October 2020


China is the closest country to be fully running on a cashless economy. In 2013, when Tencent the company that owns WeChat introduced WeChat pay. Digital purchases within China have grown exponentially since then according to researchers. The problem that users face is the inability to transfer money from the WeChat wallet to Alipay. Not all applications within China accept WeChat pay as a medium of payment, hence forcing users to transfer money to Alipay to complete payment. In this article, we would show a step by step guide on how to transfer money from a WeChat wallet to Alipay.

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Step by step guide on how to transfer money from Wechat wallet to Alipay

It’s best to note that this process can only be done when the user has a china mainland bank account linked to both their WeChat and Alipay.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to transfer money from WeChat wallet to Alipay

  • Step 1

    Head over to your profile and click on WeChat pay.

  • Step 2

    Head over to the WeChat wallet.

  • Step 3

    Select balance.

  • Step 4

    Click on withdraw and the amount you intend to withdraw, then input your password to transfer the money to the China mainland account.

  • Step 5

    Open the Alipay app and head over to your account.

  • Step 6

    Select balance and click on top-up. Input the amount that was transferred from the WeChat account. The fund would be withdrawn from the China mainland bank account and deposited into the Alipay account.

So here you have it, the complete steps in transferring money from WeChat wallet to Alipay using the China mainland bank account. This is the most secured way to ensure that money is transferred into the Alipay account without any complications.

It’s no secret that China is the best business hub for the world. No wonder, most entrepreneurs and business personals are always looking for profitable products and items to import from China.

Chances are that if you are reading this article, you are equally looking for profitable items to import from China. In this article, we have curated a list of the cheapest fast-moving products to import from China that are profitable. We will also provide the basic knowledge to have when looking to import from China.

Cheapest fast-moving products to import from China that are profitable.

Smart box for TV

In the era of the internet and online subscription for movies. It’s a necessity to own a smart TV to able to access HULU, Netflix, Disney, and other subscription-based apps for movies. Sadly not everyone can afford a smart TV but a smart box for TV is affordable. It’s an android device that simply turns a regular TV into a smart TV.

Smart box for TV

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Smart wrist watch

Smartwatches such as Apple series and Samsung gears are obvious choices for individuals looking to spend heavily on digital watches. China has big companies such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and other companies that engage in making quality smartwatches that can revival Samsung and Apple watches at a cheap price. Haylou and Amazfit smartwatches are profitable products to import from China and sell for retail for a huge profit.

Smart wrist watch

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Wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard

Wireless Bluetooth mouse and keyboard are not just trendy of recent but it’s comfortable to use. The demand for wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard is growing for both office usage and gaming. It can be sold to anybody with a PC or Mac which makes it a profitable item to import and sell at retail price.

Wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard

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Bluetooth speaker with timer

Bluetooth speaker with timer is an innovative product that ensures bluetooth speaker and a clock in one product. It’s a product that can be used by campers and students. It’s a new-fashioned product to import from China for profit.

Bluetooth speaker with timer | profitable products to import from China

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Mini air humidifier

Air humidifiers are used to add moisture to the air to prevent dryness. Humidifiers help prevents dryness to skin, nose, throat, and lips. This makes air humidifier a hot sale item during the dry seasons.

Mini air humidifier | profitable products to import from China

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Mini electric fan

During summer, the heat is brought with it. The mini electric fan is always a hot sale during the summer. During the summer the mini electric fan is almost a necessity. Importing mini electric fans during the summer for sales would guarantee a profitable business.

Mini electric fan| profitable products to import from China

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Weavons, human hair, wigs, and hair extension

Fashion products are always profitable. The weavons, human hairs, and wigs that are distributed worldwide are mostly made in China. Venturing into the hair business requires research and market survey. Importing human hair, wigs from China is a profitable business but would be successful when done in a branded dropping shipping.

Weavons, human hair, wigs, and hair extension | profitable products to import from China

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Sneakers are always going to a profitable item to import and sell at retail prices. China has led the sneakers manufacturing business for many years now and remains to do so with its 6 billion pairs of sneakers produced annually today. Different types of sneaker brands can be supplied from China.

Sneakers | profitable products to import from China

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Adapter and Extension

Electric adapters and extensions are products that are a necessity for every household. Chinese manufacturers can produce different types of adapters and extensions with customized logos for customers.

Adapter and Extension | profitable products to import from China

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Football boot

Football boot is a product that’s profitable. Chinese companies are knowing for producing football boots for brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Importing football boots from China to sell is a moneymaking business idea but requires proper marketing.

Football boot | profitable products to import from China

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Toilet accessories

Toilet accessories are always an option when looking for products to sell. Chinese manufacturers have inventive toilet accessories that would offer a bit more than the common toilet accessories usually available.

 Toilet accessories | profitable products to import from China

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Rice cooker

Rice cookers are needed by every household. It’s easy to find a quality rice cooker from Chinese manufacturer under $10 depending on the quantity of purchase.

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Earbuds [Airpod alternative]

Since September of 2016 when Airpod was launched, the sales of AirPods and earbuds rose in demand. China has the best manufacturers in making unique earbuds with unique features that would stand out. Earbuds are profitable when bought under $15 and sold at retail price.

Earbuds [Airpod alternative] | profitable products to import from China

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Like we mentioned previously, fashion products are always profitable and jewelry is no exception. Sterling silver and gold jewelry ranging from necklaces, pendants, earrings, and more can be found in China. Just like every fashion product, before venturing into jewelry importation, proper market survey and research is needed.

Jewelry | profitable products to import from China

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Tips on buying products from China

Negotiating is always possible.

When buying products from China, it’s best to know that the initial price put up by the supplier or manufacturer isn’t the final price. In China, the bigger the quality that’s intended to be bought, the bigger the bargaining power the customer has.

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Be clear

Most Chinese suppliers and manufacturers use translator to come with customers. Most of details that a customer might be trying to tell the supplier or manufacturer might be lost in translation. Always make sure that information is clear and understand to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Delivery time

Delivery time is always an issue when making a purchase from China. It’s best to get an affirmation from the supplier or manufacturer before payment to hold them accountable.

Shipping alternative

When making a purchase from China, the supplier might suggest the popular shipping services such as FedEx, DHL, UPS and more. There are other cheaper shipping services within China that offers fast delivery services global.

Ask for pictures and videos

Pictures that are used as product pictures don’t tell the full story of a product. Make a request to the supplier or manufacturer for an actual picture or video of the product to get a clear view of the product.

Having an Instagram account either for business, brand, and personal purposes, you might be curious to know who isn’t following back and how to unfollow them. Since 2012, Instagram implemented a strict policy in the community which prevented users from massively unfollowing people. Breaking the policy could result in a temporary or permeant ban on the Instagram account. This policy helped shape Instagram into influencer culture and marketing while growing the community organically. With that said, an Instagram user can only unfollow 200 users per day. There are still android apps that grant users the ability to unfollow non-followers for free. Let’s join right into the best free unfollow apps for Instagram in 2021 for android devices:

Chief Follow

Chief Follow | Best android app for unfollowers on instagram

Chief follow is the best free unfollow app for android users. It shows the non-followers, secret admirers, ghost followers, and unfollowers. Chief follow unfollow app notify users the moment a follower unfollows their account.


Massive unfollow functionality (Up to 50 unfollows at once).

Live notification of an unfollow.

Multiple accounts login.

Guarantee to not break Instagram policy.



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Followers and Unfollowers

Followers and unfollowers is a free unfollow app for Instagram that help users manage their Instagram account. The app shows users unfollowers(non-followers) and mutuals.


Nice UI design.

Notification for new followers and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts logins.


No massive unfollow functionality.

Slow to load up the unfollowers.

No additional functionalities.

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Unfollow – Fans & unfollowers for Instagram

Unfollow- Fans & unfollowers for Instagram is a free unfollow app for Instagram on android devices. The UIs are easy to understand and get used to.


Massive unfollow functionality.

More detailed data on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Lots of ads.

Slow to load up unfollowers.

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Unfollowers 4 Instagram

Unfollowers 4 Instagram is an app available on google play store. It shows the user new unfollowers, non-followers, not following, and mutual.


Full info on followers, mutual and unfollowers.

Multiple accounts login.


Slow to load up unfollowers.

Massive unfollow functionality not available.

We have provided the full list of the best android unfollow apps for Instagram that would get the task done. The decision is onto you but make sure not exceed the 200 unfollows per day in other not to get your Instagram account temporary or permanently booked.