Onlyfans was created in 2016 for creators to monetize their content and selling directly to their fans/subscribers. Onlyfans as a platform wasn’t originally geared towards sex workers but as time went on, sex workers found the platform to be secured in terms of safety which has always been a problem for sex workers in general.

How to promote an onlyfans account for free and gain subscribers.

Having an Onlyfans accounts is half the job for sex workers but popularizing your account is what guarantees subscribers in return equals money.

Promoting an Onlyfans account can be quite difficult especially for new users so we will be breaking down different social media platforms to grow our onlyfans audience which in return turns into subscribers.

Let’s jump right in!

Social media platforms to promote an onlyfans account for free and gain subscribers:


Linktree is simply a linking web app tool that allows users to place multiple links on one page for all viewers to have access to. Its free plan it’s all you would need to promote our only fans account. Linktree is quite important in promoting an account for new users because placing the link created from Linktree on any platform would give users access to our onlfans accounts and other social media platforms where our contents are available.

Click on your linktree link


Reddit is a multiple purpose social media platforms. It’s been said that almost everything can be found on reddit and as a redditor myself I would agree. Unlike other social media platforms that don’t NSFW content, reddit does allow nsfw content.

There are multiple NSFW subreddits that allow users to promote their content and onlyfans account. Here is a complete list of all NSFW subreddits on Reddit.


Promoting an onlyfans account on Instagram can be tricky because NSFW contents are not allowed on Instagram. Also promoting an onlyfans account on Instagram depends on whether you are running the onlyfans account on anonymity or not. Placing the linktree link created by you on the clickable link slot in the Instagram bio. When new contents are available the onlyfans account, snippets can posted via Instagram story.


Unlike Instagram, on Twitter NSFW contents can be posted but those posts won’t be made available in public searches. Twitter is the best platform to promote onlyfans account and contents due to its user base friendly and the ability to go viral. The only problem with promoting on Twitter is that an account might be banned due to certain policies.


Before onlyfans came into existence there was Snapchat premium. If you have offered Snapchat premium before then there are chances that your followers can be turned into your onlyfans subscribers by promote your contents on snapchat.