Since the launch of the internet in 1983, it has grown exponentially that everything can be found on the internet including love. In today’s world with apps such as Tinder, Bumbles, Grindr, Baboo, Hinge, OkCupid, and the list goes on… finding love has been easier or what it’seems like.

One could argue that dating apps haven’t ruined love with multiple success stories of users finding love, soul mates, friendship, and more on these apps. A research done by Pew Research found that 20% of committed relationships began online in this present era. But for every success story, there are countless horrendous stories to follow.

There are lots of factors that go into loving someone that dating apps and online dating doesn’t present. These missing factors might be partly the reason why most people feel like online dating has ruined relationships and love as a whole.

How dating apps and online dating ruined love and relationship


Dating apps damages self-esteem and possible self-worth. Signing up to a dating app seems fun in the sense that you are giving yourself a wide range of chances for potential sponges. After a period of time without getting a match, you would feel more alone which brings doubts about your self-esteem and self-worth. These could potentially destroy your self-worth which could affect future relationships.


Trust is one of the fundamentals of a successful relationship. One can’t simply trust a person just because they swipe right. This trust might never be fully gained even after establishing a relationship with a partner you met through a dating app. Trust takes time to build up. Hence, if you can’t fully trust a person then the relationship is bound to fail and true love won’t be established.

Hidden identiy

Dating apps gives everyone a clean slate. Anybody can have a fresh start with a potential partner which sounds totally good on paper. Under a closer look, it’s not. Not knowing anything about a person you plan on having a relationship with, is risky. The information known to you is only the ones provided by the individual. You would need to develop a six sense to know what’s the truth and isn’t.

Before the internet era, people often got into a relationship with the people that are familiar with such as family friends, college friends and so on. This helped individuals have a better understanding of a potential partner. There are people that could be questioned to find out more about the individual. This help to establish trust and love which dating apps lack

Failed connection

More numbers don’t equal more success. Having more chances of finding a partner with a dating app doesn’t mean that you would. Dating apps rightful so increases your chances but with each chance comes a failed connection. You could be moving at a fast pace while your match is moving at a slower pace versa visa. In the end, it feels like you are forced to connect with a match. You could be ghosted at any moment making heartbreaks a frequent reoccurrence.

Unknown intentions

When you are dating app, you have your reason to be there. Love and relationship could be the primary reason but that might not be others’ intention. Getting a match doesn’t mean that your intent aligns with theirs. More often than not reviling your intentions to a match could result in a quick ghosting.

Other might not be forward their intention and ride the wave. A connect might be establish but if the intention isn’t establish the relationship is bond to fail as it lacks another fundamentals of love in it’s build up.

Price on love

It’s no secret that dating apps are expensive to use with microtransaction and subscription plans placed by developers. To see your match would require you to spend some cash else you might have to swipe forever to find the match.

Dating app doesn’t put a price on love but rather you pay to find love. Love is free and shouldn’t be paid for. To conclude, dating apps haven’t ruined relationships and love per se but it hasn’t made finding love easier as popularized.