May 2020


Nudist culture, a culture that supports and embraces nudity, in our society today has been on the rise. From women and men who have body dysmorphia to people who have been fat-shamed, this body positivism culture-esque movement preaches one goal, “Love your body!” Even feminists embrace it as part of their movement and rightly so.

Nudist culture also preaches against slut-shaming in an era where slut-shamers are emboldened by the anonymity social media gives them. But like every good ideology, fanatics or rather people who don’t get the movement end up misusing it and a culture that was meant to uplift and enlighten society ends up becoming distasteful, undermining the whole idea, and making it look like a joke.

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Nudist culture dates as far back as the 20th century and was a popular movement in European countries like France and Germany. The first known use of the word naturisme (nudism is also referred to as naturism. Naturisme is French for naturism) occurred in 1778. Jean Baptiste Luc Planchon used the word to mean appreciation of nudity as a means of improving healthy living. The International Naturist Federation (Agde, France, 1974) defined naturism as

“A way of life in harmony with nature characterized by the practice of communal nudity with the intention of encouraging self-respect, respect for others and for the environment”


Modern-day nudist culture, its advantages and evolution in the computer era

Modern day nudism, while still retaining the basic idea of “old day nudism” has evolved as society at large is becoming more aware. Contemporary naturists feel that social nudity should be asexual and should depend on social, cultural, geographical, and historical factors. While the asexuality of nudist culture can be argued, it is obvious that there are limits to it.

A society that has public nudity where there are minors as taboo has every right to mete out appropriate penalty should one falter. With places like the internet where nudism is accepted and where billions of pictures are viewed in seconds, the line between nudism and fanaticism can be blurred. There are simple rules to understand said line.

  • It can be termed nudism where the distributor of such content abides by the community guidelines and preaches body positivity.
  • Even if such content is sexual in nature and still abides by the guidelines it is not fanaticism, but it is also arguably not nudism.

Parents should also find ways to restrict what their under 18s or appropriate minors watch. Applications that allow parents to restrict certain content should be downloaded, and social media community where nudism is appreciated and people are free to share whatever they want to the public should have appropriate settings to give parents control when their children log on to such communities.

Feminism, a movement whose sole aim is to empower women in a patriarchal society, also preaches nudism strongly. Society has always been critical of women’s bodies expecting them to be perfect. Pictures of sexy models are often splashed all over the front covers of popular magazine brands like playboys leaving some women who think they don’t have the “perfect body” insecure. This imperfect idea of the perfect body has stuck like glue sticks to surfaces, and the struggle to get rid of this idea is one of the purposes of modern-day feminism.

While misinformed people jeer and shout “feminism” whenever they see inappropriate sexual content on the internet that is definitely not what feminism is about let alone nudism, and any abuse of nudism can be easily spotted using the simple idea that if it empowers the “subject”(the person who is nude) and preaches love of body then it is nudism. If it has nothing to do with empowerment or appreciation of the body then it is something else. Recognition of the misuse and abuse of nudism should easily be spotted by an honest, critical analysis.

My bags were packed, tears running down my eyes, my heart so heavy, my mind numb; all I could feel and see was a pain! Heart throbbing pain! “I am going to leave this house today and nothing is going to stop me.” That was what I said to myself right before I realized I was the one going to stop myself because I had nowhere to go to, no money to sustain me for God knows how long I planned on staying far away from home. I really needed to go, to go far away from home, from the anger and hatred, from everything standing on the way of my joy and peace of mind.

As a young girl, I grew up in a family of five; myself, my youngest sister, an older brother, and my parents. My father, a civil servant- at least he was one before he was dismissed from work for reasons I never cared to know- turned into a drunk months after his dismissal from work. I wasn’t really surprised because he always liked alcohol. My mother, a petty trader, was always bitter at the world and everything in it.

My younger sister, the baby of the house, she was the only person my mother actually cares about. Everything she does is right in her eyes. She is fourteen; five years younger than I am but spoilt to the core, arrogant and rude. My elder brother, my Father’s only son, his mother’s pride, just graduated from the university as a pharmacist. My parents see him as the hero of the house but I alone know the beast he is. Henry will forever be my worst nightmare.
I am nineteen. I left secondary school, three years ago but not yet in the university. Not because I never passed jamb, but because I never wrote it. My parents insisted I pause my academic pursuit to enable them to train their only son.
Life at home has always been unpleasant for me since I entered secondary school. I had what people call an early growth, I got mature so early, at the age of eleven, I was already putting on bras, my body has always looked two or three years ahead of my real age; I didn’t really blend in well at school. My classmates always made a jest of me, thinking I was way older than they were, but that wasn’t true. My butt was already round and shappy at the age of fourteen.

I got advances from men times two of my age almost every day, it was really sickening. Whenever I tried to tell my mum what I pass through, she would blame me and say I was the one seducing them. During my Jss3, my Maths teacher decided to be a torn in my flesh, he made advances at me, which I refused, and which reflected on my maths score at the end of the term.

One faithful day while I was at the market, an uncultured and unfortunate man tapped my butt, I turned around furious and saw him grinning from ear to ear. He disgustingly gave me a wink, I looked him in the eyes and spat on him. Immediately, I took to my heels, ran so fast without caution. I knocked down one or two things as I was on a flight for the safety of my life. I didn’t stop until I got to the bus stop. Panting heavily, I checked my hand and discovered I had lost the money and list of items I was to buy, I knew I was doomed for that day. I was contemplating on how I’ll explain to my mother how and why I lost the money she gave me to buy items needed to prepare dinner. She wouldn’t take any of my excuses. “She’ll definitely kill me,” I thought to myself. I had to come up with something smart if I still loved my life.

I got home almost two hours later than I was meant to be home. I could sense the anger and tension at home. My mom was not in the living room, neither was she in the kitchen. I was sweating profusely, rehearsing my speech in my head till I felt a slap on my back.

“Where have you been you little brat?” “so if I send you to the market, you’ll wander off to all your man friends house okwia?” “so your plan is to starve us in this house?”

Before I could say a word to answer my mom’s questions, her hand had landed twice on my face with the speed of light. I lost vision for about five seconds. I tried to talk but the words were not coming out. I guess she slapped away my life saving rehearsed speech.

” where were you this idiot?” “And where are the things I sent you to buy?” “Answer me!” She thundered again.

” mummy it was not my fault.” “One man hi***” Before I could finish my sentence she had dragged my ear; dragging me to the living room, calling on my father who had been in his room all the while the drama unfolded.

” So it was a man that kept you too busy and you forgot I sent you to buy things for this house? You this slut!”

That sentence obviously did not end without another hot slap on my already burning cheeks.

“Mummy that wasn’t what i was trying to say, hear me out please before you conclude. This was said amidst tears but, my mom was not ready to listen to me. I saw another slap heading for my unfortunate cheeks again, although was stopped midway by the timely intervention of my father.

“It’s okay na!” Do you want to kill her?”

If you kill her hope you will eat her corpse? My mom was not taking any of it, she let me go and went straight to the kitchen. I ran outside, scared of what she might do next.

I stayed outside for about two hours, long enough for my mother’s fury to go away. I went to bed on an empty stomach, she probably made food for herself and her precious daughter. I didn’t really bother much if that was the price to pay for my life.

Days after days, I still got the silent treatment from my mother. I still did not get the opportunity to explain what happened that evening to her, she never cared to know. My life at home didn’t get any better. My brother did not go to school from home, he lived in the school, though he schooled in the same state. He came home occasionally, weekends, sometimes on weekdays, when it was very necessary and convenient for him.

There wasn’t much bad blood between us, but we weren’t best of friends, our relationship as siblings was just a very casual sibling thing. We didn’t have long conversations, he, in fact, didn’t think I was smart enough to have deep or interesting conversations. I wasn’t particularly bothered about that, at least I respected him and he too showed slight respect. Things between us were cool not till my seventh birthday. I would kill to erase that day from the world, I wish I never woke up to that day. My world ended over and over again. I still haven’t forgotten, neither have o forgiven him. But I guess I just moved on.

The few years I stayed at home, waiting on my parents to make up their mind if I would get a university degree under their care I decided to work and save up some money. I worked for the four years I stayed at home. After my brother graduated from the university, I decided to tell my parents I really wanted to go to school, they agreed on the condition I choose a cheap course, one that won’t require them to spend a lot of money. I gave up on my dreams of studying law and picked political science.

The universe decided to smile at me when I gained admission into the university. I met Michael, in my first year, he was doing his clearance for his NYSC. Tall, dark, handsome young man. It was my first tutorial as a fresher, I was excited despite the fact that I was already late for the class. In the bid to catch up with the class, I was walking really fast towards the hall which was annoyingly on the second floor of the faculty building, I obviously did not notice the guys discussing ahead of me when I bumped into Michael. His iPhone fell off his hand and I watched Michael get frozen for about five to seven seconds as he watched his phone get destroyed the second it reached the floor.

“Can’t you see?”

Is something wrong with you?!” Look at what you have done!” Michael thundered.
“I’m so sorry, it was a mistake, I was rushing to …
“Just shut up your mouth!”

He didn’t let me finish talking, he obviously was very angry at that moment, his friend tried to calm him down.
“I’m really sorry, it wasn’t international, I was in a hurry, please forgive me”.

He looked at me for a few seconds. “It’s fine, it’s just a phone”.

I think he saw the innocence in my eyes, he saw it was actually a mistake and that I didn’t mean for him to lose his phone.

“Well, you have to pay me for this, somehow.”

“It’s fine, but please know this, I don’t have money for this, I can’t afford it.”

“Just give me your number young lady, I’ll call you and tell you what I want”.

He used his friend’s phone to collect my number. Well, about the tutorial class, I did not attend it again, I was feeling too bad that I decided to go back to my hostel.
He didn’t call me till, after a week, when he called, he asked for a lunch date. I accepted if that would save me from paying for the phone, which I couldn’t afford.
The date went well, better than we both expected, there were lots of laughter, we almost did not discuss the phone. He had gotten a new one so he told me not to bother. We became friends, we spoke almost every day on the phone, the friendship was amazing. He went for his youth service in the North. We never stopped communicating, it actually became an everyday affair.

After his one year service, he came back home. We planned on a date the next day of his return. He then asked me to be his girlfriend, I joyfully accepted. I secretly was hoping on the day he would ask me that, and it came, I was not going to throw that answered prayers away. We started dating, it was more than what I imagined, my life was filled with bright colors, with him in my life, I learn how to smile, how to laugh so loud without restrictions, life became beautiful, worth fighting for. I knew the other part of love, what it meant to be loved and adored by someone, who isn’t even family!

I graduated from school with a second class upper in political science. I got home after collecting my result, broke the good news to my parents.

“We’re very proud of you nne” that was the first time I heard them say that to me, or even say something nice or complimenting.

I was super happy and proud of myself too. I told them about Michael and they told me to invite him over. He came the next day and they liked him. Two weeks after his visit to the house, he called and told me he wanted to take me out for dinner that Friday, I accepted and told my parents about the date. They accepted it, well, since my graduation, they started warming up to me, was at first weird but I liked it.

It was Friday, the long-awaited Friday, he was to come to the house by 5 pm to pick me up, but he came earlier, chatted in low tones with my parents, whatever they discussed I did not know, and at that moment I didn’t want to know. I put on the red gown that took me all day to buy, I really wanted to look my best, I just didn’t know why I felt particularly excited about that day’s dinner, it wasn’t even our first dinner date. At last, it was 5 pm and we bid my parents’ goodbye, to return on or before 9 pm.
We saw a movie first before we went to eat, the place he took me to was so beautiful, I didn’t even know that place existed.

“My love, what will you like to eat?”

“Anything” I answered.

We ordered chicken and fries. We chatted and laughed hard while stuffing our faces with food, it was a very beautiful moment, I felt the world stand still for me to savor the moment. Nothing was more beautiful seeing Michael go down on one knee, with a ring in his hand, when and how he brought it out, I did not know, I was too surprised I couldn’t say a thing.

“Make me the happiest man on earth by saying yes to be mine forever, be my queen and wife, will you marry me, my love?” I heard chants from the people that were meant to be minding their dates and business, “say yes, say yes!” They chanted. I could feel butterflies in my tummy.

“I will marry you, my love, yes I will!” I said it and in split seconds my feet were off the ground, he carried me up and spinning me around, he sealed the proposal with a warm kiss. “I love you baby” I whispered in his ears. We got home that night and broke the good news to my parents, it turned out that he came earlier that day to tell my parents of his intentions and seek their blessings. The wedding was planned, the traditional marriage took place 3 weeks after the proposals, he was bent on making me his as fast as possible.

The D day came on the wedding day. I was super excited, we all were. My whole family was present, my brother came back home for it, I had not seen him for more than a year and I wasn’t even bothered. After the wedding, we drove straight to his house, we decided we won’t spend our honeymoon in any hotel. Michael was particularly excited about the night, I on the other side was nervous, he tried to get me in the mood but I declined all advances he made towards me, I loved him, but I just couldn’t do it. He let me sleep that night, the next day, the same story. On the third day, he couldn’t take it anymore.

“What is really wrong baby, why can’t you let me touch you, I waited for four good years on your request, who would do that, I am losing my patience, what is wrong with you?”

I looked him in the eyes with tears in my eyes, how could I tell him this, how could I tell him that my only brother raped me and I haven’t gotten over it, he would surely make sure my brother is locked up forever. I still did not say a word, he saw the tears rolling down my eyes without control, he reached to me and hugged me tight, he might have figured something out. “Baby you can talk to me, tell me what the problem is, I am here for you and will always be, were you raped? I gave him that knowing look.

“Which bastard did this to you?” Now he was furious, I could see the rage in his eyes, I had never seen him like that before, what do I tell him, what will say?.

I mustered up the courage and spoke to him.

“I was raped by a stranger, I got stuck in traffic that day, it was very late, I decided to trek home and was this guy from nowhere overpowered me and raped me, it was so bad baby, but I never told anyone, even my parents, I have lived with it ever since and I can’t see myself having sex with anyone”.

“Baby I’m sorry I hid this from you, I thought I could handle it myself, but now I realize I need a psychologist to help me through this”

“Oh my God! Baby I had no idea you went through this ugly situation, I understand you’re not telling me, I totally do, I will stand by you always as I promised you, tomorrow, we’ll find a psychologist, I will do any and everything it takes to help you overcome this, we will be fine my love”.

What did I ever do to deserve someone like Michael?

As he promised, we found someone who helped me, the whole process took about a month. I told the psychologist the truth because I really wanted to heal completely, I made him promise not to ever tell my husband the truth, he understood my reasons and accepted. Michael was with me all the way, he always came to pick me up each time I went to see my psychologist with either flowers or a box of chocolate.

My name is Nene Okafor, wife of Michael Okafor, mother of Mirabel and Jayden Okafor, and I have a secret that will follow me to the grave, I guess it’s going to be better that way. This is my story.

What to do after NYSC is probably one of the most difficult self-question a Nigerian youth could ask themselves. All through their lives, they have only had one direct drive “academic success” and suddenly that’s partially over after NYSC. Some youths in Nigeria suffer from post-NYSC depression due to this particular question.

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This question shouldn’t be hard a question to answer if the educational system and government are structured properly. There are lots of courses still offered in Nigeria universities that provides no job opportunity. Some of these courses have been scrapped off in developed countries.

The government makes it even worse by not developing the sectors that would let an average Nigerian youth secure a job within his/her field of study. Chemical engineers, microbiologists, and co end up as bankers(if lucky).

To secure a job within your field of study, you don’t have to be brilliant just having parents with connections and would do the trick. It’s never a level playing field in Nigeria, the corruption, the terrible government but that can’t stop anyone hoping to achieve success after NYSC. You just have to create your own path rather than waiting for one to be made for you.

List of Jobs to start after NYSC

Digital Marketer

In the current world most especially Nigeria where people put out different content on a daily basis. Digital marketers have never been more needed than now. Digital marketer doesn’t mean an influencer rather an individual or corporation(a group of people) using different digital channels to generate leads and brand awareness.

There are lots of job opportunities for digital marketers in Nigeria. Everybody needs awareness for either their brand or business.

Content Creator

Content creator on social media platforms is one of the low-key ways to earn money when done right. Making short entertaining videos with originality and humor that can go viral. It sounds easy but it’s quite the opposite. Consistency is the key to winning fans over and growing your brand.

Companies looking to create awareness either for their brand or a promo would seek you out for the sole purpose of promotion. The amount that can be charged per promotion is determined based on the followers your brand has attained.

Social Media Influencer

Twitter is the most used social network in Nigeria. Wanting to build yourself as a social media influencer in Nigeria then twitter is the right choice. Being a social media influencer on twitter is more than just have 10k followers on twitter.

To be able to represent a brand or even becoming a brand ambassador as a social media influencer on twitter, you would need to aim at building your audience and brand the right way. Be articulate and knowledgeable, it would help to gain followers the right way. Tweet contents that are helpful, significant, and have originality. Be active on and off social media.

Once your followers are above the 10k mark, companies, and brands that know what your brand symbolizes will seek out for promotion or even a position as a brand ambassador.

Graphics Designer

Graphics design is a lucrative self-empowerment job. You need to have at least a beginners level of understanding of the following software:

  • Adobe Illustrator – For creating logos and illustrations.
  • Adobe Photoshop – For editing photos, logos, and more.
  • CorelDraw – For creating logos, posters, and more.
  • Figma – FOr creating app interface and design.
  • Adobe XD – For creating app interface, design, and prototyping.

To be able to earn to the max as a graphics design take out 6 months and learn every skill required. Most graphics designers in Nigeria take up to ₦5,000 – ₦20,000 a day depending on work location.

Web designer/developer

Every business that needs an online presence starts with a website. Gone are the days that required hard coding of HTML and CSS to make a website. There multiple CMS platforms that enable one to build a website without even writing a single line of code.

Learning how to create a website has never been easier than now. Get started on how to create a WordPress website with ₦18,000. Developing skills required for web design will take approximately 6 months. The average asking price for making a website range from ₦35,000 – ₦500,000 depending on the type of website.

Fashion Designer

Fashion is a border word to explaining lots of different aspects. There are lots of talented individuals in Nigeria both male and female that have ventured into fashion and attained success. You don’t necessarily need to have a big brand to make the first step.

Design your outfit, use either yourself or your friend has a model and share the pictures online. Clients will start showing up sooner than later. Make sure you make yourself and your fashion brand as professional as possible in payment, delivery, and customer service to be able to retain buyers.

Online Dropshipping

It’s no secret that online shopping is becoming a frequent option of recent in Nigeria with the growth of technology. On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp people are offering different items for sale range from shoes, weavons, clothing, and more.

This offers an avenue to sell different items that you have direct access to or supplier on different social media platforms.

Art sales

Nigerian youths are synonyms to hard-work, creative minds, and mind-blowing real art illustrations. It’s not a secret anymore the world knowns it.

Being able to draw like this 👇 takes real work and development of skill. Having the slightest of any artistic skill, developing it. Put out artworks for clients and be paid a substantial amount of money.

The type of art work to expect from Nigerians.


Cooking isn’t easy to learn in Nigeria considering there are different tribes and ethnicity. Yet there are those blessed with the ability to cook different types of dishes.

You don’t necessarily need a shop to make a start. Design a food poster on Canva containing different types of dishes that you can deliver, post the poster on a social media platform preferable Twitter. People will make orders, first impression matters in this line of business. As time goes on you would understand your business better and improve in key areas.

Content Writer

Content writing is becoming a necessity for big companies and bloggers in Nigeria. You can write for blogs and earn for as little for ₦5000 per article. Working as a freelance writer on Upwork or Fiverr can pay like $50 per 2,000 worded article.


Blogging is quite a slow process at the beginning. It’s not a fast and quick startup like others on this list but if done right it would generate easy and constant income.

Having a successful blog required to research, search engine optimization, creating unique and elaborate content that readers would enjoy.

Monetizing a blog can range from ads to affiliate marketing. The success of a blog is determined by the research done into creating the blog.


Being a photographer is more than just photoshop. Photographers are specialists with the camera, using a blend of technical skills and an artistic eye to take pictures of people, places, landscapes, food, and so on.

It’s easy to earn and find work as a photographer on a weekly basis, presenting professional, style and well-detailed photos of the clients assisted work will determine your earnings.


Due to how unstructured the Nigerian government coupled with selfish leaders that govern the national, in truth you can only empower yourself. Creating a path to success is the only to ensure you are at the top.

Everyone would love to have a job in the federal or state sector off Nigeria after their NYSC but the obvious truth is that the possibility of such reality is quite low for the majority of Nigerians.

Picking up a plan early will help in the long run in establish your success as an individual.

Suddenly, there is an unknown post on your WordPress website without your permission, worst of all it appears only on the frontend and can’t be deleted from the backend. This is a nightmare most WordPress users are quite familiar with.

As of the time of writing this article, this a current hack on multiple WordPress websites. I also came across a Reddit user with a similar problem which after helping him I was compelled to write an article for anyone looking for help to remove the unknown post on their WordPress website. In other to solve this mess of a hack you have to understand what lead up to this soft hack on your WordPress website.

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The hack

It’s a simple database injection. Due to WordPress dependency on SQL makes it quite easy for hackers to inject codes into the database and gain unauthorized access. This is one of the biggest flaws of WordPress.

These malicious codes are injected through forms, login box, search box literally anything that takes user input. Due to most submissions on a WordPress website ae stored in the SQL database, all the hacker needs is to insert the code in form submission.

With this unauthorized accessto the SQL, post can be inserted or deleted depending on how friendly the hack is.

The solution to remove the unknown post from WordPress and increasing security.


Step 1

Add Depender Plugin by WPMU DEV.
Make sure to change the database prefix from the default “wp”.
Activate limit on login trial.
Change the login URL from /wp-admin/ to another URL of your choice.
Activate the rest of the settings that suit your recommendation.

Step 2

Add Salt Shaker Plugin.
Reset your WordPress salt daily automatically to increase security and reduce vulnerability.

Step 3

Change the login password.

Removing the unknown post on the WordPress Website

Step 1

Head over to the PHPMyAdmin.

Step 2

Find “wp_posts” and click on it.
Note: if you had changed the prefix using the defender plugin it would be the new prefix _posts.

Step 3

Find the injected (unknown) post via post_title. Using the PHPMyAdmin table column post_title, it would be easier to identify.
Once found delete the post.


Due to how vulnerable WordPress, hackers will always find newer ways to gain unauthorized access. Always have a security plugin.

Make sure all other plugins are update and avoid nulled plugins.

For females that are skinny, they often feel it doesn’t matter what they eat, adding weight seems impossible. Having natural fast metabolism and genetics doesn’t soften the burden. Yet there are ways that enable the body to add weight healthy way as we will be discussing in this article.

Healthy Low-Calorie Meals

This is one of the most important factors that play a big role when it’s weight gain. In order to add weight, you would need to make a daily calorie goal. This daily calorie goal varies from individuals. Setting this goal would help you understand how much you would need to eat in a day in order to achieve your daily calorie goal.

The goal can be achieved by eating three squared meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner ) daily. Make sure that the calorie intake are from healthy foods rather than a fatty diet. Get these calories from calorie-dense food such as:

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  • Oats.
  • Eggs.
  • Fish.
  • Potatoes.
  • Red Meat.

Not everyone can simply meet their daily requirements by eating. This is where shakes and other liquid intakes such as milk, fruit juice, smoothie, and yogurt comes in play. It’s much easier to drink calories than eat them. With this method, you could easily meet your daily calorie goal.

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Consistent Workout

How to add weight for females the healthy way
Workout equipment

Creating a workout routine that is best suited for you is half the job. It’s best to create a workout routine that you can follow with the week. Three or four times a week is appropriate depending on you. There isn’t a specific workout to follow to gain weight. Download a workout app on your phone to help provide suggestions on possible workouts while tracking your records. The aim is to be consistent so that you can yield the result.

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It’s for you

In recent times, social media has played a bigger role in our lives. People often do things to seek validating from social media. When setting a weight gain goal especially for females, it best to set a realistic goal. Don’t again to gain weight in order be referred to as “thick”.

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Make sure the sole purpose of your gain weight is actually your choice not based on the influence social media has on you. If it isn’t your choice you might fall into the trap of not being comfortable within your body hence setting your goal at the idea body description infatuated by social media. To put it simply do it for yourself.

For tips on cosmetics visit Cosmetize.

Every Nigerian at some point in time has questioned why the Central bank of Nigerian (CBN) can’t print more money to subsidies the financial difficulty in the country. Others have the knowledge that the Nigerian government can’t print more money but not the why. Let’s explain the reason why the central bank of Nigerian can’t print more money to make Nigeria rich while explaining which country can.

Brief explaining of the Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria has a Currency Operations Department within the CBN that is responsible for the printing of money. And also, The Nigeria Security Printing and Minting (NSPM) Plc print/mint the Naira notes while CBN Mint Inspectorate office within the NSPM Plc carries out quality control and receipt of finished Naira banknote. There are some factors to consider before printing more currencies in Nigeria such as inflation rate, buffer stock, and Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

High Inflation rate

Printing of more money lies with the federal government, if the government prints more money in order to become rich while avoiding borrowing/debts or paying off debts, there would be too much money chasing few goods which will worsen inflation. Also, it is better to have national debt than printing more money because money borrowed can be offset through taxes at the end of the period and the burden falls evenly on the economy rather than devaluing (inflation) the money on the global level. 

The federal government of Nigeria influences the supply of money in circulation to avoid high inflation growth. Nigeria cannot be rich by printing more money because there are no economic activities to match the amount of money to be printed.

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In addition, there is no restriction on the amount of money Nigeria can print through Nigeria Security Printing and Minting (NSPM) Plc, if every citizen has more money at their disposal that means there will be a continuous rise in prices of goods. At the moment (2020), Nigeria inflation is around 12% compared to a preferred band of 6-9% and susceptibility of domestic price levels to exchange rate, there would be a sharp rise in inflation if more money is printed, the existing inflation problem (no economic activities) will escalate resulting to hyperinflation

For example, Venezuela tried to protect its citizen from hyperinflation by passing laws to keep a low price on essential goods which led to shops running out of stocks because more money was in circulation for low priced goods with inherent productivity issues in the economy.

Universal Currency

Nigeria banknote which is Naira is not a universal currency; therefore, printing more naira would trigger the demand for dollars, which would make the international value of the naira to fall causing imported inflation to rise in Nigeria given that Nigeria is not a producing country but importing (consumption) country.

Presently, the United State of America (USA) is the only country that can print more money to get richer given that the USA is already a wealthy country because all the valuable resources around the globe such as oil and gold are valued in US dollars. Therefore, the USA can print more money in order to buy more things, although the price of those things in dollars will still go up if excess money is printed. In other words, poorer countries even Nigeria cannot print more money to become rich or clear off their national debts.

For instance, in 2008, Zimbabwe in Africa printed more money to make their economies grow, the prices rose to an outrageous amount which triggered hyperinflation. Additionally, the amount used in printing the banknotes would be worth more than the value of the banknote itself, the value of the money is determined by the forces of demand and supply not by printing more money but diversifying in the various sector to derive multiple incomes rather than single-income just as Nigeria depends on oil production alone. 

Nigeria can print its own currency but not US dollars, even print a lot more while the prices of goods will go up and people will be forced to stop using the money rather prefer to be paid in the US dollar because Naira has forced the dollar to be in high demand.


Everybody needs money because of what money can purchase, the value of money would rise if money is a scarce commodity and the value of money will equally fall if more money is in circulation/printed. National debts don’t give birth to inflation but it goes on to show that printing more money will devalue the money whether saved or invested.

Therefore, Nigeria needs to learn from what happened in Zimbabwe in Africa and Venezuela in South America that printing more money is not a solution that will make it’s country rich or pay off national debts.

At some moment in our lives, something is going to go wrong, something is going to happen not the way you expected or wanted it to go, people will walk out on you, you’ll lose things and people and relationships. It’s life and these things are inevitable. But what makes life beautiful is that you get over them, you bounce back after a while.

But what if you don’t? Or can’t ?

We hear about that scary word “Depression” a lot but most people don’t actually know what it means.

Depression is a mental illness characterized by prolonged feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and sometimes self-harm. If you ask anyone who’s ever been diagnosed with depression, chances are you’ll hear a lot of different descriptions of what depression is and feels like.

Having been diagnosed with mild depression in 2017, I could give a personal description of depression as “Feeling like you’re in a deep dark hole, there’s a ladder in front of you that can help you get out, it’s right beside you, but you can’t reach it. It’s just there, you want to reach it but you just can’t muster up the energy to reach it and propel yourself out of the hole” Seems dark right?

Depression is more common in Nigeria than we think or even know. There are more than a million known diagnoses every year and think about people who haven’t even opened up about it. It’s a wonder why mental health and mental illnesses are still so stigmatized in Nigeria. Maybe because of our religious prejudices, or the fact that we lay more emphasis on physical health while ignoring mental health.

What causes depression?

I wish mental illnesses were as straight forward as physical illnesses. When you have malaria, you get tested and you know that you got it from a mosquito, or when you have diarrhea, you know it’s from eating or drinking something. For mental illnesses, it’s not that easy or straightforward. It’s much more complex, there can be a lot of unrelated things piling up to be a cause of any type of mental illness and what causes depression for might not necessarily be what causes it for B and C and D.

A commonly ignored and even unknown cause of depression, as well as many other mental illnesses, is Chemical Imbalances in the brain. When I first got diagnosed with depression and I got my drug prescription, I was confused, depression affected my mind and my thoughts, what do I need the pills for?

My therapist broke it down by explaining to me that all human beings have neurotransmitters in their bodies. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that regulates mood. Now if for any reason it starts to be produced in smaller amounts, it results in Depression. If it starts to be produced in larger amounts, it can lead to Anxiety. So what the pills do is regulate the secretion of Serotonin with the hopes of getting the chemicals balanced again. So yes, people don’t just get sad and decide to not pull themselves out of it, there are actually chemical imbalances in their brains that stop them from being able to. It’s just as real and treatable as physical sickness, if you can’t dismiss a headache, you should never dismiss anything affecting mental health.

Probably one of the most common causes of depression and many mental illnesses is Certain Life Events. Due to life is so unpredictable and unfair, anything can throw anyone off balance at any time. Death, failing an exam, losing a job, a breakup, parents going through a divorce, bullying… I could go on about all the things that could happen to you in life. I was severely bullied growing up because I was bigger than most, the fatphobic comments came early on and I grew up hearing it up until I graduated secondary school and that had a huge negative impact on my self-esteem and self-image.

Though that’s just me, other people may get bullied and not end up depressed or anxious about it later in life, it doesn’t mean one person is stronger than the other because it didn’t affect them as much. It means we are human and we are different and we may not react to things the same way. For some people it could have been bullying, for some the loss of a parent or a friend, for some a relationship ending could make them spiral and land in that deep dark hole that is depression.

I know a lot of people are thinking “it’s just a relationship, why would you let it make you depressed?” Do most people forget the emotional attachment that comes with relationships, and I don’t even mean romantic relationships alone, friendships are relationships too. Having an emotional attachment be broken out of the blue can be as devastating as anything you can imagine, and that should not invalidate the feelings and struggles of another person.

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What does depression looks like?

I’d be lying if I told you Depression has a trademark look because it does not. Depression isn’t stamped on the forehead and because of how complex it is, some people can live years and years hiding the fact that they are struggling internally without you even having an idea. There are signs you can watch out for though, just some people do not show those signs and that does not mean they aren’t going through it.

Usually, depression symptoms can be persistent sadness, loss of appetite, lack on interest in what the person is usually interested in, weight gain or weightloss, reclusiveness, flaking out on people, signs of self harm or talks of suicide and lots more.

But some people don’t show these symptoms and that’s why mental health is very important because you may never know what is happening in someone’s head before it’s too late.

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Why don’t depressed people open up about it?

This is probably the most frustrating part. Why don’t they tell you about it? Why do they take so long before they open up? For some it’s already too late and their family and friends end up feeling bad that they weren’t aware of the struggle.

It took me ten years, yes, TEN whole years before I could open up about my mental health and actually seek help for it. Not because I liked feeling like slitting my wrists or I liked crying myself to sleep every night, I had a few reasons. I think I speak for everyone who’s ever gone through this when I say, it is not easy to talk about.

Finding the courage and the right words to open up was probably the hardest part of seeking help for me (even worse than group therapy and the mood swings I got from Prozac). Depression is so complex, sometimes you can’t even string up the right words to use when trying to explain what’s going. It just doesn’t come that easy because sometimes even you don’t know what’s going on in your head. You just feel that overwhelming slam of sadness and despair and you can’t exactly point out what’s wrong or why or what exactly triggered it. So people, speaking about mental illnesses is HARD.

Another fat reason why people don’t really speak up is How stigmatized mental health is. In more open-minded societies, it is still not easy for people to open up, now think of how hard it is in the Nigerian society where people will easily chalk up your struggle to non-existent “village people” or invalidate you using the crappiest statements ever.

In Nigeria, mental health and talking about it is so stigmatized, there’s that fear that people won’t understand you or they won’t take you seriously enough. I remember telling someone just a little bit about my depression and all they said was “Stop behaving like those white girls” and really that’s probably one of the worst things you can say to anyone who has come to open up to you. Mental health and mental illnesses are so trivialized in Nigeria, yet we express shock every time we hear someone has jumped off a bridge or downed a pack of pills, then we exclaim “He should have spoken up”.

Nigerians see therapy as such a huge deal, it’s almost like you’re crazy to have to go into therapy for your own health, some even tell you to just pray like an angel would come to you in the middle of the night and give your head a shake so your serotonin levels gets balanced again.

People also don’t open up because they are scared. It’s like being on a wall, you don’t know what’s on the other side, you can only hope that it’s something good and helpful. That’s how it’s like talking about your mental health, it’s either the people you tell understand you and they offer help or they don’t. And there’s that fear that keeps them from speaking up. People are scared of being ridiculed or undermined or just told to “Get over it” or the typical Nigerian; they tell you how they have it worse or how other people have it worse and make you feel entitled to having feelings.

How do I make people open up to me?

The most important thing you have to do is make yourself open to people. Open meaning that they know you will listen and understand. When you create a friendly and understanding atmosphere for people to feel like they can share their problems with you, they will. Creating an environment that makes people comfortable is very important.

You also have to let them know you are trustworthy and you won’t judge. There’s nothing more hurtful and regrettable than being judged for speaking about something as delicate as mental health. So two things, create a warm and friendly environment and let everyone around you know you don’t judge, and everything they tell you is safe with you.

No one likes a blabbermouth Also an occasional “Hello” “How are you today?”, a smile and a hug goes a long way even if it seems cliche. Back when I was still in that dark hole of depression, a smile would have gone a long way. It made me feel cared for in a way. Even if they don’t tell you what’s going on at that moment, a smile or a hug will make them feel like you’re open to listening whenever it is they want to talk.

Life is so short and everything we do has an impact, no matter how little or how big. We have to be there for each other, be kind and caring because you never know what’s going through in a person’s mind and head, so be kind with your words and actions.

For anyone going through anything at all, open up. Speak up, it’s hard but it gets easier after that. In the end, you will be happy you opened up in the first place.