Instagram has been a growing community since its launch in 2010. Today, marketers, influencers, writers, bloggers, and what not are on Instagram to grow their audience and also for engagement. For bloggers, have large followers on Instagram means nothing if you can’t turn them to readers. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a feature that allows putting a link on a post to promote an article on a blog( you could but that’s via Instagram ads).

Instagram provides only one clickable link insert per user which is located at the Instagram bio. Adding the link to the blog itself is typical for most bloggers but what about recent articles, other specific articles, or even other social media accounts to refer the audience to follow to engage with the blogger.

Luckily developers have built multiple linking apps to help marketers and bloggers alike. The best linking app for bloggers to use and share links to blog posts on Instagram is is specifically built for bloggers and writers to put links of multiple blog articles in one place. This link can be placed on an Instagram bio.

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How to add a blog post link to Instagram

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Step-by-Step tutorial on share a blog post link on Instagram.

  1. Create a account.

    Creating a account is the first step.Create a account to link blog post to Instagram

  2. Add logo and description

    Add logo and description to the landing page of the to suit your design and style.Customize the landing page of the profile to suit your design

  3. Customize the color of the landing page. offers multiple designs and colors that are free for the landing page of the profile. Select the theme and design that feels suitable.
    customize the color of the landing page

  4. Add the blog post have features that enable bloggers to connect with their audience. Adding pictures, descriptions, and titles to the blog links placed on creates more engagement.Add the link with descriptions, images and titles

  5. Copy the link to Instagram

    Copy the link provided below.
    Copy the profile

  6. Place the link in the Instagram bio

    Add the link to the Instagram bioPaste the link to the Instagram bio.

Now, you can place the link of each blog post you intend for your Instagram audience to engage with. Likewise, you could make an Instagram post each time a new article is published to inform your Instagram audience that a new article has been added to the link in the Instagram bio.


Egbo Munachi is a mechatronics engineer and owner of the Chincotonaija online shop. Likes include gaming, watching tv series, ping-pong, and programming.

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