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If you are running your WordPress website on a VPS {Virtual Private Server}, the chances that you would encounter “error establishing a database connection” is quite high. Knowing how to fix this error is a must for both web developers and operators of the websites, but first, let’s understand what causes the error.

What are the causes of error establishing a database connection

  1. Wrong configuration of the wp-config file. Any mistake in the configuration would result in an error.
  2. Database crashing {If the MYSQL/MariaDB crashed, the WordPress PHP framework and apache would be able to access the database resulting in an error}.
  3. Database corrupted{caused by plugins that corrupted the database}.

How to fix error establishing a database connection for VPS hosting

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to fix error establishing a database connection for VPS{Virtual Private Server} WordPress Website

  1. Open the terminal

    Windows key + R. Then type in cmd to open up the terminal.Open the terminal to access the SSH

  2. Open the SSH server

    Input the SSH server IP and Password.
    ssh root@{the ssh server ip.address}
    root@{the ssh server ip.address} password:{the ssh server password}
    Accessing the SSH root server

  3. Check the Database{MYSQL/MariaDB}.

    Checking the database on the terminal to make sure that the database is functional.
    Type “sudo service mysql status“.
    Green means that the database is running.{This means that VPS MYSQL /MariaDB database hasn’t crashed }.
    Red means that the database has crashed.
    If the database is down then restarting the database is the next step.Check SSH server to make sure it's active

  4. Restarting the Database{MYSQL/MariaDB}.

    Type “systemctl start mariadb“.
    This will restart the Database.
    Open up website The error establishing a database connection won’t appear the problem has been solved.
    Restart the database

This isn’t the only solution to this error “Error establishing a database connection” for WordPress website. If after restarting the database and the error is still present. The next step is to disable all the plugins.

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Steps for fixing the “error establishing a database connection” for VPS hosting a WordPress website caused by plugin.

1. To have a better virtual of the VPS file contents. Download a SFTP file manager from Winscp and access the files.

Winscp File Manager

2. Disable the plugin by just renaming the folder. Example renaming the folder to “disable.plugin”.

3. Check your website and if the error isn’t there. Then disable each plugin by simply remaining them till the problematic plugin is found.

This is the best possible solution and fix for “Error establishing a database connection” for VPS hosting a WordPress website.

Everyone strives to be the best in school, or at least improve their college grades but few know what it takes to really study for excellence, and fewer still are not ready to make the effort. Studying, like any other skill, requires more than a commitment to schoolwork and academics. It needs a high level of self-awareness, carefulness, and discipline to hone and perfect. It is a major instrument in the success toolbox, so it is important that everyone arm themselves with this life tool that would aid them not just in school but in other endeavors requiring the preciseness that is needed for effective studying. Below are eight some tips on how to excel in academics:

Time management

There is hardly anything anyone can achieve if they are reckless about how they spend their time. A schedule that gets you through every day studying at least four-five hours would be sure to announce itself in the improvement of your academics. It is only a rough template to guide you, as, done rigidly, there will be no accounting for contingencies that you can’t foresee, and unplanned contingencies will always happen. It could be something like a sudden change in lecture time, an expedient test, or a desperate friend asking for “two seconds” of your time to help them out with their frozen laptop. So you could, for instance, take out eight hours, say, and put it down to sleeping time, another eight hours for regular lecture hours, and then accomplish what specific study goals you hope to achieve within the remaining eight hours, but these should not be so unrealistically crowded within such an ungenerous amount of time. With an almost consistent devotion to your schedule, a rough organization of the 24 hour day not only gives you a sense of control over your life but a sense of purpose, because you always get something done each day, and this creates a positive cycle that reinforces your need to always calibrate your day the next time.

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It is always good to take out time in the weekend to relax your mind after a rigorous academic workweek. A sound and healthy mind can concentrate better than a tired mind, can achieve infinite times faster than a fagged out one. A cool evening out with friends, a routine morning exercise, weekly cardio, or a bodybuilding session, meditation, and a healthy diet can rejuvenate the mind and set it fresh for another round of hard brain labor. Most importantly, no matter how pressing the need to solve that last assignment question, make sure to always get in those eight hours of sweet supple sleep.

Study habit

Develop a study habit that goes in tune with your strengths and weaknesses. Are you more of a marathon reader or a spaced-out sprinter? Do you read better in the mornings just after you are up, or in the evenings before bed, or you wake late at night to read? Is an all-nighter convenient for you? How many pages can you read extensively in an hour? Could you dig the strength of study groups, or do you effortlessly slog through it all on your own? Do not conform to the notion that there is only one way to get your studies done. Find out what works for you and stick to it.


The right attitude is everything. It is the fuel for motivation. If you hold to the belief that intelligence is a trait reserved for special people, you will never be able to break out from that self-prison. Anybody can do math. Anybody can write. Anybody can program. Although there are those to whom these talents come naturally, it in no way means that hard work and dogged consistency cannot trump innate intelligence. The best way to achieve a positive mindset is to set milestones for yourself. Hang out with friends a little smarter than you in a particular subject and challenge yourself to beat them at that subject. When you have achieved that aim, move on to the next higher group of friends. And even if you never beat them, their presence will always provide perpetual motivation to keep you on your toes. Lastly, because the coursework might be sometimes too bulky to finish in one semester, you could feel panic whenever the time comes to read. Just looking at the volume of the material to cover puts you on edge and you begin to read in fear and panic, hoping to cover everything before the appointed exam period, or you might even give up entirely. These are not attitudes to adopt. Remember you are not alone. Always approach your material without fear. Do what you can and leave the rest. Whatever you cannot finish before exams, you can have study groups in which each member takes a different topic each and comes regularly to explain briefly to the group. With this, good time management, and dogged consistency you would be sure to cover most of the topics beforehand. Take your time, but do not linger so much on what you do not understand. Reading with fear is no reading at all. It’s a proven time-wasting venture.


This happens to be what sets the high achievers of average intelligence from the low ones. If you are honest with yourself you would notice that most times you spend your reading hours carrying your thoughts away to random occupations, or residues of disturbing emotions and stress, or, yes, social media, or fantasizing about the steaming hot guy badgering you with attention. So you get lost in your head as line after line slips through the fingers of your inattentive eyes. Concentration is a skill, and meditation is one way to master that skill. Another way is learning to manage your emotions with the help of friends or people whom you can lean on so that when the time comes for reading, you give it your full, undivided attention. Another way is setting a 1000 word password on your phone just before you read. The thought of typing in one thousand characters alone might help dissuade you from one more look at Kylie Jenner’s clean-shaven armpits.

The study proper

First of all, establish specific academic goals before you begin to study. You can do this by scouring through the chapter for a rough overview or summary of what to expect and matching it against your course scheme of work. Then proceed to parse sentences carefully, keeping in mind the importance of each sentence to the overall goal which you should now have an idea of from having skimmed through. After that, you can reread the chapter summary by summary and make small skeletal notes for later revision and help you remember. Learn a lot of memory techniques to master details that cannot be learned but are important, and passages and terms you do not understand, you can underline in the book to revisit later. It is always better to anticipate the lecturer beforehand so you can read the forthcoming topic, and if you have made notes, you can listen in class, and flesh out your points. This consolidates understanding and tailors the information on your textbook to the course outline of the study. Also read as though each line were very important to the concept you are trying to make out, such that to miss the meaning of a single line would be to miss the whole point. That way you can motivate yourself to read in-depth and in-between the lines. After having read each section of a chapter, ponder on the practical use of this information you have just been equipped with. Imagine you using the knowledge to solve a problem in society. This imagination alone gives your reading purpose and would etch whatever information not only in your head but in your heart and would make forgetting in the long term more difficult.

Do you know what you know?

Sometimes we bring preconceived judgments into a study material we had been beforehand familiar with. Or our intuitive connection with the content does not pass slow, rigorous thinking and as such we are apt to commit mistakes and biases common to all. So each time you read ask yourself, did you really understand the concept of what you had just read? Or you just felt you understood it? A safe way to approach this is to always have it in mind that you truly grabbed nothing, always have that mindset that you might not have completely got the whole thing, so that you could, again and again, keep revising until it becomes simple enough to fully and wholly grasp. Theoretical physicist Richard Philips Feynman once said that to completely understand a material meant that you were able to confidently explain it to a child and he would get it. So it is good practice to imagine you were reading so that you could quote the whole material to a child standing nearby. That way you can consciously be aware of and literally catch your biases and prejudgments that could miscolor the material in the light of your own experiences.

Lecture work

Excelling in school would of course require more than just study. There is a bureaucracy aspect that nobody loves. Attending lectures, doing your assignments the moment you see the opportunity and turning them in on time, preparing two or three weeks before tests and exams, understanding your professors, and knowing how to answer their exams. It is one thing to know a subject, it is another to learn how to take a test on the subject, as there are rules specific to each lecturer that he would have you keep to in order to pass the test and you would do well to know all these rules. Also, before the exam, take mock tests with your friends under exam conditions. Even reading in the venue where you are supposed to take your exam could help serve as a memory anchor on the exam day.

Since the launch of the internet in 1983, it has grown exponentially that everything can be found on the internet including love. In today’s world with apps such as Tinder, Bumbles, Grindr, Baboo, Hinge, OkCupid, and the list goes on… finding love has been easier or what it’seems like.

One could argue that dating apps haven’t ruined love with multiple success stories of users finding love, soul mates, friendship, and more on these apps. A research done by Pew Research found that 20% of committed relationships began online in this present era. But for every success story, there are countless horrendous stories to follow.

There are lots of factors that go into loving someone that dating apps and online dating doesn’t present. These missing factors might be partly the reason why most people feel like online dating has ruined relationships and love as a whole.

How dating apps and online dating ruined love and relationship


Dating apps damages self-esteem and possible self-worth. Signing up to a dating app seems fun in the sense that you are giving yourself a wide range of chances for potential sponges. After a period of time without getting a match, you would feel more alone which brings doubts about your self-esteem and self-worth. These could potentially destroy your self-worth which could affect future relationships.


Trust is one of the fundamentals of a successful relationship. One can’t simply trust a person just because they swipe right. This trust might never be fully gained even after establishing a relationship with a partner you met through a dating app. Trust takes time to build up. Hence, if you can’t fully trust a person then the relationship is bound to fail and true love won’t be established.

Hidden identiy

Dating apps gives everyone a clean slate. Anybody can have a fresh start with a potential partner which sounds totally good on paper. Under a closer look, it’s not. Not knowing anything about a person you plan on having a relationship with, is risky. The information known to you is only the ones provided by the individual. You would need to develop a six sense to know what’s the truth and isn’t.

Before the internet era, people often got into a relationship with the people that are familiar with such as family friends, college friends and so on. This helped individuals have a better understanding of a potential partner. There are people that could be questioned to find out more about the individual. This help to establish trust and love which dating apps lack

Failed connection

More numbers don’t equal more success. Having more chances of finding a partner with a dating app doesn’t mean that you would. Dating apps rightful so increases your chances but with each chance comes a failed connection. You could be moving at a fast pace while your match is moving at a slower pace versa visa. In the end, it feels like you are forced to connect with a match. You could be ghosted at any moment making heartbreaks a frequent reoccurrence.

Unknown intentions

When you are dating app, you have your reason to be there. Love and relationship could be the primary reason but that might not be others’ intention. Getting a match doesn’t mean that your intent aligns with theirs. More often than not reviling your intentions to a match could result in a quick ghosting.

Other might not be forward their intention and ride the wave. A connect might be establish but if the intention isn’t establish the relationship is bond to fail as it lacks another fundamentals of love in it’s build up.

Price on love

It’s no secret that dating apps are expensive to use with microtransaction and subscription plans placed by developers. To see your match would require you to spend some cash else you might have to swipe forever to find the match.

Dating app doesn’t put a price on love but rather you pay to find love. Love is free and shouldn’t be paid for. To conclude, dating apps haven’t ruined relationships and love per se but it hasn’t made finding love easier as popularized.

History has given us a vintage view of different types of feminism over the years down to this modern era’s feminism. Let’s start with a quote from Rebecca West on feminism.

“I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a doormat.”

Rebecca West

We shall take these words by Rebecca West, one of the greatest underappreciated writers of the time, as a rough definition of feminism, if you take a doormat to be a non-talking abused female. But in what way the female is abused has never been and is still not a universally agreed matter. This was the cause of the rifts in the modern school of feminist thought that prominently originated in the eighteenth century. These rifts still exist today, and so with these different opinions arose different types of feminism, each with its own explanation, agenda, and solution. Without trying to oversimplify a rather nuanced subject I will now attempt to explore these divisions in a very concise and structured manner, and using a historical approach.

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Different types of feminism

Liberal feminism

Among the earliest feminist movement, this philosophy concerned itself with gender inequality coming from the presumed disappointing intellect of the female that denied her education, employment, and social advancement and also promoted the image of the ideal woman as the homebound partner suitable only for keeping house. This had resulted in the inability of a woman to attain material comfort without the necessity of a restrictive marriage. Many women had to turn to prostitution which became the fourth largest feminine occupation in Victorian England, and these prostitutes, products of a society power-structured on the basis of gender, were regularly hunted out, manhandled, and arrested indiscriminately by a male-controlled government on account of the rising sexually contagious diseases in communities without a consideration that their male clienteles might have well been the carriers.

Among The Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Act which had sought after protecting the rights of these prostitutes, the liberal feminists wielded handy political and legal instruments to pursue other reforms on employment, education and marital laws. For the ideal home woman image had also fostered domestic violence, emotional abuse, skewed sexual morals in favour of the man, lack of ability of the female to own property of any sorts after marriage, or to have custody of her children after divorce.

A major figure here is Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of the female writer that gave the world the classic “I, Frankenstein.” She and others long after her fought to release women from the kitchens and into schools and higher educational institutions. The success of the movement had shown that women could at their ease take on scholarly interests just as could men, and it saw women flourish who came to believe that their potentials as women in society were clamped by these pre-conceived gender roles. Classic examples of these are Beecher Stowe, who would go on to be delightfully charged with having written a worthy contender for the Greatest American Novel; Marie Curie, the noble lady that died discovering radioactivity; and Mary Ann Evans, the wordsmith who had to use a man’s name in order to ensure appropriate critiquing of her works.

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Socialist feminism

The crowning achievement of Liberal Feminism was to have been the giving of the vote to women and their enrolment into parliament. But these electoral and political reforms did not automatically translate into social or economic success. Women were paid less than men in workplaces and in parliament, there were still little opportunities for social advancement as the issue of pregnancy, maternity leaves, low psychological threshold were often cited as among many rationales for women’s low wages or forbiddance to higher echelons of office in industry. It was during this time also that Socialism gained rage. Marxist Socialism as a revolutionary concept charged the working class to upend the current exploitative capitalists to achieve a classless society in which everyone, including workers and industrialists, was equal and had the same amount of rights as the other.

Feminism hopped on this ideology and proclaimed that women were still subjugated because of the capitalist politico-economic system that exploited women who exercised both free labor of home-duty and poorly renumerated long-hours labor of semi-skilled factory work, while the male capitalists were eating fat from their underpaid labor, and so from that higher economic ground men could constantly dominate them in other social spheres. Compared to other class contradictions the Marxist feminists held the social and economic subjugation of women as the most fundamental oppression and a situation that had to be altered only by the means of a socialist feminist revolution.  

Radical feminism

While some leaned on socialism, asserting the masculine gender, the upper class of the capitalist society, as an oppressive force to be leveled down, others saw feminine subjugation as a fact of humanity that long preceded the coming of capitalism. The ancient civilizations of the Bronze Age, said these radicals, had cultures that were intolerant of females and their desired placements in society, as for example the Chinese women of the 1000 B.C. Zhou were foot-bound until they could no longer walk and were thus admonished to stay at home to serve their husbands.

Examples like these had caused the radicals to believe that the only way to fully win women’s rights was to completely overhaul more than five thousand years of orchestrated oppression. And this condition was naturally blamed on the fact that it was the woman who bore the brunt of reproduction and naturally had more stake in a child who had dwelled in her womb for almost a year.

So they had advocated family planning and birth control policies, fought for the promulgation of abortion law, and even went as far as fielding the plausibility of some futuristic technology that would make breeding possible outside the female reproductive organ. It is the ultimate hope of the radical feminist to make the world genderless so that political, social, and economic rights are not awarded on the consideration of what sexual organs one possesses.

Cultural Feminism

For those who had thought the proffered solutions of Radical feminism very unorthodox and infeasible but had come to share their beliefs, especially of how reproduction defined gender, they came to an understanding of role of society in constructing gender roles and norms, and how these norms had come to be politicized and helped to maintain the male-female power dynamic. This movement became prominent after the two world wars when the belief in the purpose of humanity had taken a forlorn tone after the catastrophe that splurged in their wake.

Women began generally to lash out against the prescribed traditional norms of homely and gentile spirit attached to a woman, and to wear loose clothing that accentuated the shape of their body, took up smoking which was previously a masculine pastime. They also spoke against the laxity with which society viewed male promiscuity while reinforcing the role of the faithful wife or the virgin female youth.

Individual feminism

This movement began to bloom with the Millennials, and went in line with the dogma of their rugged independence. They preached for the female to accept responsibility for her actions and her life. They preached the respect for all sexual choices, the legalization of sex work, the sexual liberation of women, and freedom to take up more than one sexual partner if they so desire, without having to be rebuked for it. Today, it still rides with “Fourth Wave feminism” which has begun to speak out against rape, sexual harassment, and body-shaming.

Mockups are usually ready-made templates to showcase a design, an app, and just a few to mention. A mockup could be in the form of an iPad, an iPhone, a galaxy phone, a t-shirt, and so on. Finding free websites which offer free mockup templates and tools aren’t easy to come by. We have taken the liberty to curate a list of the best free websites that offer free mockup templates and tools that would be essential for designers and developers alike.

Free mockup websites and tools for developers and designers

1. CleanMock

Cleanmock is a web-based mockup tool website

Cleanmock is a web-based mockup tool website. With more styling to enable designers to create unique themes that would stand out. It has a range of templates to select from for which every purpose the user aims for. Cleanmock has a free plan which can be used to create premium designs.

Who is Cleanmock for: With the well-organized simplistic design, its aimed at both developers and designers. Although, the free version presented creates the mockup images with watermarks.

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2. Theapplauchpad mockup generator

Theapplaucher mockup generator is a web-based mockup tool that has lots of free mockup premium templates ready to use

Theapplaucher mockup generator is a web-based mockup tool that has lots of free mockup premium templates ready to use. With a free account, users can create fantastic mockups. The only problem that freemium users will encounter is the watermarks that come with each mockup made pushing users towards the paid version.

Who is theapplaucher mockup generator for: App developers looking for a quick mockup of an app to submit on the play store or app store. Due to the limited design and flexibility, it’s not a fitting mockup tool for designers.

3. The Mockup Club

The mockup club is a website that offers free perspective PSD mockups

The mockup club is a website that offers free perspective PSD mockups. These free premium preset templates range from t-shirts, androids phone, iPhones, and more.

Who is mockup club for: Designers looking for mockups PSD to edit and present a unique design.

4. Mockuuups Studio

The mockuuups studio is a desktop application (for Linux, Mac, and Windows) that users can use to create excellent mockup

The mockuuups studio is a desktop application (for Linux, Mac, and Windows) that users can use to create excellent mockups. With complete integrating to Figma, Sketch, and Photoshop.

Who is mockuuups Studio for: Developers and designers that want to create a unique presentation of their work. The only problem that freemium users would enter is the limitation of only 10 free mockups.

5. Creativebooster

Creativebooster have lots of free premium perspective PSD mockups

Creativebooster has lots of free premium perspective PSD mockups. With unique preset mockup for designers to create to their imagination.

Who is creativebooster for: Designers looking for creative openings and mockup templates to use for a design.

6. Smartmockups

Smartmockup is a complete mockup tool to use for creating excellent mockups

Smartmockup is a complete mockup tool to use for creating excellent mockups. Users can create mockups on t-shirts, mugs, screens, smartphones, and more.

Who is Smarkmockup for: Designers looking to create mockups using logos and screenshots. Smartmockup has flexibility which enables better creativity.

7.Dimmy Club

Dimmy club is a completely free web based mockup generator

Dimmy club is a completely free web based mockup generator. Users can generate mockups for laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With lots of customization for users to create a unique mockup.

Who is Dimmy club for: Developers looking to get a mockup of an app either on a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

8. Mockupmark

Mockupmark is a totally free tool to use and create mockups on t-shirts and mugs

Mockupmark is a totally free tool to use and create mockups on t-shirts and mugs. With just the click of a button to upload a logo and mockupmark would automatically generate mockups of the logo on different templates. It’s an easy web app to use when looking for a quick mockup on shirts and mugs.

Who is mockupmark for: Designers looking for a quick mockup of a logo on t-shirts and mugs.

9. Kapwing

Kapwing is a web app that generates mockup using screenshots

Kapwing is a web app that generates mockup using screenshots. Kapwing is totally free to use with customization but has lots of limitations such as a poor phone frame and image resolution to mention a few.

Who is kapwing for: Android developers looking to get mockups for google play app submission.

10. Mockuphone

Mockuphone is a web app that generates mockup only on iPhone X using screenshots

Mockuphone is a web app that generates mockup only on iPhone X using screenshots. The screenshot needs to be 1125px X 2436px to have the best output. Mockuphone doesn’t have any flexibility and customization for its users.

Who is mockuphone for: IOS mobile developers looking to get a mockup of an app on iPhone X.

11. KK UI’s store

KK UI's store offers free perspective PSD mockup templates that are compatible with Sketch, Figma & Adobe Photoshop

KK UI’s store offers free perspective PSD mockup templates that are compatible with Sketch, Figma & Adobe Photoshop. These free premium mockups can also be used for commercial purposes with MIT license.

Who is KK UI’s store PSD for: It’s aimed towards designers to use and create fantastic mockups designs.

Instagram has been a growing community since its launch in 2010. Today, marketers, influencers, writers, bloggers, and what not are on Instagram to grow their audience and also for engagement. For bloggers, have large followers on Instagram means nothing if you can’t turn them to readers. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have a feature that allows putting a link on a post to promote an article on a blog( you could but that’s via Instagram ads).

Instagram provides only one clickable link insert per user which is located at the Instagram bio. Adding the link to the blog itself is typical for most bloggers but what about recent articles, other specific articles, or even other social media accounts to refer the audience to follow to engage with the blogger.

Luckily developers have built multiple linking apps to help marketers and bloggers alike. The best linking app for bloggers to use and share links to blog posts on Instagram is is specifically built for bloggers and writers to put links of multiple blog articles in one place. This link can be placed on an Instagram bio.

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How to add a blog post link to Instagram

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Step-by-Step tutorial on share a blog post link on Instagram.

  1. Create a account.

    Creating a account is the first step.Create a account to link blog post to Instagram

  2. Add logo and description

    Add logo and description to the landing page of the to suit your design and style.Customize the landing page of the profile to suit your design

  3. Customize the color of the landing page. offers multiple designs and colors that are free for the landing page of the profile. Select the theme and design that feels suitable.
    customize the color of the landing page

  4. Add the blog post have features that enable bloggers to connect with their audience. Adding pictures, descriptions, and titles to the blog links placed on creates more engagement.Add the link with descriptions, images and titles

  5. Copy the link to Instagram

    Copy the link provided below.
    Copy the profile

  6. Place the link in the Instagram bio

    Add the link to the Instagram bioPaste the link to the Instagram bio.

Now, you can place the link of each blog post you intend for your Instagram audience to engage with. Likewise, you could make an Instagram post each time a new article is published to inform your Instagram audience that a new article has been added to the link in the Instagram bio.