to the customer without going through the usual channel of distribution.

When looking into dropshipping as a business idea to set up in Nigeria. A market survey is needed to establish a successful dropshipping business in Nigeria. Most Nigerians know that products sold in Nigeria are often gotten from China. Finding a good supplier in China that can be counted is half the work needed in setting up a dropshipping business. Get the contacts(customers) is the most important and difficult part of starting a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a small scale business idea that can be owned by an individual in Nigeria with low capital while getting substantial revenue.

6. Barbing salon

Owning a barbing salon is a good business idea in Nigeria. Employing skilled barbers or working as one in the salon is the decision of the owner. The problem with owning a barbing salon is the location it’s established in. The location of the establishment would determine its growth and revenue in the long run. It’s important to take this into consideration when looking to start a barbing salon.

7. Car wash

Car wash is a small business idea that can be established anywhere in Nigeria. It’s quite to setup with minimum capital. Getting round the clock staffs to make sure that the customer service provided is premium.

8. Publishing business

Posters and banners are under the publishing business. Nigeria being a country that’s filled with different celebrating each week, the publishing department is never out of business. Having a publishing business doesn’t necessarily mean owning the heavy equipment needed for publishing. Having a publishing business requires having an understanding of the process needed in creating posters, magazines, banners, and more. Having this knowledge makes it easier to bargain and get the services of different tools needed to publish a project or work.

9. Web and UI design

Web and UI design has grown in Nigeria in recent years as foreign investors seek out youths with such skills globally. This isn’t really a business idea more like a skill that can be learned and polished over time. Having Web and UI design skills in Nigeria offers an individual the ability to work as a freelancer in Nigeria or online.

10. Delivery service

In major states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and more, delivery services are needed. These services can inter-states or within the states. It’s simply moving a package from point A to point B. Package could vary from parcel to food depending on the setup of the business.

Delivery service is a business model idea that requires low capital to setup within a state or a particular location in a state in Nigeria. Proper research is needed before establishing a delivery service business in order to avoid failure.

11. Cleaning service

Cleaning service is new to Nigeria but it’s still a small scale business idea which requires low capital. These services can be offered to household, offices and other places that require such services.