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As someone that has lived in China for 7 years, having a VPN is a must. Unfortunately, finding a free VPN in China that’s working isn’t quite easy. If you do find a free VPN that’s working, then problems such as slow speeds, wrong country routes, and more arise. Most free VPN apps, especially for Android devices, don’t last long before the Great Firewall blocks and disables them.

However, the most popular free VPN apps for android devices mentioned by other blogs or references are not used by foreigners in China because it’s these VPNs are either owned by the Chinese government or selling the data to the Chinese government. Such VPNs include Express VPN, which is owned by the Chinese government, meaning you might be able to access censored websites but you are being watched.

This curated list of free VPN apps for Android in China. These VPN apps are 100% free and reliable meaning they can be used without the fear of being watched and also longevity of usage with the Great firewall block. So let’s just jump right in!


Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

This is a unique VPN for android users in China. Each month V2VPN gives users free 5GB VPN bandwidth with an avenue to gain an extra 15GB via watching ads. The servers that V2VPN offers are one of the best for a free VPN app. The server locations include the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, and Japan.

Unlike most VPN apps for android users in China, V2VPN automatically excluded Chinese mainland apps and IPs such as Taobao, Ping duo duo, Alipay, WeChat, Baidu, and others from being proxied.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, V2VPN gets a 7 mostly due to the limitation it forces on its users when using apps like Youtube, Instagram, and Netflix. Once the 20GB per month is exhausted, there isn’t any other way of getting more bandwidth until next month. Not being unlimited is V2VPN’s biggest problem.

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VPN Master

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

If you are looking for a truly free unlimited VPN app to use on your Android device in China then VPN Master is the one true option. VPN Master is a free unlimited VPN app to use in China.

After two hours of usage, VPN Master automatically disconnects, requiring the user to reconnect. To extend the time before the next disconnect, users can extend the timer by watching 30 seconds of ads. Each ad watched increases the timer by 2 hours. VPN Master has several free servers with multiple countries to choose from.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, VPN master gets a 9.5 due to it being unlimited although the timer is annoying, it’s the cost of using a free VPN app. If you engage with apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Netflix then VPN Master is a must-have on your Android phone. VPN Master has the option to exclude Chinese apps from using it but not the Chinese IP.

Wang VPN

Wang VPN is a VPN designed and made by a Chinese mainland citizen named Wang. It offers unlimited VPN bandwidth but is inconsistent in terms of speed compared to other free VPN apps for Android users. It also takes quite a lot of time to connect. The advantage that Wang VPN offers that separates it from other VPNs is that Wang always updates his servers quickly before the Great firewall catches up.

This single reason is why Wang VPN is a must even though you have other VPNs installed on your device. Once the Great Firewall by China catches up to you, finding a new VPN will be hard, but Wang will always be there when such a situation presents itself.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Wang VPN gets a 7 because when you need a VPN to just bypass the Chinese Great firewall, Wang VPN will get the job done. Wang VPN is also unlimited and offers limited servers to various Chinese. Wang VPN isn’t the best free VPN for Android devices but it’s the best emergency VPN app for foreigners using android devices in China.

Free VPN Proxy – Unlimited VPN, Security

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

The free VPN proxy is an unlimited free VPN app for Android devices. It offers lots of servers in various locations which helps in navigation some websites restriction such as Youtube and Netflix. The free VPN Proxy has a premium version that offers more servers and stability. For an average internet surfer, the free version is enough to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Free VPN Proxy gets an 8 because it’s unlimited with multiple server locations to select from. Users can also select apps to be excluded from using VPN and apps with Chinese IPs.

Hardcore VPN

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

Hardcore VPN is the newest free VPN I have added to my recommendation list since I started using it. Strangely, it’s the only free VPN app on this curated list that doesn’t have ads running on it. It’s equally fast when connecting to servers.

Speaking of servers, that’s where Hardcore VPN falls short with just 3 servers. Reassured that these three servers are always working at all times. Yet, it restricts the ability to use multiple location servers other than the ones offered on the VPN app.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Hardcore VPN gets a 5.5 because of so many shortcomings. Users who can’t select with apps should be proxied or not. Having limited servers means users can’t bypass certain restrictions that other free VPNs offer. Oddly enough, Hardcore VPN is a bit hard to deactivate. Beyond this problem, Hardcore VPN is a good VPN that would get the job done. Remember it’s totally free, unlimited and without ads so it’s a win.

Kuto VPN

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

Kuto VPN is a free unlimited VPN app for Android devices. It has several servers and locations to connect to. It also blocks Chinese IPs and apps from accessing the VPN. Users can also use the app filter to select with the app whether it should be proxied or not.

The biggest problem with Kuto VPN is that despite having several servers only 3 servers can enable users in China to access Whatsapp. That I consider to be the biggest flaw in Kuto VPN.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Kuto VPN gets a 6.5 because of limitations to servers that can proxy Whatsapp. When using a server that can proxy Whatsapp, Kuto VPN becomes slow because of other users using the same server. It’s a good free VPN to have on your Android device but it’s not the best.


As I previously mentioned, I live in China so these are the VPNs I use on a daily basis. The two VPNs I would recommend are VPN Master and Wang VPN. It’s best to have two VPNs when staying in CHina because once the Great Firewall of China catches up with the current VPN you are using you will need a new VPN as soon as possible. Reassured that this article will be updated monthly on the best free VPN apps for android users in China.

Nigeria’s Naira is at the lowest since time memorial which makes it harder for traders and companies that are into importation to trade. China is a global exporter of different products and Nigeria runs an economy that solely depends on importation despite what the Nigerian government wants its citizens to believe. Hence, China and Nigeria’s business relationship can’t be separated.

The Central bank of Nigeria has put restrictions on the debit cards of Nigerians, limiting the monthly spending on online payments outside Nigeria to just $100. These restrictions were done by the Central bank of Nigeria to limit forex exchange and bitcoin transactions within Nigeria. However, unbeknownst to the government that the importation and trading sector of the country would be hit the hardest by these restrictions.

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Chances are that if you reading this article you are among the traders or companies that these restrictions have affected, limiting your capability of trading with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. In this article, we would be going over different methods that offer solutions on how to pay Chinese suppliers/ manufacturers from Nigeria. So let’s jump right in!


PayPal as a payment system in Nigeria.

Despite PayPal officially not being supported in Nigeria, there are ways to get around the location restriction of PayPal for residents in Nigeria. It’s easy to try funds in PayPal but it’s also a risky payment system, so it’s best to use it when there has already trust established within yourself and the supplier/manufacturer. The biggest factor about using PayPal is that not all Chinese suppliers/manufacturers have access to Paypal. So Paypal isn’t a go-to solution for paying Chinese suppliers from Nigeria.

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Disputes in PayPal take months to resolve and sometimes the solution might not be to your liking. Also, PayPal is an expensive payment medium due to the fees are based on percentage. The more money sent via Paypal the bigger the fees.

Rating: Paypal is favorable for Nigeria importers because of the fees system and the risk involved in sending money via Paypal. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving Paypal a rate of 3/10. Only use it as a last resort.

Payment via an agent (preferable a Nigeria)

There are Nigerian that are living in China (mostly around Guangzhou) whose jobs are importation, payment errands, and getting contacts of a supplier for a particular product. These agents can receive the naira in their Nigerian account and pay the Chinese supplier in China via bank transfer or Alipay/Wechat.

When looking for an agent to use as a medium for payment, it’s best to use an agent that a colleague or a friend has used before in order to avoid fraud.

Rating: Using an agent is quite simple but by far very risky. Don’t use an agent nobody knows because in one swoop your money is gone for good. When a reliable agent is found this is the easiest way to make payments to Chinese suppliers. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving Paypal a rate of 6/10. Only use it as a last resort.

Using Alipay/WeChat

China became a digitalized economy in 2014 meaning that everything from payments to the least possible thing you could think of can be done online. Online payments in China are spare headed by Alipay and WeChat.

Having an Alipay account in Nigeria means that you can directly pay any Chinese supplier. However, the biggest problem you would encounter is how to buy yuan/RMB in Nigeria and receive it in your Alipay in other to pay the Chinese supplier.

Once you have yuan in your Alipay account, simply ask the Chinese supplier for their Alipay pay code and forward the money. Yes! it’s that simple. Unlike Paypal, Alipay is used by almost all Chinese citizens.

Rating: Using Alipay or WeChat as a payment method when dealing with Chinese suppliers is the biggest and safest method. The only problem you would encounter is buying and transferring yuan to your Alipay. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving Alipay a rate of 10/10.

International Money transfer/ Western Union

In any other country, this would be the best solution to the problem of paying Chinese suppliers but in Nigeria, not everyone has access to Western union/ International money transfers. Those who do have access are restricted to how much can be sent within a month.

A supplier won’t wait for 3 months to receive $3,000. The western union should be used when the amount to be paid isn’t much. Western Union is very fast but equally very risky. It’s accepted by most suppliers because of how fast it’s to receive the money. It’s important to note that when sending money to a Chinese supplier a simple mistake in the name placement would result in the money being declined by the Chinese government because of anti-fraud regulations.

Rating: Using western union or international money transfer isn’t cheap and with the restrictions placed on it by the Nigerian government. It’s should be used when there are not any other options. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving International Money transfer/ Western Union a rate of 4/10.

It’s no secret that the current state of Naira as a currency is disheartening. Buying dollars, yuan, euros, or pounds in Nigeria is expensive and hard (that’s if you can find it at all). In other words, making it harder to find a good exchange rate for foreign currencies. For businesses and enterprises who rely solely on buying products from outside Nigeria, this becomes a prominent problem that needs to be solved quickly. Luckily businesses and enterprises that rely on buying yuan to pay their Chinese manufacturers or suppliers, there is a solution.

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In April 2020, electronic Chinese yuan (e-CNY) pilot programs launched in four cities. The digital currency’s debut was the culmination of a six-year journey that began when China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), announced its research into a “Digital Currency/Electronic Payment” system in 2014. Since 2014 payments and money transactions can be done via apps such as Dingding, Wechat, and Alipay in mainland China. This enables for fast and easy transfer of money with China.

Back to the situation in Nigeria and the solution to where to buy yuan cheap. There are two possible solutions to solve this problem. First and foremost if you are in business with a Chinese supplier or manufacturer it’s best to have an Alipay account.

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Contact your shipping agent (China to Nigeria)

Most shipping companies that deliver goods from China to Nigeria, have their customers pay in naira on pick-ups. Contact the head of the company and propose the idea of giving naira to him/her in exchange he/she sends the equivalent to your Alipay.

Usually, it’s best to bring this idea to a shipping company you are already in business with to make it easier to negotiate. This is the best and safest way to exchange naira to yuan at a cheaper rate compared to the black market in Nigeria.

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Contact Nigerians working in China

It’s no secret that China makes it hard for money to leave their country especially since the pandemic hit China ending of 2019. There have been new restrictions on foreigners and Chinese alike on sending money outside China in order to maintain a stable economy during the pandemic. In August of 2021, more restrictions have also been added such as limits to the amount that can be sent out and more.

This opens an avenue to leverage this opportunity. Contact any Nigerian staying in China that’s working and purpose the idea of him receiving naira while you get the yuan. It’s a more convenient way to solve your problem while buying yuan at a cheap rate.

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Contact Nigerians suppliers/ traders in China

The Nigerian traders/ suppliers in China are in a similar boat as the Nigerians workers. Sending money outside China for them is next to impossible because of their visa type hence they tend to buy goods and send them back to Nigeria for them to be sold and turned into naira. If you can find a Nigerian trader in China then you can negotiate for a cheap rate when buying yuan from him/ her.

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For more security and assurance when exchanging money via these methods it’s best to have an Alipay account. Alipay enables you to receive the yuan and also to pay the Chinese suppliers/ manufacturers with who you are in business. Don’t receive money via any other method apart from Alipay to avoid scams. Only agree to money transfer between trusted parties, once trust has been established then the transaction can be repeated.

Having an Instagram account either for business, brand, and personal purposes, you might be curious to know who isn’t following back and how to unfollow them. Since 2012, Instagram implemented a strict policy in the community which prevented users from massively unfollowing people. Breaking the policy could result in a temporary or permeant ban on the Instagram account. This policy helped shape Instagram into influencer culture and marketing while growing the community organically. With that said, an Instagram user can only unfollow 200 users per day. There are still android apps that grant users the ability to unfollow non-followers for free. Let’s join right into the best free unfollow apps for Instagram in 2021 for android devices:

Chief Follow

Chief Follow | Best android app for unfollowers on instagram

Chief follow is the best free unfollow app for android users. It shows the non-followers, secret admirers, ghost followers, and unfollowers. Chief follow unfollow app notify users the moment a follower unfollows their account.


Massive unfollow functionality (Up to 50 unfollows at once).

Live notification of an unfollow.

Multiple accounts login.

Guarantee to not break Instagram policy.



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Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and unfollowers is a free unfollow app for Instagram that help users manage their Instagram account. The app shows users unfollowers(non-followers) and mutuals.


Nice UI design.

Notification for new followers and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts logins.


No massive unfollow functionality.

Slow to load up the unfollowers.

No additional functionalities.

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Unfollow – Fans & unfollowers for Instagram

Unfollow- Fans & unfollowers for Instagram is a free unfollow app for Instagram on android devices. The UIs are easy to understand and get used to.


Massive unfollow functionality.

More detailed data on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Lots of ads.

Slow to load up unfollowers.

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Unfollowers 4 Instagram

Unfollowers 4 Instagram is an app available on google play store. It shows the user new unfollowers, non-followers, not following, and mutual.


Full info on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Slow to load up unfollowers.

Massive unfollow functionality not available.

We have provided the full list of the best android unfollow apps for Instagram that would get the task done. The decision is onto you but make sure not exceed the 200 unfollows per day in other not to get your Instagram account temporary or permanently booked.

Since the pandemic hit Nigeria in 2020, more people have engaged in buying and selling products in Nigeria as a side income. Running a successful small business under the buying and selling motto requires selling fast-moving and hot products.

In 2022 one of the hottest selling products in Nigeria was face masks, hand sanitizers, and temperature equipment. Times have changed, people are looking to move away from the pandemic, and that creates a chance to sell and market hot products.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are looking for products to invest in and resell. Buying products from China and reselling them in Nigeria is usually the best option as Chinese suppliers provide cheap prices. So here are the hot selling products in Nigeria for 2022:

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives have always been a hot product in Nigeria. It’s a necessity for students, workers, and everyone looking to save a document. USB flash drives can be sold at retail for small businesses.

It’s a product that can be sold by students to make money. The best source to get an original flash drive that’s cheap is Alibaba or Aliexpress.

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External Hard Drive

The external hard drive is a hot selling product in today’s Nigeria. There are lots of UI/UX designers, graphic designers, animators, and movie watches who need lots of digital space to store files. Also, external hard disks are quite expensive so to make them a profitable item, it’s necessary to get them cheap.

Finding a trusted supplier via Alibaba is important in turning an external hard drive into a business.


Original human hair and wigs are some of the hottest-selling products in Nigeria right now. With just about every other product on this list, human hair and wigs are imported from either China or Malaysia. But getting into the hair business in Nigeria requires having the proper knowledge to be able to identify the original from the fake. It’s important to go into the market and learn about the human hair trade before venturing into the business to avoid unwarranted losses.

An alternative version of Airpods (A cheaper brand than Apple)

Technology has advanced in style, back in the day the Bluetooth headset was Samsung Level-U, Beats by Dre stereo headphones. Ever since Apple launched the Airpods in 2016, it has changed the way Bluetooth headphones are made and designed. In Nigeria due to the expensive price of Apple AirPods, more people are looking for a similar device that provides similar futures.

There are multiple alternative versions to Airpods that can be obtained from China that provide similar features to Airpods and with durability,

Kids Clothing & Shoes

Kids’ clothing and shoes are always in demand in Nigeria for obvious reasons. It’s an untapped business idea in Nigeria. It’s all about getting trending designs with cartoon features on the items of clothing and shoes.

Marking for kids’ wear and shoes can be done via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It might take some time to build a customer base, but once made, it turns into money!

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are hot-selling products, especially among students. Since universities are back to being open, phone chargers, USB cables, earpieces, charger heads, and other accessories are needed now more than ever.

Female Fashion Accessories

It’s no secret that the biggest gender that spends money on fashion in Nigeria is women. Hence, it’s important to patronize selling female fashion accessories due to the profit and the demand. Female fashion accessories range from sandals, shoes, bangles, bags, anklets, earrings, nose rings, and more.

In conclusion, find a product that you can sell with ease and invest in it. It’s important to note that the best business practice in Nigeria when it comes to reselling is to buy cheap and sell high. The best place to buy from is China because of the prices.

As a forwarding agent in China, people often ask why are the products on Alibaba extremely cheap compared to other Chinese online stores such as Taobao, Dhgate, Aliexpress, and the rest.

As someone that has worked with a company in China that has lots of online stores on different China e-commerce platforms including Alibaba, I would elaborate on the reasons behind the cheap prices of products.

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Manufactures and suppliers

On Alibaba, users are in direct contact with the manufacturers and suppliers which is different from the Chinese e-commerce platforms. on other Chinese e-commerce platforms. The sellers can equally be Chinese dropshipping on foreign buyers, which makes the product price higher on other platforms. Most products on Alibaba are made b the manufacturers which have a store and others are from trading companies with direct access to the manufacturers. Alibaba ensures that all registered sellers on the platform pay a yearly fee which is close to $25,000.

MOQ {Minimum order quantity}

In China, it’s known that the more quantity a customer buys the cheaper the commodity becomes and it applies to Alibaba. Remember these are manufacturers and trading companies that have these stores and products disappear on Alibaba.

These companies intend to sell as much as possible to profit which results in high minimum order quantity. The lower the price of a product the chances of the MOQ being high. For example, if a product on Alibaba could be $0.1 but with an MOQ of 1000 pieces which make it problematic if you are intending to buy in a smaller quantity. If you want to buy the product but for a low MOQ, the price of the product might double.

As for asking for samples from manufacturers or suppliers on Alibaba, the prices are always outrageous due to the fact in China samples are expensive. Although the sample could be provided for free to a customer free if there is an initial deposit for the product.

Accessibility of products and materials

Availability of products and materials is easily the biggest reason wh products are cheap on Alibaba. Each province in China specializes in different products based on the material available within the area. For example, buying bedsheets and bed textile materials from companies located in Nantong would be far cheaper than buying elsewhere in China.

Knowing this most companies on Alibaba sell products and materials which are readily available to them at an extremely low price to enable them create a competitive cheap price for other sellers.

So yes, the products on Alibaba can be cheap and still be genuine and original because of the factors we just covered.

Pro tips when shopping on Alibaba.

  • Always chat with the seller to ensure the product is available before ordering.
  • Ask about the delivery process before putting an order down to avoid a long wait of up to 6 months for a package.
  • The contact person for most Alibaba stores uses google translator for communication, make sure the information you trying to pass down to the supplier isn’t lost in translation.
  • Always remember you can bargain to get a lower price,
  • Ask for a direct camera shot of a product you intent to buy rather than just going with the product image on the website.
  • Always pay on Alibaba so that the refund process would be easier.

Ever since WhatsApp introduced the Stickers feature in October 2018, it’s been buzzing in chats used to express moods, memes, feelings, and more. Most of the stickers available on Whatsapp and via sticker pack apps are static stickers. Unfortunately, WhatsApp currently doesn’t have the feature that allows users to add custom animated stickers that other chatting platforms such as WeChat have.

Luckily, there is a way to add custom animated stickers on WhatsApp for android users without an app and it’s free. So let’s join right in.

How to make animated stickers for WhatsApp

1. Get the video or GIF

Get the content you would want to make into an animated sticker. It could either be a video or GIF.

Get the video or GIF

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2. Convert the video/GIF into Webp and save

Converting the video/GIF into a Webp file is important in making the animated sticker. Head over to EZGIF and select Webp, Convert and size the Webp file with a ratio of 512 b 512 and save the file on your device.

Convert the video/GIF into Webp and save

3. Get a friend to send you a sticker.

The sticker can be a static or animated sticker, it doesn’t matter. This sticker would be changed into the custom sticker you intent to make. Without having a friend send a sticker this process can’t be completed.

Get a friend to send you a sticker.

4. Head over to the WhatsApp sticker folder on the phone.

Sort files by date and copy the recent sticker name (which should be one your friend sent). Rename the saved animated sticker you made to the name of the sticker you copied.

Head over to the WhatsApp sticker folder on the phone.

5. Replace the files

Cop and replace the sticker with the new animated sticker you made.

6. Clear the cache of the WhatsApp

Clear the cache of the WhatsApp and close the app.

Clear the cache of the WhatsApp

7. Head back to the chat

Head back to the chat with your friend and the sticker that was sent is now an animated sticker that you created. Save the sticker as a favorite to be able to reuse it again.

Head back to the chat

Yes, It’s a long process just to have an animated sticker on WhatsApp. Until Whatsapp officially allows users to create an animated sticker, I think this is the best possible solution. If you have any other means of making an animated Whatsapp sticker please share it in the comment section below.

Onlyfans was created in 2016 for creators to monetize their content and selling directly to their fans/subscribers. Onlyfans as a platform wasn’t originally geared towards sex workers but as time went on, sex workers found the platform to be secured in terms of safety which has always been a problem for sex workers in general.

How to promote an onlyfans account for free and gain subscribers.

Having an Onlyfans accounts is half the job for sex workers but popularizing your account is what guarantees subscribers in return equals money.

Promoting an Onlyfans account can be quite difficult especially for new users so we will be breaking down different social media platforms to grow our onlyfans audience which in return turns into subscribers.

Let’s jump right in!

Social media platforms to promote an onlyfans account for free and gain subscribers:


Linktree is simply a linking web app tool that allows users to place multiple links on one page for all viewers to have access to. Its free plan it’s all you would need to promote our only fans account. Linktree is quite important in promoting an account for new users because placing the link created from Linktree on any platform would give users access to our onlfans accounts and other social media platforms where our contents are available.

Click on your linktree link


Reddit is a multiple purpose social media platforms. It’s been said that almost everything can be found on reddit and as a redditor myself I would agree. Unlike other social media platforms that don’t NSFW content, reddit does allow nsfw content.

There are multiple NSFW subreddits that allow users to promote their content and onlyfans account. Here is a complete list of all NSFW subreddits on Reddit.


Promoting an onlyfans account on Instagram can be tricky because NSFW contents are not allowed on Instagram. Also promoting an onlyfans account on Instagram depends on whether you are running the onlyfans account on anonymity or not. Placing the linktree link created by you on the clickable link slot in the Instagram bio. When new contents are available the onlyfans account, snippets can posted via Instagram story.


Unlike Instagram, on Twitter NSFW contents can be posted but those posts won’t be made available in public searches. Twitter is the best platform to promote onlyfans account and contents due to its user base friendly and the ability to go viral. The only problem with promoting on Twitter is that an account might be banned due to certain policies.


Before onlyfans came into existence there was Snapchat premium. If you have offered Snapchat premium before then there are chances that your followers can be turned into your onlyfans subscribers by promote your contents on snapchat.

It’s no secret that in Nigeria one should have more than one source of income in order to survive the hardship and bad governance in the country. Irrespective of where you reside in be it Lagos or Abuja, there are multiple business ideas that could be established with low capital.

Establishing a small scale business in Nigeria is what the youths are using to combat the difficulties caused by leaders lavishing the country’s resources. This article contains a curated list of small scale business ideas that could be established in states such as Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Oyo, Kano, and so on with low capital.

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11 Business ideas to start in Nigeria with low capital

1. Snail business

Snail business has always been in the know in Nigeria. Mostly in the southern region due to the high consumption of snail in that portion of Nigeria. Snails are sold at high prices whether alive or served as food.

Starting a snail business from the scratch is a relatively high cost but that’s going to be only spent in establishing the business. Once the business and resources required to operate the snail farm have been setup. The snail farm becomes a constant source of income while increasing in size and revenue respectively.

2. Fish farming business

Fish farming business has some similarities with the snail farming business. What separates the two is that fish are consumed in every region in Nigeria hence making fish farming the perfect business ides for those interested in using the agricultural sector to generate income in Nigeria.

Unlike the snail farming business, the fish farming business requires dedication and high capital for the startup. It’s equally important to establish fish farming in an area with access to water constantly.

3. Catering

Nigeria is a country with lots of diversity in terms of tribes, foods, and culture. Most Nigerian youth who have adequate skills to cook eye-watering dishes should look into catering. Catering doesn’t just mean cooking a large portion of food for weddings, traditional marriage or a ceremony.

In today’s world, catering is more digital. Cooking is done at home and marketed online via Twitter or Instagram. The food sold can vary from snacks, local dishes, and also foreign dishes. The more consumers that are derived the more orders coming in. Note that for a catering business to be successful, good customer service is essential.

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4. Wig business

The selling of human hair, wigs, and attachment has always grown exponentially as fashion takes a center stage in Nigeria. When looking into the selling of wigs, attachment, and human hair in Nigeria, it’s important to consider the basic factors necessary to establish a Wig business. Factors such as contact of suppliers, contact of customers, and the knowledge of differentiating quality of wigs, attachment, and human hair.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the most popularized business idea in the current Nigeria. Largely due to the low capital required in setting up a dropshipping business. For the purpose of clarity, dropshipping is the selling of products directly from manufacturers/suppliers to the customer without going through the usual channel of distribution.

When looking into dropshipping as a business idea to set up in Nigeria. A market survey is needed to establish a successful dropshipping business in Nigeria. Most Nigerians know that products sold in Nigeria are often gotten from China. Finding a good supplier in China that can be counted is half the work needed in setting up a dropshipping business. Get the contacts(customers) is the most important and difficult part of starting a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a small scale business idea that can be owned by an individual in Nigeria with low capital while getting substantial revenue.

6. Barbing salon

Owning a barbing salon is a good business idea in Nigeria. Employing skilled barbers or working as one in the salon is the decision of the owner. The problem with owning a barbing salon is the location it’s established in. The location of the establishment would determine its growth and revenue in the long run. It’s important to take this into consideration when looking to start a barbing salon.

7. Car wash

Car wash is a small business idea that can be established anywhere in Nigeria. It’s quite to setup with minimum capital. Getting round the clock staffs to make sure that the customer service provided is premium.

8. Publishing business

Posters and banners are under the publishing business. Nigeria being a country that’s filled with different celebrating each week, the publishing department is never out of business. Having a publishing business doesn’t necessarily mean owning the heavy equipment needed for publishing. Having a publishing business requires having an understanding of the process needed in creating posters, magazines, banners, and more. Having this knowledge makes it easier to bargain and get the services of different tools needed to publish a project or work.

9. Web and UI design

Web and UI design has grown in Nigeria in recent years as foreign investors seek out youths with such skills globally. This isn’t really a business idea more like a skill that can be learned and polished over time. Having Web and UI design skills in Nigeria offers an individual the ability to work as a freelancer in Nigeria or online.

10. Delivery service

In major states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and more, delivery services are needed. These services can inter-states or within the states. It’s simply moving a package from point A to point B. Package could vary from parcel to food depending on the setup of the business.

Delivery service is a business model idea that requires low capital to setup within a state or a particular location in a state in Nigeria. Proper research is needed before establishing a delivery service business in order to avoid failure.

11. Cleaning service

Cleaning service is new to Nigeria but it’s still a small scale business idea which requires low capital. These services can be offered to household, offices and other places that require such services.

China is the closest country to be fully running on a cashless economy. In 2013, when Tencent the company that owns WeChat introduced WeChat pay. Digital purchases within China have grown exponentially since then according to researchers. The problem that users face is the inability to transfer money from the WeChat wallet to Alipay. Not all applications within China accept WeChat pay as a medium of payment, hence forcing users to transfer money to Alipay to complete payment. In this article, we would show a step by step guide on how to transfer money from a WeChat wallet to Alipay.

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Step by step guide on how to transfer money from Wechat wallet to Alipay

It’s best to note that this process can only be done when the user has a china mainland bank account linked to both their WeChat and Alipay.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to transfer money from WeChat wallet to Alipay

  • Step 1

    Head over to your profile and click on WeChat pay.

  • Step 2

    Head over to the WeChat wallet.

  • Step 3

    Select balance.

  • Step 4

    Click on withdraw and the amount you intend to withdraw, then input your password to transfer the money to the China mainland account.

  • Step 5

    Open the Alipay app and head over to your account.

  • Step 6

    Select balance and click on top-up. Input the amount that was transferred from the WeChat account. The fund would be withdrawn from the China mainland bank account and deposited into the Alipay account.

So here you have it, the complete steps in transferring money from WeChat wallet to Alipay using the China mainland bank account. This is the most secured way to ensure that money is transferred into the Alipay account without any complications.