March 2021


Since the pandemic hit Nigeria in 2020, more people have engaged in buying and selling products in Nigeria as a side income. Running a successful small business under the buying and selling motto requires selling fast-moving and hot products.

In 2022 one of the hottest selling products in Nigeria was face masks, hand sanitizers, and temperature equipment. Times have changed, people are looking to move away from the pandemic, and that creates a chance to sell and market hot products.

Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are looking for products to invest in and resell. Buying products from China and reselling them in Nigeria is usually the best option as Chinese suppliers provide cheap prices. So here are the hot selling products in Nigeria for 2022:

USB Flash Drive

USB flash drives have always been a hot product in Nigeria. It’s a necessity for students, workers, and everyone looking to save a document. USB flash drives can be sold at retail for small businesses.

It’s a product that can be sold by students to make money. The best source to get an original flash drive that’s cheap is Alibaba or Aliexpress.

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External Hard Drive

The external hard drive is a hot selling product in today’s Nigeria. There are lots of UI/UX designers, graphic designers, animators, and movie watches who need lots of digital space to store files. Also, external hard disks are quite expensive so to make them a profitable item, it’s necessary to get them cheap.

Finding a trusted supplier via Alibaba is important in turning an external hard drive into a business.


Original human hair and wigs are some of the hottest-selling products in Nigeria right now. With just about every other product on this list, human hair and wigs are imported from either China or Malaysia. But getting into the hair business in Nigeria requires having the proper knowledge to be able to identify the original from the fake. It’s important to go into the market and learn about the human hair trade before venturing into the business to avoid unwarranted losses.

An alternative version of Airpods (A cheaper brand than Apple)

Technology has advanced in style, back in the day the Bluetooth headset was Samsung Level-U, Beats by Dre stereo headphones. Ever since Apple launched the Airpods in 2016, it has changed the way Bluetooth headphones are made and designed. In Nigeria due to the expensive price of Apple AirPods, more people are looking for a similar device that provides similar futures.

There are multiple alternative versions to Airpods that can be obtained from China that provide similar features to Airpods and with durability,

Kids Clothing & Shoes

Kids’ clothing and shoes are always in demand in Nigeria for obvious reasons. It’s an untapped business idea in Nigeria. It’s all about getting trending designs with cartoon features on the items of clothing and shoes.

Marking for kids’ wear and shoes can be done via Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. It might take some time to build a customer base, but once made, it turns into money!

Phone Accessories

Phone accessories are hot-selling products, especially among students. Since universities are back to being open, phone chargers, USB cables, earpieces, charger heads, and other accessories are needed now more than ever.

Female Fashion Accessories

It’s no secret that the biggest gender that spends money on fashion in Nigeria is women. Hence, it’s important to patronize selling female fashion accessories due to the profit and the demand. Female fashion accessories range from sandals, shoes, bangles, bags, anklets, earrings, nose rings, and more.

In conclusion, find a product that you can sell with ease and invest in it. It’s important to note that the best business practice in Nigeria when it comes to reselling is to buy cheap and sell high. The best place to buy from is China because of the prices.

As a forwarding agent in China, people often ask why are the products on Alibaba extremely cheap compared to other Chinese online stores such as Taobao, Dhgate, Aliexpress, and the rest.

As someone that has worked with a company in China that has lots of online stores on different China e-commerce platforms including Alibaba, I would elaborate on the reasons behind the cheap prices of products.

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Manufactures and suppliers

On Alibaba, users are in direct contact with the manufacturers and suppliers which is different from the Chinese e-commerce platforms. on other Chinese e-commerce platforms. The sellers can equally be Chinese dropshipping on foreign buyers, which makes the product price higher on other platforms. Most products on Alibaba are made b the manufacturers which have a store and others are from trading companies with direct access to the manufacturers. Alibaba ensures that all registered sellers on the platform pay a yearly fee which is close to $25,000.

MOQ {Minimum order quantity}

In China, it’s known that the more quantity a customer buys the cheaper the commodity becomes and it applies to Alibaba. Remember these are manufacturers and trading companies that have these stores and products disappear on Alibaba.

These companies intend to sell as much as possible to profit which results in high minimum order quantity. The lower the price of a product the chances of the MOQ being high. For example, if a product on Alibaba could be $0.1 but with an MOQ of 1000 pieces which make it problematic if you are intending to buy in a smaller quantity. If you want to buy the product but for a low MOQ, the price of the product might double.

As for asking for samples from manufacturers or suppliers on Alibaba, the prices are always outrageous due to the fact in China samples are expensive. Although the sample could be provided for free to a customer free if there is an initial deposit for the product.

Accessibility of products and materials

Availability of products and materials is easily the biggest reason wh products are cheap on Alibaba. Each province in China specializes in different products based on the material available within the area. For example, buying bedsheets and bed textile materials from companies located in Nantong would be far cheaper than buying elsewhere in China.

Knowing this most companies on Alibaba sell products and materials which are readily available to them at an extremely low price to enable them create a competitive cheap price for other sellers.

So yes, the products on Alibaba can be cheap and still be genuine and original because of the factors we just covered.

Pro tips when shopping on Alibaba.

  • Always chat with the seller to ensure the product is available before ordering.
  • Ask about the delivery process before putting an order down to avoid a long wait of up to 6 months for a package.
  • The contact person for most Alibaba stores uses google translator for communication, make sure the information you trying to pass down to the supplier isn’t lost in translation.
  • Always remember you can bargain to get a lower price,
  • Ask for a direct camera shot of a product you intent to buy rather than just going with the product image on the website.
  • Always pay on Alibaba so that the refund process would be easier.

Ever since WhatsApp introduced the Stickers feature in October 2018, it’s been buzzing in chats used to express moods, memes, feelings, and more. Most of the stickers available on Whatsapp and via sticker pack apps are static stickers. Unfortunately, WhatsApp currently doesn’t have the feature that allows users to add custom animated stickers that other chatting platforms such as WeChat have.

Luckily, there is a way to add custom animated stickers on WhatsApp for android users without an app and it’s free. So let’s join right in.

How to make animated stickers for WhatsApp

1. Get the video or GIF

Get the content you would want to make into an animated sticker. It could either be a video or GIF.

Get the video or GIF

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2. Convert the video/GIF into Webp and save

Converting the video/GIF into a Webp file is important in making the animated sticker. Head over to EZGIF and select Webp, Convert and size the Webp file with a ratio of 512 b 512 and save the file on your device.

Convert the video/GIF into Webp and save

3. Get a friend to send you a sticker.

The sticker can be a static or animated sticker, it doesn’t matter. This sticker would be changed into the custom sticker you intent to make. Without having a friend send a sticker this process can’t be completed.

Get a friend to send you a sticker.

4. Head over to the WhatsApp sticker folder on the phone.

Sort files by date and copy the recent sticker name (which should be one your friend sent). Rename the saved animated sticker you made to the name of the sticker you copied.

Head over to the WhatsApp sticker folder on the phone.

5. Replace the files

Cop and replace the sticker with the new animated sticker you made.

6. Clear the cache of the WhatsApp

Clear the cache of the WhatsApp and close the app.

Clear the cache of the WhatsApp

7. Head back to the chat

Head back to the chat with your friend and the sticker that was sent is now an animated sticker that you created. Save the sticker as a favorite to be able to reuse it again.

Head back to the chat

Yes, It’s a long process just to have an animated sticker on WhatsApp. Until Whatsapp officially allows users to create an animated sticker, I think this is the best possible solution. If you have any other means of making an animated Whatsapp sticker please share it in the comment section below.