What atheism is

“Rejection of belief that any deities exist”

Google online dictionary on the meaning of atheism

More often than not Atheism is often confused to be a religion when it is clearly not. With a deity also being defined as a supernatural diving being”. So an atheist can then be seen as one who rejects the belief in any supernatural diving being. The takeaway from this definition is the rejection of belief in a deity.

Atheists are always met with questions like, “What do you believe in then”? or “you must believe in something?” It must be emphasized that one who is uncertain about the existence of a deity is not an atheist, but rather an agnostic.

An atheist strongly belives in light of present evidence that there is no divine deity. An atheist doesn’t rule out the possibility of a creator, but for him/her, if such an entity were to exist it’s highly doubtful for him/her to be supernatural and care about who we have relations with or is even omniscient.

What atheism isn’t

Atheists are not “woke” individuals who are arrogant revel in the fact that a divine deity doesn’t exist. In fact, some atheists would like the idea, but know that thinking such is wishful.

Atheists don’t hate religious people contrary to what some believe. if you encounter such religion hating atheists chances are misguided extremists who present themselves in every faction of society.

Atheism doesn’t mean anti-theism! Anti-theism would be mean atheists are against deities or deity beliving institutions but that is not true. Atheism is simply the rejection of belief in divine deities.

Key differences between atheism and religion

Atheism is proof-based while theism is faith-based

This is the major difference between atheism and theist based institutions. The core of theism is faith and some religious people see every little thing that happens in their life as a sign from their God or gods.

There are multiple instances where religious people mention an encounter or witness the presence of God with ridiculous descriptions. Here are a few instances I saw on twitter. A religious man whose name I will not mention once burnt his food and believed the Lord was speaking to him, and also another twitter user once said she experienced God hugging her in the form of a light breeze which might have been the wind, but we may never know.

In the first instance, an atheist will most like accept the fact that he left his food longer on fire than he should have which meant burnt food and in the second instance, an atheist would have just closed the windows to prevent the wind from hugging her.

Atheists don’t have specific days they meet as most theists institutions do

Some misguided theists actually believe atheists have specific days they meet to worship, probably the devil and that atheism is synonymous with Occultism. This is very far from the truth and it might shock you to know how many people actually believe this. The following statement from a twitter user is a case in point:

Most atheists believe in concrete evidence and therefore believe in a methodical approach through theories and experiments to get their knowledge from or facts. If you live in a cave and still have no idea what the aforementioned methodical approach is it called science and probably called something cleverer in some dimensions or planets millions or billions of galaxies away.

Most atheists are interested in facts and they don’t find satisfaction in the answers that the universe has an author let alone that the author is a supernatural being. If in their search for truth they come across very convincing evidence that suggests that there is such a deity then they would gladly accept.

Theists have a religious figure, books while atheists don’t

While atheism is not synonymous with science most atheists are pointed out earlier believe in evidence and also the use of methodical approaches be science or philosophical reasoning to arrive at conclusions.

There is no one book or figure atheists draw their morality from. That doesn’t mean atheists can’t have role models or books they love.


Atheism is not religion just like not believing in Santa Claus doesn’t make you “A-Santaist”. Most if not all atheists are scientists and philosophers who are very eager to know the truth. They don’t claim to have all the answers.

Theists erroneously point out that if you don’t have all the answers why not latch onto something supernatural, but that would betray their inquisitive nature.

Some scientists and philosophers who can no longer bear the puzzle of the universe any longer often fall back to theism, but hopefully as technology evolves the why and how will be answered.

However way you want to interpret the meaning of atheism, you should do that knowing fully well that atheism is not a religion.


Okoh Chibuke Francis is a recent chemical engineering graduate. When he is not pondering about the origin of the cosmos by analyzing physics concepts or reading philosophy, he is playing badminton, chess or watching TV.

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