October 2021


As someone that has lived in China for 7 years, having a VPN is a must. Unfortunately, finding a free VPN in China that’s working isn’t quite easy. If you do find a free VPN that’s working, then problems such as slow speeds, wrong country routes, and more arise. Most free VPN apps, especially for Android devices, don’t last long before the Great Firewall blocks and disables them.

However, the most popular free VPN apps for android devices mentioned by other blogs or references are not used by foreigners in China because it’s these VPNs are either owned by the Chinese government or selling the data to the Chinese government. Such VPNs include Express VPN, which is owned by the Chinese government, meaning you might be able to access censored websites but you are being watched.

This curated list of free VPN apps for Android in China. These VPN apps are 100% free and reliable meaning they can be used without the fear of being watched and also longevity of usage with the Great firewall block. So let’s just jump right in!


Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

This is a unique VPN for android users in China. Each month V2VPN gives users free 5GB VPN bandwidth with an avenue to gain an extra 15GB via watching ads. The servers that V2VPN offers are one of the best for a free VPN app. The server locations include the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, and Japan.

Unlike most VPN apps for android users in China, V2VPN automatically excluded Chinese mainland apps and IPs such as Taobao, Ping duo duo, Alipay, WeChat, Baidu, and others from being proxied.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, V2VPN gets a 7 mostly due to the limitation it forces on its users when using apps like Youtube, Instagram, and Netflix. Once the 20GB per month is exhausted, there isn’t any other way of getting more bandwidth until next month. Not being unlimited is V2VPN’s biggest problem.

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VPN Master

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

If you are looking for a truly free unlimited VPN app to use on your Android device in China then VPN Master is the one true option. VPN Master is a free unlimited VPN app to use in China.

After two hours of usage, VPN Master automatically disconnects, requiring the user to reconnect. To extend the time before the next disconnect, users can extend the timer by watching 30 seconds of ads. Each ad watched increases the timer by 2 hours. VPN Master has several free servers with multiple countries to choose from.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, VPN master gets a 9.5 due to it being unlimited although the timer is annoying, it’s the cost of using a free VPN app. If you engage with apps like YouTube, Instagram, and Netflix then VPN Master is a must-have on your Android phone. VPN Master has the option to exclude Chinese apps from using it but not the Chinese IP.

Wang VPN

Wang VPN is a VPN designed and made by a Chinese mainland citizen named Wang. It offers unlimited VPN bandwidth but is inconsistent in terms of speed compared to other free VPN apps for Android users. It also takes quite a lot of time to connect. The advantage that Wang VPN offers that separates it from other VPNs is that Wang always updates his servers quickly before the Great firewall catches up.

This single reason is why Wang VPN is a must even though you have other VPNs installed on your device. Once the Great Firewall by China catches up to you, finding a new VPN will be hard, but Wang will always be there when such a situation presents itself.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Wang VPN gets a 7 because when you need a VPN to just bypass the Chinese Great firewall, Wang VPN will get the job done. Wang VPN is also unlimited and offers limited servers to various Chinese. Wang VPN isn’t the best free VPN for Android devices but it’s the best emergency VPN app for foreigners using android devices in China.

Free VPN Proxy – Unlimited VPN, Security

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

The free VPN proxy is an unlimited free VPN app for Android devices. It offers lots of servers in various locations which helps in navigation some websites restriction such as Youtube and Netflix. The free VPN Proxy has a premium version that offers more servers and stability. For an average internet surfer, the free version is enough to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Free VPN Proxy gets an 8 because it’s unlimited with multiple server locations to select from. Users can also select apps to be excluded from using VPN and apps with Chinese IPs.

Hardcore VPN

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

Hardcore VPN is the newest free VPN I have added to my recommendation list since I started using it. Strangely, it’s the only free VPN app on this curated list that doesn’t have ads running on it. It’s equally fast when connecting to servers.

Speaking of servers, that’s where Hardcore VPN falls short with just 3 servers. Reassured that these three servers are always working at all times. Yet, it restricts the ability to use multiple location servers other than the ones offered on the VPN app.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Hardcore VPN gets a 5.5 because of so many shortcomings. Users who can’t select with apps should be proxied or not. Having limited servers means users can’t bypass certain restrictions that other free VPNs offer. Oddly enough, Hardcore VPN is a bit hard to deactivate. Beyond this problem, Hardcore VPN is a good VPN that would get the job done. Remember it’s totally free, unlimited and without ads so it’s a win.

Kuto VPN

Best 7 free VPN app for Android in China

Kuto VPN is a free unlimited VPN app for Android devices. It has several servers and locations to connect to. It also blocks Chinese IPs and apps from accessing the VPN. Users can also use the app filter to select with the app whether it should be proxied or not.

The biggest problem with Kuto VPN is that despite having several servers only 3 servers can enable users in China to access Whatsapp. That I consider to be the biggest flaw in Kuto VPN.

Rating: On a scale of 1-10, Kuto VPN gets a 6.5 because of limitations to servers that can proxy Whatsapp. When using a server that can proxy Whatsapp, Kuto VPN becomes slow because of other users using the same server. It’s a good free VPN to have on your Android device but it’s not the best.


As I previously mentioned, I live in China so these are the VPNs I use on a daily basis. The two VPNs I would recommend are VPN Master and Wang VPN. It’s best to have two VPNs when staying in CHina because once the Great Firewall of China catches up with the current VPN you are using you will need a new VPN as soon as possible. Reassured that this article will be updated monthly on the best free VPN apps for android users in China.