For some people, true love does not need any physical affection or sex because true love is something that connects two hearts while some schools of taught believe that physical relationship is that in which two partners experience sex and physical intimacy. The sex and physical intimacy itself is very significant to show their love and feelings to each other. It helps in strengthens the relationship between the couple.

Is physical relationship important in true love?

Physical intimacy in a relationship

Intimacy is a primary way by which people express their love. Those relationships which lack physical chemistry and affection mostly fails. According to Wikipedia Physical intimacy is sensual proximity or touching. Physical intimacy is very important in a relationship. Love without physical intimacy is possible, but the physical intimacy strengthens the love and the connection will be stable and mostly binding. Sometimes being very much in love and being attracted to each other, doesn’t mean the sexual chemistry is there, once both engage in sexual activity in the bedroom, it could ascertain whether there is sexual chemistry coming together because most people realize that is lust not true love after the sexual engagement. Therefore, one of the biggest challenges is to identify when true love exists. True love is the chemistry; the chemistry is the glue that holds a couple together even through difficult times. Every person craves and enjoys the fulfillment of sexual desire and if it is not met between the lovers, they have to seek it elsewhere given room for questioning whether there is true love from the onset. Most modern couples believe that one of the ways to get to know their partner is by getting intimate. Again, the concept of getting intimate does not mean having intercourse. For this reason, physical intimacy means being swept over by your partner’s love and warmth, by a distinct touch, a close hold, cuddle, or a kiss. When there is no form of intimacy in a relationship, it begins to crumble and things begin to fall apart.

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Love and Relationships

Relationships are the way in which two or more people or things are connected. With this in mind, when we talk about love or ask what is love it becomes complex in other words, love is complex, and falling in love is easy. People always ask about what love is or what true love is because they don’t understand due to its complexity. Now, love relationship is a feeling which connects two people by soul, they understand each other extremely well; always want to be together, love to spend time together and many more. Love is a very special sensation that brings people closer to each other physically and emotionally. Indeed, if you ever come across some true love quotes and relationship quotes, you have no option than to want to get entangled with true love or relationship. Everyone wants to get or experience true love in their lives and share true love messages. Many say that sex is overvalued in relationships while some people say that sex or physical intimacy is important but having sex is easier. Love is relatively a pure thing and sex is a basic need in it that cannot be judged by saying that sex makes love adulterated.

Let’s pulse for a while thinking about love and sex, you can see that falling in love is easy, and having sex is easier than talking about true love is even rare. I’ve seen people argue even couples wondering how marriage exists without love and that’s why some marriage fails because the foundation was on sex or something else, not love, talk more of true love. A marriage built on true love can never fail because true love endures and is unconditional while you see that marriage showered with beautiful true love messages. But most of the time people judge the purity of love by physical intimacy. Some people argue that true love has to deal with emotions not physical intimacy. In addition, once genuine love is concerned physical relationship is not necessary because sometimes physical desires turn out to be lust and true love is nowhere to be found. Therefore, what is important is knowing how to find true love.

Lack of intimacy

Where there is no intimacy, there isn’t security in such a relationship that it’s been seen as dating especially knowing that the other person is there for you or that they truly love you. Where intimacy is lacking in a relationship, there is a tendency that the promising victory rate of such a relationship will be low whether emotionally or physically intimacy. Lack of emotional intimacy in a relationship can develop complications with trust, anger, frustration, and confusion for couples while the physical connection is already in existence. The same way that lack of food and water has their negative effects on the human body, does the effect of lack of intimacy have on relationships. They have less social support and lower relationship satisfaction.

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Importance of sex and physical intimacy

Importance of sex and physical intimacy

Whether sex or/and physical intimacy is important in a relationship solely depends on your personal beliefs, physical desires, and the nature of your relationship. And it certainly isn’t a sign that your partner doesn’t love or value you. For other people, sex is an important part of romantic relationships. Here are the reasons why sex and physical intimacy are significant in the relationship:

Getting closer:

Being intimate with one another is going to bring the partners connected by so doing they get to know each other very well. This is a great way and the fact that you are seeing each other’s nakedness where applicable is enough to bring you closer.

Ease stress:

Everybody will want to get home after a long stressful day and reduce that stress while restoring energy. Here, Physical intimacy in relationships helps to lower down the blood pressure as well as a gesture like hugging or hand-holding triggers the release of oxytocin. Oxytocin reduces the stress responses of the brain and lowers down the anxiety. Some experts are of the opinion that people who have regular sex react better to stress than people who don’t engage in sex.

Intimacy builds trust among couple:

Trust is a very important part of any relationship and it builds with time. When two people trust each other they feel more secured even share their feelings with each other and achieve a lot together as a couple.

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Boost the immune system:

Intimacy makes one physically as well as mentally fit.  One actually burns some calories every time you get down according to some studies as it is seen as a form of total body physical exercise that involves the whole body including the brain especially with little moaning and sighing. People who engage in physical intimacy have a more positive effect on their immune system.

Health benefits:

Getting intimate regularly eliminates the possible risk of developing prostate cancer in men. Many studies out there revealed that cuddling with your partner gives you better night sleep which is a fantastic way to help you close those heavy eyes during sleep time. Again, sex aids to lower body temperature and induce deep sleep a well as relaxing the body’s nerves. Imagine how experts discourage physical exercises that are within some hours before bedtime but the physical activity of sex seems to be a positive exception to this rule.

Live longer:

People who enjoy their sexual life are having many chances to improve cardiovascular health and possibly lower osteoporosis. However, most people believe sex to be the only way to have intimacy, but sex isn’t the only way to have intimacy with your partner. Yes, we often equate sex with intimacy. For this reason, not all individual needs to have sex in order to have a healthy and happy relationship while some people do. In fact, what’s important is that you find a partner who understands your needs and desires, no matter what they are. Open communication is essential for every romantic and sexual relationship even dating although dating does not have any serious commitment. But while sex can be a great form of intimacy, it’s certainly not the only way to be intimate with someone. One other great way to be intimate is through affectionate touch. Some non-sexual forms of physical intimacy include kissing, cuddling, massage, and holding hands.

For all of those reasons, the relationship needs intimacy. Regardless of whether it’s physical intimacy or emotional intimacy, your relationship will slowly fade and pass away without it. In fact, physical and emotional intimacy goes hand in hand; so, for a long-standing relationship, you can’t form a physical connection without bringing on emotional intimacy. Similarly, possessing a unique emotional intimacy without having physical intimacy is extremely hard to maintain a good relationship that has both personal and partner’s needs.

Emotional intimacy

If you know you can give your partner a ‘knowing’ look from across the room, and that they’ll respond with that special wink or smile, then you’ve developed an emotional intimacy in your relationship and intelligent emotions.

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Physical intimacy

It’s in a human being’s nature to need physical intimacy – this is why simple physical affection, such as hand-holding, cuddling, hugging, and kissing is important to your relationship – alongside emotional understanding and capability to be able to understand other people emotions. Although, physical intimacy isn’t sexual connection but it is more like an emotional connection and no one can judge any person’s true love by saying that if anyone is having a physical relationship then they do not truly love each other. In addition, long-distance relationships might have sexual feelings but they have love feelings too which enables them to love each other for years without seeing. These days with the help of modern technologies, they can use different video apps to see themselves even get to make visual love. When you think about an old married couple, you tend to focus on their love for each other rather than their physical attraction. This is why the emotional connection in a marriage really gets to the spotlight. As years pass, and our bodies inevitably deteriorate, the emotional bond becomes the glue that holds the marriage together. An emotional bond also offers the opportunity for deeper connection over time, where a physical connection may be perceived to do the opposite.

Guides on how to improve intimacy

Communication is the heart of improving intimacy in relationships. If you feel that intimacy is lacking in your relationship and you once had a strong relationship. Once intimacy is lost or if it never existed in the relationship, it takes a lot of determination and commitment to get intimacy back in the relationship, but it’s not impossible if both couples are committed and are ready to communicate to get the relationship back on track. Similarly, to form a strong, long-lasting connection, intimacy is required to fulfill a human’s basic need; it’s what human beings crave in order to create a safe, loving and happy relationship, and intimacy is a key ingredient. It is important to try to be as open as possible and communicate with your partner. As you can see, intimacy is an important aspect of developing relationships. In other words, as couples that need to improve intimacy in their relationship, you got to think of it as a living thing that changes throughout your life. As you mature, both you and your partner’s needs change and continuous learning, so be open to that and acknowledge it in your relationship.

Finally, apart from everything else, getting intimate with your partner only means you want to show him/her the love you have inside your soul. These all prove why physical intimacy is necessary as well as important. The way you connect with your partner helps you mentally and physically. Physical intimacy has always been the way to communicate and couples been able to talk openly without any inhibitions about sharing any concerns. Similarly, it helps in bringing trust and respect as well. However, beyond sex, physical intimacy and emotional intimacy; honesty, valuable conversations can also be important to our relationships while It can be a difficult situation where one person feels that sex is essential in a relationship while the other person doesn’t feel so, therefore, the partners need to be on the same pace.

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