September 2021


Nigeria’s Naira is at the lowest since time memorial which makes it harder for traders and companies that are into importation to trade. China is a global exporter of different products and Nigeria runs an economy that solely depends on importation despite what the Nigerian government wants its citizens to believe. Hence, China and Nigeria’s business relationship can’t be separated.

The Central bank of Nigeria has put restrictions on the debit cards of Nigerians, limiting the monthly spending on online payments outside Nigeria to just $100. These restrictions were done by the Central bank of Nigeria to limit forex exchange and bitcoin transactions within Nigeria. However, unbeknownst to the government that the importation and trading sector of the country would be hit the hardest by these restrictions.

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Chances are that if you reading this article you are among the traders or companies that these restrictions have affected, limiting your capability of trading with Chinese suppliers and manufacturers. In this article, we would be going over different methods that offer solutions on how to pay Chinese suppliers/ manufacturers from Nigeria. So let’s jump right in!


PayPal as a payment system in Nigeria.

Despite PayPal officially not being supported in Nigeria, there are ways to get around the location restriction of PayPal for residents in Nigeria. It’s easy to try funds in PayPal but it’s also a risky payment system, so it’s best to use it when there has already trust established within yourself and the supplier/manufacturer. The biggest factor about using PayPal is that not all Chinese suppliers/manufacturers have access to Paypal. So Paypal isn’t a go-to solution for paying Chinese suppliers from Nigeria.

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Disputes in PayPal take months to resolve and sometimes the solution might not be to your liking. Also, PayPal is an expensive payment medium due to the fees are based on percentage. The more money sent via Paypal the bigger the fees.

Rating: Paypal is favorable for Nigeria importers because of the fees system and the risk involved in sending money via Paypal. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving Paypal a rate of 3/10. Only use it as a last resort.

Payment via an agent (preferable a Nigeria)

There are Nigerian that are living in China (mostly around Guangzhou) whose jobs are importation, payment errands, and getting contacts of a supplier for a particular product. These agents can receive the naira in their Nigerian account and pay the Chinese supplier in China via bank transfer or Alipay/Wechat.

When looking for an agent to use as a medium for payment, it’s best to use an agent that a colleague or a friend has used before in order to avoid fraud.

Rating: Using an agent is quite simple but by far very risky. Don’t use an agent nobody knows because in one swoop your money is gone for good. When a reliable agent is found this is the easiest way to make payments to Chinese suppliers. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving Paypal a rate of 6/10. Only use it as a last resort.

Using Alipay/WeChat

China became a digitalized economy in 2014 meaning that everything from payments to the least possible thing you could think of can be done online. Online payments in China are spare headed by Alipay and WeChat.

Having an Alipay account in Nigeria means that you can directly pay any Chinese supplier. However, the biggest problem you would encounter is how to buy yuan/RMB in Nigeria and receive it in your Alipay in other to pay the Chinese supplier.

Once you have yuan in your Alipay account, simply ask the Chinese supplier for their Alipay pay code and forward the money. Yes! it’s that simple. Unlike Paypal, Alipay is used by almost all Chinese citizens.

Rating: Using Alipay or WeChat as a payment method when dealing with Chinese suppliers is the biggest and safest method. The only problem you would encounter is buying and transferring yuan to your Alipay. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving Alipay a rate of 10/10.

International Money transfer/ Western Union

In any other country, this would be the best solution to the problem of paying Chinese suppliers but in Nigeria, not everyone has access to Western union/ International money transfers. Those who do have access are restricted to how much can be sent within a month.

A supplier won’t wait for 3 months to receive $3,000. The western union should be used when the amount to be paid isn’t much. Western Union is very fast but equally very risky. It’s accepted by most suppliers because of how fast it’s to receive the money. It’s important to note that when sending money to a Chinese supplier a simple mistake in the name placement would result in the money being declined by the Chinese government because of anti-fraud regulations.

Rating: Using western union or international money transfer isn’t cheap and with the restrictions placed on it by the Nigerian government. It’s should be used when there are not any other options. On a scale of 1-10, I’m giving International Money transfer/ Western Union a rate of 4/10.

It’s no secret that the current state of Naira as a currency is disheartening. Buying dollars, yuan, euros, or pounds in Nigeria is expensive and hard (that’s if you can find it at all). In other words, making it harder to find a good exchange rate for foreign currencies. For businesses and enterprises who rely solely on buying products from outside Nigeria, this becomes a prominent problem that needs to be solved quickly. Luckily businesses and enterprises that rely on buying yuan to pay their Chinese manufacturers or suppliers, there is a solution.

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In April 2020, electronic Chinese yuan (e-CNY) pilot programs launched in four cities. The digital currency’s debut was the culmination of a six-year journey that began when China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC), announced its research into a “Digital Currency/Electronic Payment” system in 2014. Since 2014 payments and money transactions can be done via apps such as Dingding, Wechat, and Alipay in mainland China. This enables for fast and easy transfer of money with China.

Back to the situation in Nigeria and the solution to where to buy yuan cheap. There are two possible solutions to solve this problem. First and foremost if you are in business with a Chinese supplier or manufacturer it’s best to have an Alipay account.

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Contact your shipping agent (China to Nigeria)

Most shipping companies that deliver goods from China to Nigeria, have their customers pay in naira on pick-ups. Contact the head of the company and propose the idea of giving naira to him/her in exchange he/she sends the equivalent to your Alipay.

Usually, it’s best to bring this idea to a shipping company you are already in business with to make it easier to negotiate. This is the best and safest way to exchange naira to yuan at a cheaper rate compared to the black market in Nigeria.

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Contact Nigerians working in China

It’s no secret that China makes it hard for money to leave their country especially since the pandemic hit China ending of 2019. There have been new restrictions on foreigners and Chinese alike on sending money outside China in order to maintain a stable economy during the pandemic. In August of 2021, more restrictions have also been added such as limits to the amount that can be sent out and more.

This opens an avenue to leverage this opportunity. Contact any Nigerian staying in China that’s working and purpose the idea of him receiving naira while you get the yuan. It’s a more convenient way to solve your problem while buying yuan at a cheap rate.

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Contact Nigerians suppliers/ traders in China

The Nigerian traders/ suppliers in China are in a similar boat as the Nigerians workers. Sending money outside China for them is next to impossible because of their visa type hence they tend to buy goods and send them back to Nigeria for them to be sold and turned into naira. If you can find a Nigerian trader in China then you can negotiate for a cheap rate when buying yuan from him/ her.

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For more security and assurance when exchanging money via these methods it’s best to have an Alipay account. Alipay enables you to receive the yuan and also to pay the Chinese suppliers/ manufacturers with who you are in business. Don’t receive money via any other method apart from Alipay to avoid scams. Only agree to money transfer between trusted parties, once trust has been established then the transaction can be repeated.

Having an Instagram account either for business, brand, and personal purposes, you might be curious to know who isn’t following back and how to unfollow them. Since 2012, Instagram implemented a strict policy in the community which prevented users from massively unfollowing people. Breaking the policy could result in a temporary or permeant ban on the Instagram account. This policy helped shape Instagram into influencer culture and marketing while growing the community organically. With that said, an Instagram user can only unfollow 200 users per day. There are still android apps that grant users the ability to unfollow non-followers for free. Let’s join right into the best free unfollow apps for Instagram in 2021 for android devices:

Chief Follow

Chief Follow | Best android app for unfollowers on instagram

Chief follow is the best free unfollow app for android users. It shows the non-followers, secret admirers, ghost followers, and unfollowers. Chief follow unfollow app notify users the moment a follower unfollows their account.


Massive unfollow functionality (Up to 50 unfollows at once).

Live notification of an unfollow.

Multiple accounts login.

Guarantee to not break Instagram policy.



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Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and unfollowers is a free unfollow app for Instagram that help users manage their Instagram account. The app shows users unfollowers(non-followers) and mutuals.


Nice UI design.

Notification for new followers and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts logins.


No massive unfollow functionality.

Slow to load up the unfollowers.

No additional functionalities.

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Unfollow – Fans & unfollowers for Instagram

Unfollow- Fans & unfollowers for Instagram is a free unfollow app for Instagram on android devices. The UIs are easy to understand and get used to.


Massive unfollow functionality.

More detailed data on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Lots of ads.

Slow to load up unfollowers.

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Unfollowers 4 Instagram

Unfollowers 4 Instagram is an app available on google play store. It shows the user new unfollowers, non-followers, not following, and mutual.


Full info on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Slow to load up unfollowers.

Massive unfollow functionality not available.

We have provided the full list of the best android unfollow apps for Instagram that would get the task done. The decision is onto you but make sure not exceed the 200 unfollows per day in other not to get your Instagram account temporary or permanently booked.