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It’s no secret that in Nigeria one should have more than one source of income in order to survive the hardship and bad governance in the country. Irrespective of where you reside in be it Lagos or Abuja, there are multiple business ideas that could be established with low capital.

Establishing a small scale business in Nigeria is what the youths are using to combat the difficulties caused by leaders lavishing the country’s resources. This article contains a curated list of small scale business ideas that could be established in states such as Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Oyo, Kano, and so on with low capital.

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11 Business ideas to start in Nigeria with low capital

1. Snail business

Snail business has always been in the know in Nigeria. Mostly in the southern region due to the high consumption of snail in that portion of Nigeria. Snails are sold at high prices whether alive or served as food.

Starting a snail business from the scratch is a relatively high cost but that’s going to be only spent in establishing the business. Once the business and resources required to operate the snail farm have been setup. The snail farm becomes a constant source of income while increasing in size and revenue respectively.

2. Fish farming business

Fish farming business has some similarities with the snail farming business. What separates the two is that fish are consumed in every region in Nigeria hence making fish farming the perfect business ides for those interested in using the agricultural sector to generate income in Nigeria.

Unlike the snail farming business, the fish farming business requires dedication and high capital for the startup. It’s equally important to establish fish farming in an area with access to water constantly.

3. Catering

Nigeria is a country with lots of diversity in terms of tribes, foods, and culture. Most Nigerian youth who have adequate skills to cook eye-watering dishes should look into catering. Catering doesn’t just mean cooking a large portion of food for weddings, traditional marriage or a ceremony.

In today’s world, catering is more digital. Cooking is done at home and marketed online via Twitter or Instagram. The food sold can vary from snacks, local dishes, and also foreign dishes. The more consumers that are derived the more orders coming in. Note that for a catering business to be successful, good customer service is essential.

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4. Wig business

The selling of human hair, wigs, and attachment has always grown exponentially as fashion takes a center stage in Nigeria. When looking into the selling of wigs, attachment, and human hair in Nigeria, it’s important to consider the basic factors necessary to establish a Wig business. Factors such as contact of suppliers, contact of customers, and the knowledge of differentiating quality of wigs, attachment, and human hair.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is the most popularized business idea in the current Nigeria. Largely due to the low capital required in setting up a dropshipping business. For the purpose of clarity, dropshipping is the selling of products directly from manufacturers/suppliers to the customer without going through the usual channel of distribution.

When looking into dropshipping as a business idea to set up in Nigeria. A market survey is needed to establish a successful dropshipping business in Nigeria. Most Nigerians know that products sold in Nigeria are often gotten from China. Finding a good supplier in China that can be counted is half the work needed in setting up a dropshipping business. Get the contacts(customers) is the most important and difficult part of starting a dropshipping business. Dropshipping is a small scale business idea that can be owned by an individual in Nigeria with low capital while getting substantial revenue.

6. Barbing salon

Owning a barbing salon is a good business idea in Nigeria. Employing skilled barbers or working as one in the salon is the decision of the owner. The problem with owning a barbing salon is the location it’s established in. The location of the establishment would determine its growth and revenue in the long run. It’s important to take this into consideration when looking to start a barbing salon.

7. Car wash

Car wash is a small business idea that can be established anywhere in Nigeria. It’s quite to setup with minimum capital. Getting round the clock staffs to make sure that the customer service provided is premium.

8. Publishing business

Posters and banners are under the publishing business. Nigeria being a country that’s filled with different celebrating each week, the publishing department is never out of business. Having a publishing business doesn’t necessarily mean owning the heavy equipment needed for publishing. Having a publishing business requires having an understanding of the process needed in creating posters, magazines, banners, and more. Having this knowledge makes it easier to bargain and get the services of different tools needed to publish a project or work.

9. Web and UI design

Web and UI design has grown in Nigeria in recent years as foreign investors seek out youths with such skills globally. This isn’t really a business idea more like a skill that can be learned and polished over time. Having Web and UI design skills in Nigeria offers an individual the ability to work as a freelancer in Nigeria or online.

10. Delivery service

In major states in Nigeria such as Lagos, Enugu, Abuja and more, delivery services are needed. These services can inter-states or within the states. It’s simply moving a package from point A to point B. Package could vary from parcel to food depending on the setup of the business.

Delivery service is a business model idea that requires low capital to setup within a state or a particular location in a state in Nigeria. Proper research is needed before establishing a delivery service business in order to avoid failure.

11. Cleaning service

Cleaning service is new to Nigeria but it’s still a small scale business idea which requires low capital. These services can be offered to household, offices and other places that require such services.

China is the closest country to be fully running on a cashless economy. In 2013, when Tencent the company that owns WeChat introduced WeChat pay. Digital purchases within China have grown exponentially since then according to researchers. The problem that users face is the inability to transfer money from the WeChat wallet to Alipay. Not all applications within China accept WeChat pay as a medium of payment, hence forcing users to transfer money to Alipay to complete payment. In this article, we would show a step by step guide on how to transfer money from a WeChat wallet to Alipay.

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Step by step guide on how to transfer money from Wechat wallet to Alipay

It’s best to note that this process can only be done when the user has a china mainland bank account linked to both their WeChat and Alipay.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to transfer money from WeChat wallet to Alipay

  • Step 1

    Head over to your profile and click on WeChat pay.

  • Step 2

    Head over to the WeChat wallet.

  • Step 3

    Select balance.

  • Step 4

    Click on withdraw and the amount you intend to withdraw, then input your password to transfer the money to the China mainland account.

  • Step 5

    Open the Alipay app and head over to your account.

  • Step 6

    Select balance and click on top-up. Input the amount that was transferred from the WeChat account. The fund would be withdrawn from the China mainland bank account and deposited into the Alipay account.

So here you have it, the complete steps in transferring money from WeChat wallet to Alipay using the China mainland bank account. This is the most secured way to ensure that money is transferred into the Alipay account without any complications.

It’s no secret that China is the best business hub for the world. No wonder, most entrepreneurs and business personals are always looking for profitable products and items to import from China.

Chances are that if you are reading this article, you are equally looking for profitable items to import from China. In this article, we have curated a list of the cheapest fast-moving products to import from China that are profitable. We will also provide the basic knowledge to have when looking to import from China.

Cheapest fast-moving products to import from China that are profitable.

Smart box for TV

In the era of the internet and online subscription for movies. It’s a necessity to own a smart TV to able to access HULU, Netflix, Disney, and other subscription-based apps for movies. Sadly not everyone can afford a smart TV but a smart box for TV is affordable. It’s an android device that simply turns a regular TV into a smart TV.

Smart box for TV

View product on alibaba

Smart wrist watch

Smartwatches such as Apple series and Samsung gears are obvious choices for individuals looking to spend heavily on digital watches. China has big companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and other companies that engage in making quality smartwatches that can revival Samsung and Apple watches at a cheap price. Haylou and Amazfit smartwatches are profitable products to import from China and sell for retail for a huge profit.

Smart wrist watch

View product on alibaba

Wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard are not just trendy of recent but it’s comfortable to use. The demand for wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard is growing for both office usage and gaming. It can be sold to anybody with a PC or Mac which makes it a profitable item to import and sell at retail price.

Wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard

View product on alibaba

Bluetooth speaker with timer

Bluetooth speaker with timer is an innovative product that ensures bluetooth speaker and a clock in one product. It’s a product that can be used by campers and students. It’s a new-fashioned product to import from China for profit.

Bluetooth speaker with timer | profitable products to import from China

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Mini air humidifier

Air humidifiers are used to add moisture to the air to prevent dryness. Humidifiers help prevents dryness to skin, nose, throat, and lips. This makes air humidifier a hot sale item during the dry seasons.

Mini air humidifier | profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba

Mini electric fan

During summer, the heat is brought with it. The mini electric fan is always a hot sale during the summer. During the summer the mini electric fan is almost a necessity. Importing mini electric fans during the summer for sales would guarantee a profitable business.

Mini electric fan| profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba

Weavons, human hair, wigs, and hair extension

Fashion products are always profitable. The weavons, human hairs, and wigs that are distributed worldwide are mostly made in China. Venturing into the hair business requires research and market survey. Importing human hair, wigs from China is a profitable business but would be successful when done in a branded dropping shipping.

Weavons, human hair, wigs, and hair extension | profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba


Sneakers are always going to a profitable item to import and sell at retail prices. China has led the sneakers manufacturing business for many years now and remains to do so with its 6 billion pairs of sneakers produced annually today. Different types of sneaker brands can be supplied from China.

Sneakers | profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba

Adapter and Extension

Electric adapters and extensions are products that are a necessity for every household. Chinese manufacturers can produce different types of adapters and extensions with customized logos for customers.

Adapter and Extension | profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba

Football boot

Football boot is a product that’s profitable. Chinese companies are knowing for producing football boots for brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Importing football boots from China to sell is a moneymaking business idea but requires proper marketing.

Football boot | profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba

Toilet accessories

Toilet accessories are always an option when looking for products to sell. Chinese manufacturers have inventive toilet accessories that would offer a bit more than the common toilet accessories usually available.

 Toilet accessories | profitable products to import from China

View product on alibaba

Rice cooker

Rice cookers are needed by every household. It’s easy to find a quality rice cooker from Chinese manufacturer under $10 depending on the quantity of purchase.

View product on alibaba

Earbuds [Airpod alternative]

Since September of 2016 when Airpod was launched, the sales of AirPods and earbuds rose in demand. China has the best manufacturers in making unique earbuds with unique features that would stand out. Earbuds are profitable when bought under $15 and sold at retail price.

Earbuds [Airpod alternative] | profitable products to import from China

View products on alibaba


Like we mentioned previously, fashion products are always profitable and jewelry is no exception. Sterling silver and gold jewelry ranging from necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more can be found in China. Just like every fashion product, before venturing into jewelry importation, proper market survey and research is needed.

Jewelry | profitable products to import from China

View products on Acecare Jewelry

Tips on buying products from China

Negotiating is always possible.

When buying products from China, it’s best to know that the initial price put up by the supplier or manufacturer isn’t the final price. In China, the bigger the quality that’s intended to be bought, the bigger the bargaining power the customer has.

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Be clear

Most Chinese suppliers and manufacturers use translator to come with customers. Most of details that a customer might be trying to tell the supplier or manufacturer might be lost in translation. Always make sure that information is clear and understand to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Delivery time

Delivery time is always an issue when making a purchase from China. It’s best to get an affirmation from the supplier or manufacturer before payment to hold them accountable.

Shipping alternative

When making a purchase from China, the supplier might suggest the popular shipping services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and more. There are other cheaper shipping services within China that offers fast delivery services global.

Ask for pictures and videos

Pictures that are used as product pictures don’t tell the full story of a product. Make a request to the supplier or manufacturer for an actual picture or video of the product to get a clear view of the product.

Having an Instagram account either for business, brand, and personal purposes, you might be curious to know who isn’t following back and how to unfollow them. Since 2012, Instagram implemented a strict policy in the community which prevented users from massively unfollowing people. Breaking the policy could result in a temporary or permeant ban on the Instagram account. This policy helped shape Instagram into influencer culture and marketing while growing the community organically. With that said, an Instagram user can only unfollow 200 users per day. There are still android apps that grant users the ability to unfollow non-followers for free. Let’s join right into the best free unfollow apps for Instagram in 2021 for android devices:

Chief Follow

Chief Follow | Best android app for unfollowers on instagram

Chief follow is the best free unfollow app for android users. It shows the non-followers, secret admirers, ghost followers, and unfollowers. Chief follow unfollow app notify users the moment a follower unfollows their account.


Massive unfollow functionality (Up to 50 unfollows at once).

Live notification of an unfollow.

Multiple accounts login.

Guarantee to not break Instagram policy.



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Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and unfollowers is a free unfollow app for Instagram that help users manage their Instagram account. The app shows users unfollowers(non-followers) and mutuals.


Nice UI design.

Notification for new followers and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts logins.


No massive unfollow functionality.

Slow to load up the unfollowers.

No additional functionalities.

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Unfollow – Fans & unfollowers for Instagram

Unfollow- Fans & unfollowers for Instagram is a free unfollow app for Instagram on android devices. The UIs are easy to understand and get used to.


Massive unfollow functionality.

More detailed data on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Lots of ads.

Slow to load up unfollowers.

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Unfollowers 4 Instagram

Unfollowers 4 Instagram is an app available on google play store. It shows the user new unfollowers, non-followers, not following, and mutual.


Full info on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Slow to load up unfollowers.

Massive unfollow functionality not available.

We have provided the full list of the best android unfollow apps for Instagram that would get the task done. The decision is onto you but make sure not exceed the 200 unfollows per day in other not to get your Instagram account temporary or permanently booked.

If you are running your WordPress website on a VPS {Virtual Private Server}, the chances that you would encounter “error establishing a database connection” is quite high. Knowing how to fix this error is a must for both web developers and operators of the websites, but first, let’s understand what causes the error.

What are the causes of error establishing a database connection

  1. Wrong configuration of the wp-config file. Any mistake in the configuration would result in an error.
  2. Database crashing {If the MYSQL/MariaDB crashed, the WordPress PHP framework and apache would be able to access the database resulting in an error}.
  3. Database corrupted{caused by plugins that corrupted the database}.

How to fix error establishing a database connection for VPS hosting

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to fix error establishing a database connection for VPS{Virtual Private Server} WordPress Website

  1. Open the terminal

    Windows key + R. Then type in cmd to open up the terminal.Open the terminal to access the SSH

  2. Open the SSH server

    Input the SSH server IP and Password.
    ssh root@{the ssh server ip.address}
    root@{the ssh server ip.address} password:{the ssh server password}
    Accessing the SSH root server

  3. Check the Database{MYSQL/MariaDB}.

    Checking the database on the terminal to make sure that the database is functional.
    Type “sudo service mysql status“.
    Green means that the database is running.{This means that VPS MYSQL /MariaDB database hasn’t crashed }.
    Red means that the database has crashed.
    If the database is down then restarting the database is the next step.Check SSH server to make sure it's active

  4. Restarting the Database{MYSQL/MariaDB}.

    Type “systemctl start mariadb“.
    This will restart the Database.
    Open up website The error establishing a database connection won’t appear the problem has been solved.
    Restart the database

This isn’t the only solution to this error “Error establishing a database connection” for WordPress website. If after restarting the database and the error is still present. The next step is to disable all the plugins.

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Steps for fixing the “error establishing a database connection” for VPS hosting a WordPress website caused by plugin.

1. To have a better virtual of the VPS file contents. Download a SFTP file manager from Winscp and access the files.

Winscp File Manager

2. Disable the plugin by just renaming the folder. Example renaming the folder to “disable.plugin”.

3. Check your website and if the error isn’t there. Then disable each plugin by simply remaining them till the problematic plugin is found.

This is the best possible solution and fix for “Error establishing a database connection” for VPS hosting a WordPress website.

Since the launch of the internet in 1983, it has grown exponentially that everything can be found on the internet including love. In today’s world with apps such as Tinder, Bumbles, Grindr, Baboo, Hinge, OkCupid, and the list goes on… finding love has been easier or what it’seems like.

One could argue that dating apps haven’t ruined love with multiple success stories of users finding love, soul mates, friendship, and more on these apps. A research done by Pew Research found that 20% of committed relationships began online in this present era. But for every success story, there are countless horrendous stories to follow.

There are lots of factors that go into loving someone that dating apps and online dating doesn’t present. These missing factors might be partly the reason why most people feel like online dating has ruined relationships and love as a whole.

How dating apps and online dating ruined love and relationship


Dating apps damages self-esteem and possible self-worth. Signing up to a dating app seems fun in the sense that you are giving yourself a wide range of chances for potential sponges. After a period of time without getting a match, you would feel more alone which brings doubts about your self-esteem and self-worth. These could potentially destroy your self-worth which could affect future relationships.


Trust is one of the fundamentals of a successful relationship. One can’t simply trust a person just because they swipe right. This trust might never be fully gained even after establishing a relationship with a partner you met through a dating app. Trust takes time to build up. Hence, if you can’t fully trust a person then the relationship is bound to fail and true love won’t be established.

Hidden identiy

Dating apps gives everyone a clean slate. Anybody can have a fresh start with a potential partner which sounds totally good on paper. Under a closer look, it’s not. Not knowing anything about a person you plan on having a relationship with, is risky. The information known to you is only the ones provided by the individual. You would need to develop a six sense to know what’s the truth and isn’t.

Before the internet era, people often got into a relationship with the people that are familiar with such as family friends, college friends and so on. This helped individuals have a better understanding of a potential partner. There are people that could be questioned to find out more about the individual. This help to establish trust and love which dating apps lack

Failed connection

More numbers don’t equal more success. Having more chances of finding a partner with a dating app doesn’t mean that you would. Dating apps rightful so increases your chances but with each chance comes a failed connection. You could be moving at a fast pace while your match is moving at a slower pace versa visa. In the end, it feels like you are forced to connect with a match. You could be ghosted at any moment making heartbreaks a frequent reoccurrence.

Unknown intentions

When you are dating app, you have your reason to be there. Love and relationship could be the primary reason but that might not be others’ intention. Getting a match doesn’t mean that your intent aligns with theirs. More often than not reviling your intentions to a match could result in a quick ghosting.

Other might not be forward their intention and ride the wave. A connect might be establish but if the intention isn’t establish the relationship is bond to fail as it lacks another fundamentals of love in it’s build up.

Price on love

It’s no secret that dating apps are expensive to use with microtransaction and subscription plans placed by developers. To see your match would require you to spend some cash else you might have to swipe forever to find the match.

Dating app doesn’t put a price on love but rather you pay to find love. Love is free and shouldn’t be paid for. To conclude, dating apps haven’t ruined relationships and love per se but it hasn’t made finding love easier as popularized.

Mockups are usually ready-made templates to showcase a design, an app, and just a few to mention. A mockup could be in the form of an iPad, an iPhone, a galaxy phone, a t-shirt, and so on. Finding free websites which offer free mockup templates and tools aren’t easy to come by. We have taken the liberty to curate a list of the best free websites that offer free mockup templates and tools that would be essential for designers and developers alike.

Free mockup websites and tools for developers and designers

1. Qurb

Qurb is a web based mockup generator website

Qurb is a web based mockup generator website. With just the click of a button your mockup is done within seconds. Qurb provides mockup for a number of phones and laptops. It’s easy to use and totally free.

Who is Qurb for: It’s for getting a quick mockup of a screenshot or a picture on a phone mockup. For mobile developers looking to get a quick mockup of an app on a phone to upload either to app store or play store.

2. CleanMock

Cleanmock is a web-based mockup tool website

Cleanmock is a web-based mockup tool website. With more styling to enable designers to create unique themes that would stand out. It has a range of templates to select from for which every purpose the user aims for. Cleanmock has a free plan which can be used to create premium designs.

Who is Cleanmock for: With the well-organized simplistic design, its aimed at both developers and designers. Although, the free version presented creates the mockup images with watermarks.

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3. Theapplauchpad mockup generator

Theapplaucher mockup generator is a web-based mockup tool that has lots of free mockup premium templates ready to use

Theapplaucher mockup generator is a web-based mockup tool that has lots of free mockup premium templates ready to use. With a free account, users can create fantastic mockups. The only problem that freemium users will encounter is the watermarks that come with each mockup made pushing users towards the paid version.

Who is theapplaucher mockup generator for: App developers looking for a quick mockup of an app to submit on the play store or app store. Due to the limited design and flexibility, it’s not a fitting mockup tool for designers.

4. The Mockup Club

The mockup club is a website that offers free perspective PSD mockups

The mockup club is a website that offers free perspective PSD mockups. These free premium preset templates range from t-shirts, androids phone, iPhones, and more.

Who is mockup club for: Designers looking for mockups PSD to edit and present a unique design.

5. Mockuuups Studio

The mockuuups studio is a desktop application (for Linux, Mac, and Windows) that users can use to create excellent mockup

The mockuuups studio is a desktop application (for Linux, Mac, and Windows) that users can use to create excellent mockups. With complete integrating to Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop.

Who is mockuuups Studio for: Developers and designers that want to create a unique presentation of their work. The only problem that freemium users would enter is the limitation of only 10 free mockups.

6. Creativebooster

Creativebooster have lots of free premium perspective PSD mockups

Creativebooster have lots of free premium perspective PSD mockups. With unique preset mockup for designers to create to their imagination.

Who is creativebooster for: Designers looking for creative openings and mockup templates to use for a design.

7. Smartmockups

Smartmockup is a complete mockup tool to use for creating excellent mockups

Smartmockup is a complete mockup tool to use for creating excellent mockups. Users can create mockups on t-shirt, mugs, screens, smartphones, and more.

Who is Smarkmockup for: Designers looking to create mockups using logos and screenshots. Smartmockup has flexibility which enables better creativity.

8.Dimmy Club

Dimmy club is a completely free web based mockup generator

Dimmy club is a completely free web based mockup generator. Users can generate mockups for laptops, smartphones and tablets. With lots of customization for users to create a unique mockup.

Who is Dimmy club for: Developers looking to get a mockup of an app either on laptop, smartphone or tablet.

9. Mockupmark

Mockupmark is a totally free tool to use and create mockups on t-shirts and mugs

Mockupmark is a totally free tool to use and create mockups on t-shirts and mugs. With just the click of a button to upload a logo and mockupmark would automatically generate mockups of the logo on different templates. It’s an easy web app to use when looking for a quick mockup on shirts and mugs.

Who is mockupmark for: Designers looking for a quick mockup of a logo on t-shirts and mugs.

10. Kapwing

Kapwing is a web app that generates mockup using screenshots

Kapwing is a web app that generates mockup using screenshots. Kapwing is totally free to use with customization but has lots of limitations such as a poor phone frame and image resolution to mention a few.

Who is kapwing for: Android developers looking to get mockups for google play app submission.

11. Mockuphone

Mockuphone is a web app that generates mockup only on iPhone X using screenshots

Mockuphone is a web app that generates mockup only on iPhone X using screenshots. The screenshot needs to be 1125px X 2436px to have the best output. Mockuphone doesn’t have any flexibility and customization for its users.

Who is mockuphone for: IOS mobile developers looking to get a mockup of an app on iPhone X.

12. KK UI’s store

KK UI's store offers free perspective PSD mockup templates that are compatible with Sketch, Figma & Adobe Photoshop

KK UI’s store offers free perspective PSD mockup templates that are compatible with Sketch, Figma & Adobe Photoshop. These free premium mockups can also be used for commercial purposes with MIT license.

Who is KK UI’s store PSD for: It’s aimed towards designers to use and create fantastic mockups designs.

Instagram has been a growing community since its launch in 2010. Today, marketers, influencers, writers, bloggers, and what not are on Instagram to grow their audience and also for engagement. For bloggers, have large followers on Instagram means nothing if you can’t turn them to readers. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a feature that allows putting a link on a post to promote an article on a blog( you could but that’s via Instagram ads).

Instagram provides only one clickable link insert per user which is located at the Instagram bio. Adding the link to the blog itself is typical for most bloggers but what about recent articles, other specific articles, or even other social media accounts to refer the audience to follow to engage with the blogger.

Luckily developers have built multiple linking apps to help marketers and bloggers alike. The best linking app for bloggers to use and share links to blog posts on Instagram is is specifically built for bloggers and writers to put links of multiple blog articles in one place. This link can be placed on an Instagram bio.

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How to add a blog post link to Instagram

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Step-by-Step tutorial on share a blog post link on Instagram.

  1. Create a account.

    Creating a account is the first step.Create a account to link blog post to Instagram

  2. Add logo and description

    Add logo and description to the landing page of the to suit your design and style.Customize the landing page of the profile to suit your design

  3. Customize the color of the landing page. offers multiple designs and colors that are free for the landing page of the profile. Select the theme and design that feels suitable.
    customize the color of the landing page

  4. Add the blog post have features that enable bloggers to connect with their audience. Adding pictures, descriptions, and titles to the blog links placed on creates more engagement.Add the link with descriptions, images and titles

  5. Copy the link to Instagram

    Copy the link provided below.
    Copy the profile

  6. Place the link in the Instagram bio

    Add the link to the Instagram bioPaste the link to the Instagram bio.

Now, you can place the link of each blog post you intend for your Instagram audience to engage with. Likewise, you could make an Instagram post each time a new article is published to inform your Instagram audience that a new article has been added to the link in the Instagram bio.

In today’s world, true love seems more like a fairy-tale than a reality. Words like side-chick and side-piece have shown how infidelity and cheating have been normalized within society. Yet, true love still exists and very much alive. The signs of true love from a woman is quite visible as it’s depicted in countless movies and also around us. But the signs of true from a man aren’t quite visible due to patriarchy and how society expects a man to act.

That being said there are countless men out there that are faithful, trustworthy, and have what it takes to truly love a woman. It’s just that it’s harder to tell if a man is truly in love with you or the lather.

In this article, we would be going over ten different signs that show that a man is truly in love with you. By the end of article you would have a clearer understanding of what true love from a man feels like.

Signs of true love from a man

Signs of true love from a man

You feel like the best version of yourself

If you feel like the best version of yourself in a relationship that means the man is your hero and that can’t happen unless the man is in deep emotion with you.

That every one of your friends gets treated in a similar way in their relationship doesn’t mean you should get the same or as if is the norm. You can’t use that as a basis for judging true love.

Try to be customized and sensible if he encourages you to become a better person that’s an indication that the man has a true love for you.

The second-guessing becomes non-existent

When a man is truly in love with you, the second-guessing is gone. You would feel confident and well assured of the direction the relationship is going towards. You won’t be left to fill the answers to the questions you should be asking.

He would make you feel secured and not let your insecurities creep in. His trust and love in you would be visible to out-shadow the second-guessing.

You are a priority

He makes it clear to you and everyone else that you will always come first in his life. Priority in a relationship means that your comfort, happiness, safety always comes first to him. This is one of the important signs of deep love from a man because his actions would match his words of love.

The little details are not forgetting

How can he forget any detailing when he is busy studying you and things that make you happy as well as avoid the ones that make you sad. You can only get that learning curve experience from true love and he will improve and get better in relating with you which will make him love you the more.

You will be wrong or belong to some people that believe a passer-by or someone that wants to have sex with you will forfeit his time or be that patience learning who you are or pay close attention to you noticing some detailing about.

It takes a long or even longer process to carry out not a short one which you can see in the sex relationship but in truth. But why will anybody do so? It can only be true love.

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He listens

If a man loves you, he’ll make the time to be with you in the best way he can by listening to your opinion and hears you at the same time. There is this old belief that still surfaces till date, that a man listens attentively to his beloved and asks questions as a sign of true love but if he is silent and never interested to hear you that means there is no true love maybe just physical intimacy.

Decisions are made as one

He sees you as one body with his and integrates you in everything that he does believe you will give him your best decision that really trusts which comes from true love.

When a man loves you I mean true love he wants to include you in each of his affairs. With that in mind, he will always problem to you so that the decision can be taken together and will not take any decision on a solo basis until you have contributed and concluded. He sees you as inseparable and part of his team that shows any conversation will be followed as a goal. You are now his teammate and always there to be supporting each other.

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He admires you

Yes yes! This will always exist in a true love relationship. He will always adore you and you will be attracted to him due to the small details that he constantly picks from you, that is why you will always be the best version of yourself.

Your happiness means the world to him

It’s like a connection, he would want you to be as happy as possible. His goals and dreams would equally make you happy as well. Your personal success or milestone makes him equally as happy as you the achiever.

At this point, y’all would genuinely want the best for each not just to rise within the society but because of shared love and happiness generate from each other that’s true love.

Doesn’t judge you

Human beings are not perfect creatures and he won’t hold the standard of a perfect being. He knows you are not perfect, some of your actions are not, nor your decisions. Naturally, he would try and correct you but not in a form of judgment or a constant reminder of your mistakes.

He sees your mistakes as a lesson you can learn from because he knows he isn’t perfect either. When he is truly in love with you, he supports you by correction and not judging.

Protects you

True love makes him care for you. The main reason that he cares for you means that he will always look after you by providing an umbrella to shelter or guard you during the rainy days. Protection goes beyond physical protection often depicted in movies, he won’t let anyone talk bad about you in front of him.

He will naturally protect you and constantly look out for you as well as things that can hurt you. He will always be there when you need protection and support.

To conclude, when you are in a relationship with a man that’s truly in love with you, the signs of true love would be visible for everyone to see.

If you are an influencer or running a small business on Instagram chances are that you want your potential consumers to able to contact you directly on Whatsapp. WhatsApp new feature which enables users to generate a link to their Whatsapp contact.

Small business owners and influencers alike can integrate their WhatsApp contact into different social media platforms including Instagram. In this article, we will be discussing various methods of adding WhatsApp link to an Instagram page.

The Direct Link Method

Instagram only allows one clickable link in a bio profile. First, let’s get the WhatsApp link to your account. This is the default Whatsapp URL[yourphonenumber]. You would need to replace [yournumber] with your WhatsApp number creating an example like this Remember to remove the “+” at the beginning of the country code.

Here over to your Instagram account, go the “Edit Profile” and input the Whatsapp link on the website section provided by Instagram.

Click the edit button on your Instagram profile
Click the edit button on your Instagram profile.
Click the edit button on your Instagram profile
Click the edit button on your Instagram profile.
The WhatsApp link has been inserted to your Instagram page
The WhatsApp link has been inserted to your Instagram page.

The problem with this method is that visitors won’t be able to access other links that are connected to your business. Let’s move to the next method of adding Whatsapp link to an Instagram bio which enable the addition of more than one link.

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Using a linking tool ( all-in-one link) on Instagram bio

We previously explained the disadvantages of having just your direct Whatsapp link on your Instagram bio. Instagram offers only one clickable link section which needs to be maximized. For bloggers, influencers, and small business owners that would love their Instagram audience to be able to visit their website and other social media platforms, that opportunity will be locked away by having just the WhatsApp direct link in the bio section of the Instagram profile.

The alternative is using a linking tool (all-in-one link). A linking tool creates a mini-bio where all the links related to a brand/business can be placed. This is important as it allows users to have different social media platforms links and websites combined into just one link that can be placed on the clickable link section on an Instagram account. There are multi linking tools out there, we will be using Linktree in this article.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to add a Whatsapp link on an Instagram bio using Linktree.

  1. Create an account and select a username

    Head over to Linktree and create an account.

  2. Add some customization

    Linktree offers some customization like profile pictures and gradient background color.

  3. Add the WhatsApp Link

    Add the WhatsApp link to a link section provided in your Linktree profile. Make sure that the title of the link is “WhatsApp me” for visitors to comprehend easily.

  4. Add other links

    Linktree allows the addition of more than one link. This should be used to direct visitors to other social media platforms and websites associated with your brand or business.

  5. Click on your linktree link

    Check the link to make sure all the inserted links are functioning.

  6. Place your Linktree link on your Instagram page

    Insert the Linktree link on your Instagram bio.

This is the best method of adding your WhatsApp link to your Instagram bio because it doesn’t limit you to just one link. You can add multiple links that enable your Instagram audience to have a wider range of reaching you and your brand/business.